? Melooo182’s Artists Curation Post #1 ? / @Steemartists Promo

Hello SteemThat!!!

Since @steemartists steemit account was quite inactive for the past month and even while I’ve been inviting many new great artists to the group, they haven’t been properly promoted nor voted by the account. So I thought I would make my own promotion post ?, sure I don’t have the steempower to vote them generously as they deserve but maybe this post can help to give them more visibility and more upvotes to their way.

This features my own personal list of favourite artworks posted on Steemit in the last 7 days that haven’t been paid out yet (this was originally posted on steemit 2 weeks ago), I’ll be doing this promotion post weekly (already week #3) and I’ll share the earned SBD by the steemit post to the artists promoted in even shares.

And so we begin…

#1 “Herceg Novi” /oil painting/ +etude by @alexkorolart

#2 The process from today’s portrait painting – original oil painting by @mayasky

#3 They can hear you breathing – Making of [EN/DE] by @patschwork

#4 Joy! a painting in progress. by @kathleenscarboro

#5 Sami hijacking of mining vehicle in protest. Kiruna, northern sweden by @goldenpillow

#6 My Artwork #1: THE ESSENCE OF BEING A WOMAN by @geeyang15

#7 ? Original Charcoal Painting by @adelepazani

#8 more DaDa work 🙂 by @alexandravart

#9 ??‍? Some more artwork for a competitor in IFC ☺ by @yeszuzia

#10 Azur Owl Shaman – Drawitbetter Contest [English/Español] by @basileonardo

Well those were my 10 hand picked for week #1, if you like their artwork you can go and check their steemit profiles and give them some support ?, now I have to give thanks to the whole Steem Artists community, it has really become a home for me with really wonderful artists and nice people in general.Cheers Everyone, have an awesome week!


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This is an excellent post. Very nicely done with class and style. Thank you for helping others.

8 months ago