Ease Into CryptoCurrency

Stish allows users to experience the awesomeness of crypto without all of the stress. Stish.io provides users with free easy wallet creation and crypto related tools built in. With an automatic equitable rewards system that starts rewarding members immediately upon joining before they learn the system or complexities of crypto. Stish crypto is decentralized while the platform Stish.io is a hybrid on chain off chain solution to complex problems facing social media today!

Ease Into CryptoCurrency

Escape The Giants

Stish Allows People To Escape The Giant Social Tech Platforms That Often Do Not Align With Their Individual Values. Stish.io doesn’t manipulate what content you see.

Escape The Giants

Stish.io Where Ideas Matter.

Say what is on your mind and share content that you create or curate. Ideas do matter and we should share them freely.

Stish.io Where Ideas Matter.

Connect With Team Stish On Multiple Platforms.

Stish Is Epic

Stish.io Is Epic Thanks To You And Crypto.

Stish.io allows users to retain their value through an equitable distribution model that is transparent and allocates to users from the rewards pool called Stish Credits. Stish Credits can be transferred between users fee free and easily converted to Stish Crypto which can be traded for ETH or other major cryptocurrencies.

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