About Stish.io And Stish Crypto

Stish.io is a feature rich social media platform with a twist.

There is no doubt that sites revolving around crypto have a learning curve. Stish.io seeks to help make it easier for new people to get involved with digital currencies. Together we are building a crypto economy that rewards both micro bloggers and traditional article bloggers. The equitable rewards system is the most fair system for social media rewards.

Stish.io is a feature rich social media platform with a twist.

The Community Is Building
A Micro Crypto Economy From The Ground Up And It Is Epic.

Stish.io offers more than any other social media platform online with it’s equitable crypto rewards distribution model. For the first time a social media network lets you control your content and retain the value that you contribute to the community. Each member has incentive to grow the community and grow their own value.

People can say what is on their mind on Stish.io and Escape The Giants.

You can actually see your friends posts and stream because content is not curated to manipulate your opinions but instead to let you see what you want to see. Whether you are a social butterfly or a quite article writer, Ideas Do Matter! We encourage members to say what is on their minds.

People can say what is on their mind on Stish.io and Escape The Giants.

Help People Around The World Be Free!

Today large social media corporations really control almost everything and influence governments and policies that often are not reflective of the people. Restore the wealth to the people and restore the people’s freedom. Why are we creating content for gigantic conglomerates to make billions annually again? It doesn’t make sense. Escape The Giants!

THE SOCIAL PORTAL Lets You Connect Like Never Before

See The New Features:

  • Create Unique Profiles
  • Private Message Other Members
  • Create Groups or Join Existing Groups
  • Connect And Make Friends Who Also Love Social Media and Cryptocurrency.
  • Share Content Such As, Photos,Videos,Music and Ideas In The Community & Earn Stish Credits.
  • Perfect for writers and bloggers and social influencers.
  • Get Rewards For Things You Do On Other Website For Free. Instead of a top down 1% ownership of 99% of the currency, This platform is equitable driven rewards.  See the non complex equitable rewards payout tables now.
  • Monetize your content from other networks by sharing it on Stish.io
  • Easily Use Cryptocurrency For Sending or Sharing With Friends Thanks To The Stish Wallet.
  • The Stish Wallet Allows Users To Have A Wallet That Accepts Stish & ETH Until They Learn More About Ethereum Based Currencies and start trading using the Saturn Wallet Extension or Meta Mask…
  • You Can Build Community From The Ground Up. Shape it the way you want it! Grow a community currency!
  • People can retain their value that they add to the community. When you support advertisers we support the currency with revenues to help provide added liquidity.
  • The Stish platform continues to develop to make things fun and easier when dealing crypto. We partner with companies that have a similar mindset of innovation and ease of use. This is why Stish is exclusively traded on the best decentralized exchange ever built called https://Saturn.Network.
  • Escape the giants. So many are showing up to escape the giants and their censorship. Many find they cannot even see content that they want to see much less share it. You can escape the giants and support an unbiased social networking platform.

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