StishIt.net is a feature rich website built around one simple thought…

Micro Crypto Economies

It Starts With Your Brilliant Mind Organizing Words In Such A Way That People Are Compelled To Scream….Hallelujah! Write Only High Quality Posts And Find Your Niche. Stishit allows you to earn rewards called Stish Credits which can be exchanged for Stish Crypto Currency traded on https://Radex.ai.

There is no doubt that sites revolving around crypto have a learning curve. Stishit wants to help make it easier to get involved with digital currencies. Plus we want to make it more fair and rewarding for high quality content creators. We are building a crypto economy that rewards both micro bloggers and traditional article bloggers.

Stishit Offers More

We believe that rewards should be given to members that use the social media platform. We developed an equitable rewards system. Unlike some systems that are designed to bully and beat up less fortunate users. Stishit levels the playing field with equitable rewards distribution. Those that deserve the rewards get them and bullies can’t take them away!

The Stish Credits can be sent within the platform fee free. Better than this is once you collect enough Stish Credits you can trade them for Stish Crypto. Stish is the trading symbol for your ERC-20 Crypto Currency Steemish. Everyone simply calls it  Stish! Stish can be traded on exchanges for other crypto currencies and can then be exchanged for your regular currency using the proper channels for your country of origin.

THE SOCIAL PORTAL Let’s You Connect Like Never Before

See The New Features:

  • Create Unique Profiles
  • Private Message Other Members
  • Create Groups or Join Others
  • Connect And Make Friends Who Also Love Social Medai and Cryptocurrency.
  • Share Content, Videos, Ideas In The Community & Earn Stish Credits.
  • Get Rewards For Things You Do On Other Website For Free. Instead of top down 1% ownership of 99% of the currency, This platform is equitable driven rewards.  See the non complex equitable rewards payout tables now.