SteemThat.com is a feature rich website built around one simple thought…

Help People Grow.

It Starts With Your Brilliant Mind Organizing Words In Such A Way That People Are Compelled To Scream….Hallelujah! Write Only High Quality Posts And Find Your Niche. Stishit allows you to earn rewards called Stish Credits which can be exchanged for Stish Crypto Currency traded on https://Radex.ai.

There is no doubt that sites revolving around crypto have a learning curve. Stishit wants to help make it more simple. Plus we want to make it more fair and rewarding for high quality content creators. We are building a crypto economy.

When you join Stishit you become part of a growing movement and community. Stishit allows members to interact with each other in a real social portal. Users can join groups, private message and share ideas.

Micro Blogging such as the sharing of MEMES and videos is awesome. You can share content just like you would on large popular website like Facebook or Twitter. Instead of doing this for free or trying to figure out a way to monetize it Stishit does it automatically for you. Content creators that spark community engagement receive even more bonuses.

Be The Ambassador To Stishit from your State Or Country. Share Your Flag in This Awesome Group!
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Stishit Offers More

We believe that rewards should be given to members that use the social media platform. We developed an equitable rewards system. Unlike some systems that are designed to bully and beat up less fortunate users. Stishit levels the playing field with equitable reward distribution. Those that deserve the rewards get them and bullies can’t take them away!

The tokens are able to be traded internally and used to access awesome services and features. Better than this once you collect enough Stish Credits you can trade them for Stish Crypto. Stish is the trading symbol for your ERC-20 Crypto Currency Steemish. Everyone simply calls it  Stish! Stish can be traded on exchanges for other crypto currencies and can then be exchanged for your regular currency using the proper channels for your country of origin.

SteemThat.com is changing the cryptocurrency world by allowing people to ease into the world of cryptocurrency with limited risk as they can do simple things they like to do every day such as comment, share photos, make friends and write posts, all while earning Stish credits. One of the great things about the process is that you can earn while you learn.

THE SOCIAL PORTAL Let’s You Connect Like Never Before

See The New Features:

  • Create Unique Profiles
  • Private Message Other Members
  • Create Groups or Join Others
  • Connect And Make Friends Who Also Love Social Medai and Cryptocurrency.
  • Share Content, Videos, Ideas In The Community Steem That Feed.
  • Get Rewards For Things You Do On Other Website For Free. Instead of top down 1% ownership of 99% of the currency, This platform is equitable driven rewards.  See the non complex equitable rewards payout tables now.
This is just the beginning of a great journey together and a very short list of things you can do with SteemThat.com – Helping others grow helps you grow! Please Support Each Other And Be Kind!

What are we planning on doing in the future? We developed at a fast pace in 2017 to build a working model not just a concept and kept to the plan to hit the targets that we had. SteemThat.com offers so much more than this already with more intense focus on SteemThat.com version 2.0 to start development during 2018.

We started ranked past 16 Million In Websites Around The World. We quickly hit the top 8 million websites globally and in less than 8 months will be in the top 1 million websites globally. Our trajectory is steady climbing month after month.

We are doing well as a content informative website with a community of writers and bloggers coming together to create even more and better content. We essentially have our own Steemit like platform with a full social network. This helps insulate us in some ways and also strengthens our platform. Not many other platforms or portals can say this. We are doing well with the social portal allowing members to connect in better ways than before. We are also developing a community that can support the Stish crypto currency token.

Can You Please In Plain English Explain More About Stish?

Stish is a Cryptocurrency Token Built On The Ethereum Blockchain. It is tradable much like bitcoin, litecoin or other well know cryptocurrencies. It is small in comparison with a capped supply of tokens limited to 10,100,000. (possible hardfork to come) We might need to increase the Stish crypto in the future. In the event we grow that much we would allow 2 things to happen. Existing token holders could send their Stish to a smart contract and receive back the new currency plus a healthy bonus or we could simply air drop the new tokens to existing holders with a bonus and alert everyone that the old token is no longer available. We might have to do this one day to increase security or reduce an exploit that has not yet been discovered in Ethereum etc.

The founder is passionate about doing charitable work that will help rural communities advance basic water and sanitation services and rebuild basic community buildings after natural disasters or abandonment do to loss of funding. We see a bright future that can truly change lives.

Most things will happen whether we get funding or not it will just take more time. We would like to launch our own blockchain built off an opensource proven code such as hyperledger which is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. (source https://www.hyperledger.org/about). We additionally have looked at advancement with PHP and libsodium encryption and have built a working blockchain from open source that is bare bones to see if we could do it.

SteemThat.com is focused on being the best it can be and help people get involved with crypto currency.