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With news of the participation of many agents as well as leaders of the FBI being complicit in the failed manipulation of the US election process, it may behoove one to educate themselves on the actual purpose of the FBI.  Is this arm of the federal assigned to the task of steering whom is elected?

According to, their mission is to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States.  Am I missing something, is there an article in the Constitution that addresses the manipulation of elections?  According to the Constitution, there is no mention of the FBI having the authority to sway votes to manipulate the outcome of any election.  It does make mention that Representatives should be chosen by the People but this was only in reference to members of the House of Representatives.  Could it be that the writers of the Constitution meant for all other elections (other than for Members of the House) to be open to manipulation by other federal arms or well heeled financial backers?

The agent in the photo was referred to as ‘agent 5’, it was discovered that this was a pseudonym for Sally Moyer.  She is an attorney and registered Democrat, she has been employed by the FBI since 2006.  She was on the filter team for the Clinton probe, this team was responsible for determining if information obtained should be considered ‘privileged’ or could be used in the investigation.

We should expect that a government agency, along with any corporation, to perform their duties with at the very least a modicum of fair play as well as unbiasedness.  I attached a list of emails between agent 1 and agent 5 for your review.


On your review of these exchanges, would you conclude that any investigation performed by these agents would be unbiased?  Furthermore, it was determined that agent 1 and agent 5 were romantically link (now I understand that they have married), not that this has any bearing on their obvious dislike for Trump.  I often wonder how people give credence to people just because of their title, such as movie stars, attorneys, politicians and sports figures.


I included this photo to show that attorneys are just average people, without their suits and coiffured hair.

On election day, she texted:  “You think HRC is gonna win right?  You think we should get nails and some boards in case she doesn’t?”, “[Hillary] better win, [o]therwise I’m gonna be walking around with both my guns.  And likely quitting on the spot.”  You need a college education to major in vitriol.

I have concluded that the FBI is failing in it’s mission statement and is a den of manipulating employees sucking off the taxpayers dime.  I have read about some FBI agents that are actually loyal to the Constitution.  It is a shame for the ones whom aren’t are corrupting the agency.

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