Task Review a book that you have read, in 1000 (or more) words. Some guidelines The review should not only be just summarizing the book, but also presenting the critical discussion of it with a personal touch. Tell about the genre. What genre of literature is it and how does it compare to another book in this genre? Give one example. Tell about the narrating style. Has the author used a formal or informal writingRead More →


Selling My Music For Stish and Crypto-Currencies I’m steadily understanding the Stish protocol and how it will help to support me and my music in the future. With the popularity of Cryptocurrencies and impending doom of the once fruitful money cow that are the record labels, I’d like to offer my EP for sale here on Steemthat.   SteemThat and Stish have gotten me very excited regarding the future development of my creative musical world.Read More →



Crypto Isn’t Always An Easy Thing To Explain. But This Graphic Helps Explain Stish In As Few Words As Possible. If you are trying to wrap your head around the whole cryptocurrency revolution you are not alone. It is complex and sophisticated but you can learn enough about it to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Once you get the basic fundamentals of most digital currencies you will be in great company. Bitcoin was the founder reallyRead More →

Sticky doesn’t toot it’s own horn nearly enough. Perhaps we should start so that members will know what to brag about when talking with friends on other platforms. Stishit now offers more ways for your content to get discovered than ever before! We really do want to help people grow. StishIt Launches Aggressive Content Discover Campaign For Our Members. Why would we want to help you grow? We love the high quality content our writersRead More →


With Many Rewards Based Content Creation Websites Today They Are Designed With Only One Concept In Mind. Is Different And Offers So Much More. Many might be familiar with websites like Facebook that do not reward members for creating content. In fact Facebook recently has made the news for selling their users information to third party companies or data mining their members information to increase advertising revenue. We love Facebook but realize that itRead More →


Here a stand is a track from the Zoom vault. It was written a few years ago and re-recorded especially for @dsound and @steemit. It tells a tale of those petty arguments we have with our partners. I hope you like this country vibe. Lyrics Once or twice I let you back into my little life Forever more I gave you a key to let you in the door But you slammed it on your way into theRead More →


Learning about Steem That Rewards Tokens And The Soon To Be Famous Stish Crypto Currency Is Super Easy When You Have The Right Tools. If You Are A Novice Then You Have A Slight Advantage As You Have Access To Many Tools Already. If you are new to cryptocurrency or new to Ethereum or Stish then you will need to learn some cool new things that will help you interact with the platform. One ofRead More →


SpaceX is securing a $500 million line of credit through Fidelity to fund its plan to create an inexpensive internet service. Existing shareholders are also creating several special purpose financial vehicles to sell shares on the secondary market. These offerings could raise an additional $500 million. These share are reportedly selling for between $160 and $170. Talks with the US Air Force will possibly generate $290 million in contracts for SpaceX. This money will likelyRead More →

  Free Your Mind Here’s the next track from our new music project Broken Ocean. ‘Free Your Mind’ is a dance track that David had created and sent over to me this past Sunday. I quickly got to work on writing some lyrics and recording the vocals with added 3 part harmonies for the finished track. This really is so far detached from my usual ‘Folk/Indie style but, I’m finding a whole new range inRead More →

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has announced the first passenger for the first private SpaceX flight around the Moon to be – beyond a surprise – an insanely rich Japanese fashion designer and founder of Japan’s online fashion mall, Zozotown. Image source Now, everyone knew this is going to be some rich guy taking the first seat with an upfront payment because Musk couldn’t possibly acquire that much money to build a cutting edge carbon basedRead More →


The first U.S. Flag, which denoted civilian versus military purposes, was designed in 1799 by Oliver Wolcott Jr. the Secretary of the Treasury under John Adams. Wolcott’s proposal featured: An ensign, consisting of sixteen alternating red and white stripes representing the number of states that had joined the Union by 1799; and the Union, represented by the small rectangle in the upper left corner, with its Arms (an Eagle) of the United States in dark blue on a white field.

It is significant that Wolcott’s new civilian flag had vertical stripes, not horizontal. This was done so that non-military ships would be easily recognized and not fired upon as they tried to hail and board foreign vessels. This new flag was actively flown on Revenue Cutters, what we now call Coast Guard Cutters. The original purpose of the Revenue Cutter was to collect tariffs and other taxes that were imposed on foreign goods. The Revenue Cutter ensign had vertical stripes to denote civilian authority under the Treasury Department rather than military authority under the War Department.

The First U.S. Civil Flag 1799

In the early days of our nation, horizontal stripes became the accepted practice for use over military posts, and vertical stripes were used over civilian establishments. The use of the Civilian Flag also spread to Merchants and Common citizens to symbolize their Constitutional rights.

The Civil Flag had red and white vertical stripes with blue stars on a white background. By the Law of the Flag, the vertical striped design denoted Roman Civil jurisdiction within Federal territories rather than Military jurisdiction under Admiralty law. The practice of using the Customs Flag as a Civil Flag became encoded law in 1874 when Treasury Secretary William. A. Richardson required all customhouses to display the Civil Flag.

Where did Wolcott get the idea of using vertical stripes from?

Why did Wolcott choose to turn the horizontal stripes of Old Glory ninety degrees? We need to return to the beginnings of the American Revolution to satisfy this query.

In Boston, the Sons of Liberty were the original revolutionary group who sparked the initial rebellion against the British in 1765. The Stamp Act was imposed by the British Parliament to tax all forms of legal documents within their American colonies. The Stamp Act created great unrest in America, especially in Boston, where an effigy of the local stamp agent, Andrew Oliver, was hanged and burned. Eventually, Oliver resigned, his home looted, and the stamps destroyed. The Elm tree Oliver was hung on became known as the “Liberty Tree”.

The Stamp Act rebellion initiated the Stamp Act Congress, which gathered representatives from nine of the thirteen colonies. A petition of rights and grievances was drawn up declaring that the colonists “were entitled to all the inherent rights and liberties of natural born subjects.” The colonies also declared that “no taxes ever have been, or can be constitutionally imposed upon them, but by their respective legislatures,” and that it “was unreasonable and inconsistent; for the people of Great Britain to grant to His Majesty the property of the colonists.”

The petition asserted that extending the courts of ADMIRALTY, the law of the seas, in order to prosecute the Act undermined “the rights and liberties” of the colonists. So, the original “common law flag” was first raised over the Liberty Tree in Boston. The “rebellious stripes”, as the flag came to be called, was the original flag used by the Sons of Liberty, and it had 9 red and white vertical stripes!

Sons of Liberty 
“Rebellious Stripes” Flag 1767-1775

Why did they choose red and white vertical stripes as their symbol?

Was the flag with vertical stripes a way of rebelling against the British East India Company? The British-East India Company flag had red and white horizontal stripes with the Union Jack in the upper left-hand corner. The first official flag of the American Revolution was the “Grand Union” flag first flown by General Washington on January 2nd 1776 at Cambridge Massachusetts.

Coincidentally it was also the same EXACT flag as the BRITISH-EAST INDIA COMPANY. It flew for over a year after the signing of the Declaration of Independence! An Anonymous individual of European descent known only as the ‘Professor’ recommended the BEI Company flag to Ben Franklin and the flag committee.

It has been reported that this mysterious individual was none other than Jesuit General Lorenzo Ricci, head of the Jesuit order. General Ricci supposedly had died in a Vatican prison six months prior. Pope Clement XIV the man who suppressed the Jesuit order in 1773 and had General Ricci imprisoned, soon died early 1774, apparently poisoned. The Vatican Treasurer at that time was General Ricci’s, best friend and former classmate Cardinal Braschi. Braschi controlled the Vatican resources as acting Pope during the beginning of the American Revolution..

It appears that the Jesuits via the Vatican bank may have funded the American Revolution. It would explain the seat of the new American government being set up on a Roman-Catholic possession and the institution of Roman-Civil Law as the law of the United States territories. i.e. the District of Columbia.

Grand Union Flag Jan. 2, 1776-1777

Although not a true Sovereign flag, only a State flag with a Common Law seal can directly represent the Common Law. There is an indirect relationship to Individual and state sovereignty with the U.S. Civil Flag.. A solvent federal government flying a Civil flag, implies solvent States/Nations with Sovereign citizens. When we first came across the Civil flag and decided that this flag should be the symbol for all sovereign citizens we looked back to the Sons of Liberty and their “Rebellious Stripes” flag as our example. We wanted a flag that would address the deep need in Americans to awaken and return to a time when our government was not “Big Brother” hidden under the name of the Patriot Act! Just as some surmise how the Sons of Liberty turned the British East India Company’s flag on its side; we also decided to turn Old Glory on its side. We wanted the flag to represent our modern Union of States, we chose to create a flag that had 13 vertical stripes and 50 blue stars on a white background: One star for each Sovereign State of the Union of the united States of America!

U.S. Sovereign Flag, Jan 2004

Our civilian flag is a way of reminding Americans, as well as our leaders, that every man and woman is sovereign and that we are all endowed by our Creator with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This sovereign Civil Flag is a symbol of our desire to return America to the dreams upon which she was founded!

US Civil Flags

The Stockman

Read More →

Introducing BROKEN OCEAN ‘Stay Where You Fall’                                Listen and Tip us on CHOON – Stay Where You Fall Here’s the first track from brand new music project ‘Broken Ocean’ And it’s being released exclusively onto CHOON and shared here before anywhere else. Darren says:It all started a few weeks ago when myself and David were talking about the possibility of workingRead More →

The previous week was rather hectic to me. I had stuff done at home and also some of them were about my kid’s school and also some less happy health issues with my folks. I hope all of that will settle down, so we can all resume doing what we love, and not what we have to. Strange, isn’t it, I don’t even bother talking like this to anyone around me, because some people ageRead More →

For Dissemination to Stishit Membership…please bear with me while I make some blogging/identity changes. While some folks might experience a “mid-life crisis,” I have been experiencing an online identity crisis. I originally started out here as “Retired in Samar” because of my long-time blog of the same name. Since I have decided to enjoy living on two separate Pacific islands, I felt the need to re-name the blog (the purist in me told me toRead More →

retiredinsamar (55) in philippines Addressing Mendicancy In a country that boasts a population of over 101 million people, of which over 25% of the population lives below the poverty line (based upon a monthly per capita income of P10,534), it is not a big surprise to see beggars in the streets of nearly all cities and villages throughout the Philippines. Actually, it should be expected. While there is an existing national law that prohibits theRead More →

The actual title of an article was ‘Tesla had a scandal-free week, and the stock gained 12 percent’ but in fair translation it would be Elon Musk not granting some pedestrians an opportunity to irk his flakes up the ‘zucking’ ceiling… I would like to say the dandruff, but then again, all those sassy libel cases..Didn’t that guy ‘fagottized’ Musk, just before the subject of the graphical imagery decided to go full Monty and demonizeRead More →

  Bitcoin dominance has reached its highest point this year, currently it’s sitting at a whopping 58% of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization. While many altcoins are currently deep in the red, Bitcoin is holding on to positions above $6000. Bitcoin might be one of the few coins able to retain most of its value, that doesn’t mean we’re out of the bear market just yet.Read More →

We Want To Make Your 2019 New Year A Blast! Stish will be sending out 1 Million Stish to encourage trading in 2019 after the end of the Token Event. Only people who fill out a short form will be added to the list. Members of the Stish community already receive some Stish from rewards credits when they are involved in the community.  Stishit and Stish have a lot to offer the community and weRead More →

Thorny Waves I created this lyric as a metaphorical way of describing moods and life’s little moments. We ride the waves, sometimes they’re calm, sometimes they’re treacherous and sometimes they’re just downright ‘Thorny’ with spikes of bad feeling and awkwardness thrown in for good measure. Lyrics Sail away the thorny waves Comfort me today Riding on a sea of dreams Waving once I’m freeTravel to a time before You always seem to be Happiness wasRead More →

Some days you must pay the piper when living in a tropical paradise, and today is that day for us here on the island of Guam in the Western Pacific. This afternoon, we are literally hunkered down while Typhoon Mangkhut passes just to our north across the Marianas Island chain. The eye of the typhoon is just under 100 km to our north and thankfully, this typhoon has weakend slightly as it makes its approachRead More →

Greetings fellow steemians!!! Another selection for a new week, I think that Steem reached a lowest low yesterday ☹️ even after having recovered some ground the weeks before, well this has me put thinking that since I started with this promo post series, my upvotes have increased a lot in value, allowing me actually do more voting than sharing the post earnings, so I think it would be better if I stack the little STEEMRead More →

Stish Token Event Launches

You might have heard people around the office or on tv or social media talking about cryptocurrency and wondered what it was. Cryptocurrency got its name possibly from the cryptographic technology used in part to create it and that the first popular use for this tech was currency like. I write currency like because most crypto currencies are not really like currency at all. Sure people trade them between other and sometimes for good andRead More →

Bruce Lee – Kung Fu/Wing Chun Legend – source Bruce Lee was a famous martial artist, actor, and philosopher who was born on November 27th, 1940 in Chinatown, San Francisco. He was raised in Hong Kong, but later returned to the United States for college where he studied philosophy at the University of Washington. Bruce Lee began teaching martial arts, and opened his own school where he trained some of Hollywood’s leading men. It wasRead More →

Best Token Ever Stish

Stishit Looks Ahead To A Bright Future Where Social Media Rewards Platforms Are Built Around Quality People Passionate About Building Micro Crypto Economies. Stish is an excellent cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain. It has some real fuel that will push it into a whole new world soon and likely dominate the social media rewards space. Sure there is competition and everyone shilling their own tokens but Stishit doesn’t just let you use their tokenRead More →

Changed Again       Listen now on CHOONS    The beauty of writing your own songs is that, you can reconstruct them, change the mood and totally transform them into a different musical beast altogether! Somehow True has been one of those song that’s been a WIP (work in progress) since 2014.     This new version is rough around the edges but is finally somewhere close to what I was hoping for. SpendingRead More →

‘The Tale’ is a story about a retired and burnt out musician that finds himself back in the norm. he slowly fades back into life and reminisces about his time on the road. It’s a sad fact that this will happen to possibly 99% of successful musicians on the planet. I’m no statistician, but that’s probably not a bad estimate. I hope you enjoy this acoustic laid back song. Lyrics The wanderer returned with aRead More →

Colour Splash can add some rather dramatic effects to your photography, which is a fun way to make those colours pop right out of the screen! Here’s a few of my personal favourites. This is my family! I took this shot as a selfie which really captures the colour and beauty of this bunch of amazing people! Check out this beautiful African Daisy and the water droplets that embellish its vibrant yellow And finally, myRead More →

Breathe – Original Music by Darren Claxton Hello Stishers and welcome to my song ‘Breathe’The real beauty of being a singer-songwriter and musician is that, you get to do whatever you like with the songs you create. You can also here the studio version on Choon BREATHE is a rather simplistic little song but also very intricate in its make up. What inspired me to write this? well, I was thinking (I do a lotRead More →

Every day people make choices for good or bad. No one takes neutral ground. The scriptures tells us an event which happened between two personalities in which a choice must be made. During the Crucifixion of Jesus,Pilate ask them whom they want to be released to them: Jesus on the one hand representing God almighty and Barabbas on the other hand representing the devil. The Jews made a choice for Barabbas, the robber representing theRead More →

  Greetings fellow steemians!!! Another selection for a new week, last promo post hasn’t paid out yet as I did it last Tuesday, but I like to keep this as a Sunday digest so will be posting #26 today 😁…   Lets continue with this week’s curation, If you like the post please consider resteeming to spread the word and increase notoriety 😉 TY. 🎨 CLARIFYING NOTICE: This post only promotes my TOP 10 favouriteRead More →

Labor Day in the United States is a public holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. It honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws, and well-being of the country. It is the Monday of the long weekend known as Labor Day Weekend and it is considered the unofficial end of summer in the United States. It is recognized as a federal holiday. Reflecting backRead More →

Danes Dyke – Flamborough, Yorkshire UK Thorny Waves Here’s a demo of my new song ‘Thorny Waves’ that I wrote earlier this week! I’ve been in full-time Daddy Day Care mode these past 6 weeks which has been so much fun, but also completely knackering! There’s always a song inside my head and heart, and this is one that’s managed to find it’s way out of my body and onto the trusty Zoom Porta-Studio. It’sRead More →

Famed actor Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a photo of himself sleeping on the street under his famous bronze statue, and sadly wrote “How times have changed…” The reason he wrote the phrase was not only because he was old, but because when he was governor of California he inaugurated a hotel with his statue. Hotel staff told Arnold, “At any moment you can come and have a room reserved for you.” when Arnold stepped down asRead More →

This is great news and will change the game for Stish and Stishit. There is no doubt about how awesome the future is. I think everyone can see the direction we are heading in will make us the easiest platform to begin using cryptocurrency. From auto generated wallets to being able to trade Stish directly into other popular currencies with our internal market. We are building an epic micro crypto economy! With many of theseRead More →

Toad In The Hole – Frugal Living & Delicious Food on a Budget Source We’ve been living the #frugal #life for the past year now, after deciding that we were spending far too much of our hard earned cash on overly expensive food, from rip off supermarkets and local shops. I love to cook, and am the head-chef in our house as well as doing the weekly ‘Friday Big Shop’ at Aldi. I work full time at aRead More →

  Greetings fellow steemians!!! So here we have again another selection for this new week #25, I was AFK (away form the keyboard) since Tuesday evening, as I was on a trip to know more about Colombia, this time I went to Cali, another big city of the country, southward of Medellín and I did have a lot of fun there, met a bunch of new people and possible contacts for arts projects 👨‍🎨 …Read More →

  Greetings fellow steemians!!! So here we have again another selection for this new week #24, I much less busy now that I finished the book I was illustrating, someoneasked me the name of the book in another post, I have to ask the author as I don’t really remember hehe, it was something about the keys of wisdom, I’ll put the title in a future post when I know exactly how it is hehe.Read More →

Greetings fellow steemians!!! So here we have again another selection for this new week #23!, Nothing new to say from my part, still busy as hell, trying to finish today the book I’m illustrating so I can finally claim my payment lol and continue with my other commissions pending…eeeik…so let’s do this as fast as possible. TY again 💙 @veryspider for curating most of these awesome artists where I picked my favs. Lets continue withRead More →

Stish It is a powerful fun social network. We often refer to it as a micro crypto economy because of the equitable rewards distribution people receive for being involved in the community. Much like a real world town or village everyone has a role to play in making the community a better place. Some people add comments to posts to encourage blog writers or to start a conversation about an interesting topic. Both the personRead More →

  Do you want to invest in an ICO, but don’t know if you will get the returns? Do you want to know if the ICO you are considering to invest in, will actually become successful? Then you should know about Vertex Market. Vertex Market is the decentralized ICO aftermarket platform that would vet ICOs and buy the ones that are highly probable to be successful, at discounted rates. These ICOs will be available forRead More →

Like little mirrors, U.S. and world stamps chronicle world history and culture. Stamps are more than just a tool to show prepayment for mail delivery service, stamps also tell a story – and each one has a tale of its own. On July 1, 1859, this Canadian stamp was issued to commerate the day Jacques Cartier lands near Quebec on August 23, 1541, during his third voyage to North America. The portrait of Jacques CartierRead More →

Like little mirrors, U.S. and world stamps chronicle world history and culture. Stamps are more than just a tool to show prepayment for mail delivery service, stamps also tell a story – and each one has a tale of its own. August 22, 1952 – The penal colony of Cayenne, commonly known as Devil’s Island, a French penal colony that operated in the 19th and 20th century in the Salvation’s Islands of French Guiana isRead More →

It is well meaning and an honorable pursuit for people to be optimistic but in this case it wasn’t realistic. The world we currently live in is a harsh place and all people are not of like mind even on the basic rights we believe that all people hold. The idealistic couple made a decision to prove some misconceptions on what they believed were misconceptions being trumpeted by all media. They believed that the worldRead More →

Trump has revoked the security clearance of former CIA director John Brennan. Trump said Brennan was complicit in creating a divided and chaotic environment within the agency. Brennan has been hyper critical of the Trump administration. He has called for Trump’s impeachment most recently regarding the Helsinki summit. He joined NBC News as a senior national security and intelligence analyst and he has used this platform to voice his derision for the President. He hasRead More →

_____________ RANGE POSITION General supine position, also called the position of “flower picking bees”. This position of the woman on her back while the man must support on both elbows and knees. The woman then pulls both legs up to the knees and approaches her ears. This position will develop vulna and provide a deep step, so that it will reach the peak of enjoyment. SLEEP SLEEP POSITION Practice this position, the woman must danceRead More →

The West Virginia House of Delegates passed 11 articles of impeachment against the justices of the Supreme Court of Appeals. The justices being cited are Chief Justice Margaret Workman, Justice Robin Jean Davis, Justice Menis Ketchum, Justice Allen Loughry II and Justice Elizabeth Walker. The main impetus for the impeachment stemmed from lavish renovations to then Chief Justice Loughry. The investigation of Loughry lead to the uncovering of systematic lavish spending among the other justices.Read More →

In their bid to become more tolerant towards transgenderism, the UMC of Minnesota has decided to change the Apostle’s Creed. They have changed it from ‘Father’ to ‘Creator’. The Creed was first mentioned in 390 AD in a letter believed to be written by Ambrose to Pope Siricius. The word Creed is derived from the Latin credo and is translated as ‘I believe’, it is believed that the Apostle’s Creed referred to the teaching ofRead More →

FBI has issued a warning about IMs including FB Messenger being used by hackers to trick users into opening malicious links. The links send them to URLs that harvests their personal data. The hackers prompt unsuspecting users to open links with enticing questions like ‘Hey I waw this video. Isn’t this you?’. Curious people will open the link. Didn’t curiosity kill the cat? The most common ploy is a link that leads the user toRead More →

Turkey has major economic problems and it appears that their currency is on the verge of collapse. To keep the Turkish economy afloat, many European banks have extended credit to prevent the debacle. Spain’s second largest bank lent $18 billion and France’s BNP lent $40 billion. They question is, will this be enough. Since 2013, gold is up four times in relation to the Turkish lira. In addition, Turkish banks have amassed a sizable amountRead More →

This is just a test post. In Early 2018 we decided to limit the editing rules to 90 days to allow for advanced archiving of older content. We have even looked at offloading posts over 1 year old to a distributed ledger system or AWS storage to make the database server leaner and meaner. Well one day we will tackle some of those growth challenges and move images to AWS and Older content also. WeRead More →

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In our original white paper we laid out a plan that gave us 6 months to raise funding and complete some development milestones. We asked the community to be active and grow the micro crypto economy. We announced a solid plan for early adopters and people we considered honorary founders for their actions in promoting the community. Many took it upon themselves to launch or start growing a base on other social networks such asRead More →

CLEAR bionetrics have installed fingerprint scanners at Seattle’s CentrutyLink and Safeco Fields concession stands. Last month, CLEAR said that they have installed facial recognition scanners in at least twelve MLB stadiums. An article from TechCrunch espouses that it is a privilege to join because it allows people to skip the waiting line. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as today people put their convenience ahead of their privacy. At least it is free, there hasRead More →

A frog goes into a bank and approaches the teller. He can see from her nameplate that her name is Patty Whack. “Miss Whack, I’d like to get a $30,000 loan to take a holiday.” Patty looks at the frog in disbelief and asks his name. The frog says his name is Kermit Jagger, his dad is Mick Jagger, and that it’s okay, he knows the bank manager. Patty explains that he will need toRead More →

Hello there friends!!! 😁 This is my seventh post about the Urban Sketchers of Medellín, this time we went to draw at The Punto Clave Mall, Like two weeks ago my cell phone got it’s screen damaged probably because of pressure by a pointy object while commuting back home…, I already wanted to buy a new one for a while but was waiting for having more money…but well Fortuna has her ways of doing thingsRead More →

The definitive answer to ‘what is this world coming to’, now that school shooting have become ubiquitous our greed to make a dollar has evolved insurance covering school shootings. Insurance companies like McGowan Program Administrators has already written over 300 policies. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, “It at least gives us some peace of mind that, in the event of horrible tragedy, we can begin to put things in place,” said Lance Erlwein,Read More →