Task Review a book that you have read, in 1000 (or more) words. Some guidelines The review should not only be just summarizing the book, but also presenting the critical discussion of it with a personal touch. Tell about the genre. What genre of literature is it and how does it compare to another book in this genre? Give one example. Tell about the narrating style. Has the author used a formal or informal writingRead More →


Selling My Music For Stish and Crypto-Currencies I’m steadily understanding the Stish protocol and how it will help to support me and my music in the future. With the popularity of Cryptocurrencies and impending doom of the once fruitful money cow that are the record labels, I’d like to offer my EP for sale here on Steemthat.   SteemThat and Stish have gotten me very excited regarding the future development of my creative musical world.Read More →



Crypto Isn’t Always An Easy Thing To Explain. But This Graphic Helps Explain Stish In As Few Words As Possible. If you are trying to wrap your head around the whole cryptocurrency revolution you are not alone. It is complex and sophisticated but you can learn enough about it to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Once you get the basic fundamentals of most digital currencies you will be in great company. Bitcoin was the founder reallyRead More →

Sticky doesn’t toot it’s own horn nearly enough. Perhaps we should start so that members will know what to brag about when talking with friends on other platforms. now offers more ways for your content to get discovered than ever before! We really do want to help people grow. SteemThat Launches Aggressive Content Discover Campaign For Our Members. Why would we want to help you grow? We love the high quality content our writersRead More →


With Many Rewards Based Content Creation Websites Today They Are Designed With Only One Concept In Mind. Is Different And Offers So Much More. Many might be familiar with websites like Facebook that do not reward members for creating content. In fact Facebook recently has made the news for selling their users information to third party companies or data mining their members information to increase advertising revenue. We love Facebook but realize that itRead More →


Here a stand is a track from the Zoom vault. It was written a few years ago and re-recorded especially for @dsound and @steemit. It tells a tale of those petty arguments we have with our partners. I hope you like this country vibe. Lyrics Once or twice I let you back into my little life Forever more I gave you a key to let you in the door But you slammed it on your way into theRead More →


Learning about Steem That Rewards Tokens And The Soon To Be Famous Stish Crypto Currency Is Super Easy When You Have The Right Tools. If You Are A Novice Then You Have A Slight Advantage As You Have Access To Many Tools Already. If you are new to cryptocurrency or new to Ethereum or Stish then you will need to learn some cool new things that will help you interact with the platform. One ofRead More →


SpaceX is securing a $500 million line of credit through Fidelity to fund its plan to create an inexpensive internet service. Existing shareholders are also creating several special purpose financial vehicles to sell shares on the secondary market. These offerings could raise an additional $500 million. These share are reportedly selling for between $160 and $170. Talks with the US Air Force will possibly generate $290 million in contracts for SpaceX. This money will likelyRead More →

Cody Wilson uploaded a digital file to the internet with the plans to build a 3D printable firearm.  He had his advocates as well as critics, with firearms being a hotly contested issue.  His was a believer in the right to own a gun and he wanted to give others whom were of like belief a venue to procure a weapon without all the government red tape. He launched a site,, and uploaded theRead More →

With all the lava flowing out of Kilauea, a new island have appeared off of Kapoho.  Kilauea has now been actively spewing out lava for more than 2 months.  Kilauea has been more or less an active volcano since 1983 but it only had a continuous lava flow since the last eruption. As you may know the all the Hawaiian Islands were formed by volcanoes, so this new island is just part of the changingRead More →

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If you have ever used coinbase or other exchange you might have to pay a fee. When you make sell and buy orders on most exchanges you will pay a fee. The fee we charge is simply covering the cost to send the Stish crypto currency. Some currency have fee free transactions like Steem but there are hidden fees that you are unaware of. They may not charge a direct fee to make the transactionRead More →

Guam is located approximately 6,000 miles from San Francisco, CA; 3,800 miles west of Honolulu, HI; 1,500 south of Japan; and 1596 miles east of the Philippines. Because of  Guam’s isolated location in Western Pacific, you would think that this tiny island would not have a problem with illegal immigration, but you would be wrong.  Many refugees from the Asian continent mistakenly think that Guam might be a somewhat convenient backdoor into the United StatesRead More →

Here are a few gifs I did on and as a plus subscriber. I put the all in Creative Commons Attribution so, please. give them credit. Use, mix and/or E N J O Y !Read More →

There are many conflicting stories coming out about Trump’s position on NATO.  Some are saying that he has threatened to put out of NATO, some are saying that Trump demanded that other member nations allocations will be increased and others are denying that Trump made any such claims. Some things are obvious without anyone needed to verify it.  One is that only 5 members are living up to the agreement to pay 2% of theirRead More →

With the recent uptick in her political activity, rumors are surfacing that Hillary is laying the ground work for another run for president.  For a few months after her defeat she remained relatively quiet, recently she has voiced her opinion on the highly controversial border issue and the resigning of Justice Kennedy. Her grandstanding for the plight of the immigrant families separated at the border has raised some $1.5 million.  Her support of this causeRead More →

Macron has admitted that they have lost the battle against drug trafficking occurring in the growing number of no-go zones.  He asked for the assistance of the mayors and the public to find solutions. The mayors were expecting more from Macron, they were anticipating some concrete guidelines for resolving the growing problem but instead they found that Macron just put the problem on their backs.  Their expectations were probably based on the ambitious strategy thatRead More →

Joseph de Maistre was a 18th century French philosopher.  He coined the quote which has been reverberated by more well known people like Alexis de Tocqueville and Abraham Lincoln.  The quote I am referring to is ‘Every nation gets the government it deserves’. He also stated ‘All grandeur, all power, all subordination to authority rests on the executioner:  he is the horror and the bond of human association.  Remove this incomprehensible agent from the worldRead More →

The political game plan is spin.  Feinstein failed to win the primary, she garnered 37% of the votes while her opponent, de Leon garnered 54%.  In California, the top two vote getters advance to the general election, de Leon and Feinstein were the top two.  Since they both are running as democrats, an executive board gets an opportunity to endorse one of them. The executive board procedure is to have the candidates register to appearRead More →

hello everyone, I came here from a site called Steemit. I really liked it, until recently. I became a victim of down vote abuse from trolls. I did nothing to deserve the hate, all I wanted to do was share my content with the world and I got a bunch of hate. My post even got hidden by people with enough SP, I couldn’t take the hate anymore, so I made another account to hideRead More →

In a 2-1 vote, the 3rd US Circuit Count of Appeals in Philadelphia upheld TSA screeners are shielded by the government sovereign immunity.  Under the the Federal Tort Claims Act (the following paragraph was copied from Thus, both federal and State law may impose limitations on liability. The FTCA exempts, among other things, claims based upon the performance, or failure to perform a “discretionary function or duty.”[1] The FTCA also exempts a number ofRead More →

Hello there friends!!! 😁 This is my fourth post about the Urban Sketchers of Medellín, this time we went to draw at Park Boston, near the city centre, although more than a park it’s like a town square but they call those here “parks”. I decided to draw the statue at the square centre because it was like the most iconic thing I could see, and I found the pose of the human figure quiteRead More →

Hello Again!!! 😁 This is my third go with the Urban Sketchers of Medellín, this time we went to draw at a roundabout near the metro station Aguacatala, in Colombian Spanish “Glorieta” is the name used for roundabouts, something I learned that day, cause in Venezuela we call them “Redoma”…Google maps uses a more neutral term “Rotonda”hehe. That particular view I drew reminded me a lot my Caracas 🇻🇪 hehe, in fact the following mondayRead More →

Hello Again!!! 😁 This is my second go with the Urban Sketchers of Medellín, this time we went to the far South of Medellín’s Metropolitan area, a town called La Estrella, very nice I liked it there although the entire afternoon looked like it would rain, good thing it didn’t. This time I did pick carefully what I would draw and wandered for a while looking for the angle of the church that appealed meRead More →

Hello!!! 😁   Here I present you my very 1st drawing or “sketch” with the Urban Sketchers of Medellín, it was done in a part of city called Manila which is a small hill and has many hostels, restaurants and cafés, so there is a high number tourists there…I didn’t pick any specific place to draw…I just sat somewhere randomly and started to sketch whatever I had in front of me, I later learned thatRead More →

Charles Hallinan was a Main Line investment banker.  He built a lending empire which preyed on the financially strapped.  He was sentenced to a 14 year federal prison term and was fined more than $64 million.  He was convicted of 17 counts to include racketeering, international money laundering and fraud. Hallinan’s attorney plead that his sentence should be reduced as his client is 77 years old and the sentence of 14 years would most likelyRead More →

Age is not the issue, there are many so called leaders whom are much younger which should be replaced.  She had the audacity to call herself a ‘legislative virtuoso’.  She told Rolling Stone that calls for someone younger to lead the democrats after the midterm was a sexist remark.  This shows how out of touch this person is, her sex is not at issue. It is obvious that she has no clue on how herRead More →

MP Iqra Khalid announced that the Trudeau government has invested $23 million into its multiculturalism program.  Two of the recipients are The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) and Islamic Relief.  Both of these organizations have affiliations to radical Islam groups.  Khalid has been an outspoken advocate of the multiculturalism program.  She made this announcement in front of a small group of mostly Muslims with little fanfare.  There was no main stream media in attendance. Read More →

A groundskeeper claims that he developed terminal cancer due to exposure to the herbicide Roundup for the past 2 decades.  Dewayne Johnson was a groundskeeper for the Benicia Unified School District. His is accusing Monsanto of hiding evidence about glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup.  About 4,000 other people have made claims that Roundup made them sick and the majority of them are planning to take Monsanto to court. Johnson’s attorney said in his openingRead More →


There are several Ethereum exchanges but none like . If you have ever traded crypto before then you know that it can be fun and very addictive. You also have probably seen large exchanges freeze your accounts where you cannot complete a trade or they might even hold your funds hostage completely so that you can’t even move your crypto to another exchange to make a great trade there. This has happened to almostRead More →

Will The Real Berine Sanders Please Stand Up! Oh wait, I see he is already standing… for his mugshot! For the many that do not know, I was recently targeted by some not-so-nice people on Steemit. After being called out and flagged by the Bot “abusereports” for identifying what I suspected was something shady going on, it didn’t take me long to figure out the charade. A “charade” for those that use English as aRead More →


The US agency that administers obamacare is freezing payments to insurers.  These are payment which were implemented to compensation plans that have sicker patients. The agency which has authority to issue payment for this risk adjustment is the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).  The CMS stated last Saturday that the February action by the trial court in New Mexico prevents CMS from making further collections or payments under the risk adjustment program untilRead More →

The heat level where I live is unbearable.  I have a good supply of popsicles but I heard of this cool treat that looks more refreshing.  I am not familiar with some of the ingredients but there is an Asian Market that is very close. I was able to find most of the ingredients except the ube ice cream so I substituted it with a rainbow sherbet.  Not sure what ube tastes like but itRead More →

I tried a meme site out then I went there to do some editing in where I am a plus subscriber.  There you are > Voila > out came some Stish-it Memes. E N J O Y my dear, Stishians.Read More →

Greetings fellow steemians!!! New promo posts for this new week!…I’m now living in what I hope will be my home for the next 6 months at least 👍 won’t have to relocate for that period of time, after that I’ll see if I venture to another city or or stay some more time here 😎 at Medellín   Lets continue with this week’s curation, If you like the post please consider resteeming to spread theRead More →

Greetings fellow steemians!!! And yet again another selection for a new week!… Ugh I’m doing this in a rush, I’m changing home again hopefully the last one in several months to come hehe 😉   Lets continue with this week’s curation, If you like the post please consider resteeming to spread the word and increase notoriety 😉 TY. 🎨 CLARIFYING NOTICE: This post only promotes my TOP 10 favourite artworks posted on Steemit in theRead More →

Greetings fellow steemians!!! And yet again another selection for a new week!… I have nothing else to add except that dropping prices in cryptos have been really bad…this not only makes post earnings lower but it also increases the ratio of what is being paid in STEEM instead of SBD, hence why the distribution was so little time, well I hope you enjoy the post and cryptos start rising in value again 😉   LetsRead More →

My Very Own Personal Beachfront Golf Driving Range… that I cannot use. 😞 As many of my Blog readers know, we shipped our entire household to the Philippines when we retired. Golf clubs included. Because we live on the island of Samar, and the closest golf course to us would be in Tacloban, Leyte, some 3 1/2 hours away, I have not had much of any opportunity to do any golfing. None! The Golf CourseRead More →

Have You Ever Been to Manila? – There is so much to explore. Visit Manila. Manila may be one of the more easily misunderstood capitals in the world where ultra modern meets nostalgia. Some might learn that it’s in close proximity to the gorgeous island getaways of the Philippines, and be surprised to learn that it’s a big city. Others might be aware of its reputation for casino resorts and be surprised to learn thatRead More →

This article will feature everything you need to know to buy Etheruem Crypto Currency Fast Including A Video Walk through To Create An Ethereum Wallet In Under 1 Minute. There are 2 ways that people can get involved with Crypto Currency. Many people look at Bitcoin and think wow I don’t have $10,000 to buy a bitcoin. And they might look for other popular large scale cryptocurrencies that are main stream with liquidity that areRead More →

How To Buy ARK crypto Currency Fast Online Now Many people are looking to buy ARK cryptocurrency and for great reason. ARK has done really well as a currency with many early adopters seeing 200X returns. There is one problem with many of these top secret wealth building crypto currencies….HOW DO YOU BUY THEM? Many people will ask me about a crypto like ARK and then ask me, “How Do I Buy ARK crypto currencyRead More →

Today we hit a record high where I live.  In fact, as I write this, it is still in the triple digits.  I could use a little cooling dip in a pool.  If you are suffering from the heat and are seeking some relief, you may want to be advised of some stats regarding pool water. According to studies done by the CDC, you are more likely to get sick from pathogens in pool waterRead More →

Before I begin, I must state that I found nothing to verify if Rep. Jim Jordan is culpable for the alleged failure to report the abuse of Ohio State athletes by Dr. Richard Strauss. Rod Rosenstein was lambasted by Jim Jordan during the House Judiciary Committee hearing.  Jordan was pressing Rosenstein on turning over political sensitive documents from the Mueller investigation, Rosenstein refused. Source: It was obvious that Rosenstein was upset by the exchange. Read More →

Sources within the Broward County sheriff’s office revealed that Scott Israel is set to be removed from his position next week.  Israel is being removed for criminal issues uncovered by an investigation conducted by the Florida governor’s office. The source stated that the FBI is aware of the criminal activities Israel is being charged with.  Israel has been under heavy criticism for his mishandling of the Parkland school shooting but this is not the onlyRead More →

The US Dollar broke through resistance and now is currently at 94.4.  This is a measure of the strength of the dollar relative to the overall currency market. Some background on the effect a strong or weak dollar has on trade and the pricing of goods.  A strong dollar portends that another countries currency is weaker against the dollar so products which are import from that country will be cheaper because they are priced inRead More →

During the end of June through the first week of July, this plant may show up in your garden.  It is the giant hogweed, you will definitely have no problem identifying it as it can grow up to 15 feet tall. Though the plant is mainly found on the eastern coastal states it is very prolific.  The plant was believed to originate in New York, from there it spread to neighboring Pennsylvania, Ontario and Michigan. Read More →

The inversion of the yield curve has preceded most recessions.  This is the reason trend forecasters use it as an indicator of the future when applied to business activity.  It has a valid basis when one considers the underlying factors that are used to evaluate the price of bonds. A yield curve is the relationship between the cost to purchase a bond to the amount an investor will receive over the term of the bond. Read More →

Have you ever bought something you really didn’t want?   A man wanders into a small antique shop. Mostly it’s cluttered with knick-knacks and junk. On the floor, however, he notices what looks like an ancient Chinese bowl. On closer inspection it turns out to be a priceless relic from the Ming dynasty whose value is beyond calculating. It is worth everything else in the store put together. The owner clearly has no idea aboutRead More →

Family court judge Katherine Field denied a motion to end the use of electric shock on disable students.  In her decision she stated “(The state) failed to demonstrate that there is now a professional consensus that the Level III aversive treatment RC does not conform to the accepted standard of care for treating individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities”. It is understood that the law requires certain standards are met and the judge is responsibleRead More →

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Within a radius of 25 km around my village there are a total of 164 waters and stretches of water. I took this picture in the Rhine floodplains near Oberhausen.  The Rhine floodplains are also called the Amazon of Germany.Read More →

The markets are closed on Wednesday for the Fourth and much of this week people will not be active in the markets.  This is the time when the manipulators get the biggest bang for their buck.  Exactly why I am expecting the metal prices to sustain a major hit. Their modus operandi is to hit the market with a large amount of shorts when the trading is thin.  We are already going into this weekRead More →

Am I too late to give suggestions for rebranding? I hope not . . . bc here I go> as a NEWBIE on STISHit A perspective as a new person. I came to STISHit through someone who landed on my post who was on automatic black list and was blocked out on Steemit. Did I mention this was my post! Needless to say, this was a trigger and made me very angry because when IRead More →

It is curious why those whom so vehemently protest against guns surround themselves with gun toting security.  Hogg the supposed survivor of the Parkland shooting, was in NY to promote his book.  He is accompanied by a security detail. This is not to place any emphasis on him as he is insignificant, but they all start out this way.  They push an agenda funded by likes of Soros that incite people.  Primarily, the agenda isRead More →

I just finished reading a post on sub/reddit titled “What is exactly wrong with locals here?” and I must admit, based upon the thread comments, the OP of this article really struck a chord – with some readers that agreed with him and others who adamantly defended against everything he said. Below I have inserted his reddit post verbatim as a testament that all expats do not see living in the Philippines in the sameRead More →

Dr. Peter Rost is a former VP of the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, Pfizer.  He has come out exposing the dangers of vaccines, in particular, gardasil which he referred to as deadly. He stated that mandatory vaccinations are like a form of child abuse and he adamantly said that he would not vaccinate his children.  He was interviewed for a documentary ‘One More Girl’ where he said the the main objective for vaccines and pharmaceuticalRead More →