Britain’s Gold Boom

The gold mine located in the village of Tyndrum is almost set to be green lighted for opening. A Scottish mining company believes that there is about 200,000 ounces of gold in the Cononish Mine.

New plans which will improve the mining operations to be more environmentally friendly may have won over officials. Scotgold Resources Ltd. says that opening the mine will create 63 new jobs as well as increase the business for local suppliers.

In addition to gold, Scotgold expects to be extracting silver as well. So far the company has raised 3 million pounds from their shareholders. It is still trying to get commitments from investors for an additional 7 million pounds.

Next week the planning committee at Loch Lomond and the National Park Authority are visiting the site and it is rumored that after this visit, Scotgold will receive the final approval.


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