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Maxine Waters has kicked a hornet’s nest when she called for inciting the public to stalk any of Trump’s cabinet to physical harass them.  Even the leaders of the democrat party have started to distance themselves from her stance.  It was probably due to the potential blowback they would face if the public saw this as a despicable suggestion.

Now a petition has been started to call for the expulsion of Waters.   This maybe the start of the public’s attitude change towards the blatantly unlawful acts of many whom consider themselves to be above the law.  Another indication is the voluminous amounts of sealed indictments, the DOJ release a list numbering 24,500.


The petition was started on June 25 and it currently has amassed 53,023 signatures.  Their goal is 100,000 signatures.  If you are interested in throwing you hat into the ring, here is a link to voice your opinion by signing the petition.

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Eric Binkley

Wow they are getting close to 100k signatures.

1 month ago

Eh. While I agree she could have chosen her words more carefully, she was advocating non violent means of confronting cabinet members about the separation of families at the border. This is activism.

Now of course (just like our current sitting president) there are fringes in any group that take things as a green light to do what they want. You saw the same thing happening at Trump rallies when he was telling the audience to get them out and people started pushing and shoving protesters. It’s hypocrisy.

1 month ago