The inversion of the yield curve has preceded most recessions.  This is the reason trend forecasters use it as an indicator of the future when applied to business activity.  It has a valid basis when one considers the underlying factors that are used to evaluate the price of bonds. A yield curve is the relationship between the cost to purchase a bond to the amount an investor will receive over the term of the bond. Read More →

Release DateTimeActualForecastPrevious Jul 06, 201815:3076.7K Jun 29, 201815:3076.7K96.5K Jun 22, 201815:3096.5K120.2K Jun 15, 201815:30120.2K111.4K Jun 08, 201815:30111.4K115.1K Jun 01, 201815:30115.1K91.0K May 25, 201815:3091.0K92.4K May 18, 201815:3092.4K107.4K May 11, 201815:30107.4K106.8K May 04, 201815:30106.8K136.6K Apr 27, 201815:30136.6K163.1K Apr 20, 201815:30163.1K155.4K Apr 13, 201815:30155.4K166.6K Apr 06, 201815:30166.6K203.4K Mar 30, 201815:30203.4K148.7K Mar 23, 201815:30148.7K167.9K Mar 16, 201815:30167.9K183.8K Mar 09, 201816:30183.8K178.7K Mar 02, 201816:30178.7K190.9K Feb 23, 201816:30190.9K175.6K Feb 16, 201816:30175.6K190.9K Feb 09, 201816:30190.9K207.3K Feb 02, 201816:30207.3K214.7K Jan 26, 2018 16:30Read More →

Am I too late to give suggestions for rebranding? I hope not . . . bc here I go> as a NEWBIE on STISHit A perspective as a new person. I came to STISHit through someone who landed on my post who was on automatic black list and was blocked out on Steemit. Did I mention this was my post! Needless to say, this was a trigger and made me very angry because when IRead More →

From an article in Bloomberg, big banks may be in worst condition than it appears.  It is very apparent that the banks are swamped with debt but the degree it is camouflaged with accounting tricks is not apparent.   Lehman Brothers tried to covered their highly leveraged position using repos and in 2008 they went belly up, but with Lehman their financial position was not as heavily tied to derivatives.   Repos otherwise known asRead More →

The saying is that money moves from weak hands to strong hands, this may sound like a old wives tale until you take the time to look at the movement of value.  As you may know, the US dollar is hardly worth the paper it is printed on.  The value is being shored up by manipulation, this is also true of the stock prices. One ploy that is employed to shore up the dollar isRead More →

Harouna Traor’e was an employee with Thomson Reuters, he was laid off due to downsizing.  There is some inconsistencies as to his position at Reuters.  According to Valbury attorneys, he was a seasoned market risk analyst at Reuters and according to Traore’s attorneys, he was employed at Reuters to sell analysis software to investors and he had no prior experience in financial markets.  When Traore applied for the  Valbury account, he claims that he embellishedRead More →

As the US works to suppress the gold price because they are attempting to prop up the value of the dollar, Russia and China have stepped up their buying to build up their stockpile.  According to the World Gold Council, central banks have purchased 42% more gold in the first quarter than they did in the first quarter of 2017. Russia has been steadily increasing their gold holding for the past 2 decades.  Since 2000,Read More →

Since 2013, the BRICS have been working to duplicate the Western financial infrastructure and other countries have been moving away from the overbearing western systems.  Two countries that have been stalwart in their support of the US seem to be falling by the wayside.   The first country had a relationship with the US to denominate the sale of oil in US currency.  In return, Saudi Arabia would receive military support from the US.  ThisRead More →

A number of users are complaining that the service is down.  Netflix twitted that they are aware of the issue and are working to solve the steaming problem.  They appreciate the user’s patience during the down time.   Is it a coincidence that today was the day that net neutrality was officially repealed.  Although the bulk of the outages reported are clustered in Europe and the issue of net neutrality is centered in the US,Read More →

Stish Chill

The most asked question that people ask is, “What is Stishit?” This is usually followed up with, “How Can I Win By Using It?” or “How Do I Use Stishit?” First, let’s be clear, we are in beta and have been testing a few concepts. Our main mission and goal from the beginning was and is to “HELP PEOPLE GROW!” We are pruning the website and some features to help everyone stay focused on this.Read More →

On word that Russia and Saudi Arabia may increase production levels the prices of crude oil dropped. This reverses an agreement to halt production made between OPEC and their allies. Brent futures lost almost 2% and WTI was down 1.7%. Reports are that they are increasing production to make up for losses incurred due to the production halt. The market could absorb the increase because Venezuela’s output has collapsed and is not likely to beRead More →

The London Metal Exchange confirms that it is planning to launch a yuan denominated metal future. LME CEO said in an interview with SCMP “At present, investors are trading our products in US dollars. We would definitely like to explore the possibilities of launching products denominated in offshore renminbi”. The LME is owned by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX). Traders on the HKEX are already allowed to use Chinese currency as collateral and thisRead More →

Japan Display Inc. is planning to double its automotive display sales within five years to reduce the dependency on Apple as well as other smart phone manufacturers. The company has a hard row to hoe as for the year ending March they posted a $2.23 billion loss. The loss resulted from the slowdown in smartphone screen sales. The company is hoping to exploit the growing market for displays in cars. New cars are coming equippedRead More →

Japan told the World Trade Organization (WTO) it will take steps to retaliate against the US. Initially they said they would abide with the tariffs on steel and aluminum. They are considering tariffs on US goods worth $451 million, an amount equal to the US placed tariffs. They failed to set a firm date on when they planned to impose the tariffs. This might be seen as a ploy to start negotiations to get theRead More →

Greenspan penned ‘Gold and Economic Freedom’ in 1966. The following excerpt sums up his position, “In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation There is no safe store of value. If there were, the government would have to make its holding illegal, as was done in the case of gold. If everyone decided, for example, to convert all his bank deposits to silver or copperRead More →

Since the launch of the Chinese oil futures contracts Iran, Qatar and Venezuela have made agreements to participate in oil swaps. On May 3, Nigeria signed an agreement with China to set up a currency swap. This is an initial step prior to setting up oil swaps. According to Sputnik News “The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has signed a currency swap deal worth about $2.5 billion with the People’s Bank of China to provideRead More →

Malls continue to lose stores and the trend for this year looks like it will be more of the same. I recently read articles indicating that the flagship stores are scuttling more of their locations. If you can call Dick’s Sporting Goods a flagship, I would anticipate that they will be downsizing after their decision to end selling assault rifles. Last year Dick’s was the only ray of hope for the malls, they opened largeRead More →

So money doesn’t grow on trees? At the end of 2015, the majority of the public were in favor of raising the minimum wage to $15. Politicians everywhere were including it in their platforms saying that it was only fair to make business owners responsible for providing their employees a living wage. It was the new talking point and surely it gained them votes. Given a population who are of the mind that they areRead More →

A Canadian town about 60 miles east of Montreal called Saint-Hyacinthe was a industrial park. Over time the town was at risk of growing vacancies as the economy faltered, when Bitfarms came to move into an abandoned factory the community welcomed them with open arms. The town was hoping that this new industry would help to turn around the flagging economy. As a incentive to draw in more companies related to the computer industry, HydroRead More →

Is Freddie Mac trying to revive the ‘American Dream’ of home ownership? They have just announced the launch of a conventional mortgage requiring a 3% down payment. They attempted to launch a similar loan 3 years ago with income restrictions, these restrictions excluded most people whom were in the home buying market. Needless to say this previous program hardly got off the ground. The economy was beginning to slow down in 2015 and the modestRead More →

Ford president and CEO, Jim Hackett is making a bold move to protect the company’s profitability and maximize future returns. He said “We are committed to taking the appropriate actions to drive profitable growth and maximize the returns of our business over the long term. Where we can raise the returns of under performing parts of our business by making them more fit, we will. If appropriate returns are not on the horizon, we willRead More →

Shipments of smartphone out of China have collapsed 21% to 91 million units. Since 2013, shipments have exceeded 100 million units every quarter. Eight of the top ten smartphone vendors have incurred a decline in sales. Apple’s standing of number 4 in vendor sales was replaced by Xiaomi, Xiaomi was the only company to show growth. Its shipments grew to 12 million units. Huawei remained the top vendor by shipping over 21 million units. Currently,Read More →

What Is Bitcoin? As a brand new user, you’ll start with Bitcoin while not understanding the technical details. Once you have got put in a Bitcoin bill fold on your pc or portable, it’ll generate your initial Bitcoin address and you’ll produce a lot of whenever you would like one. you’ll disclose your addresses to your friends in order that they’ll pay you or the other way around. In fact, this can be pretty likeRead More →

Hidup memang sulit, mancari nafkah apalagi, dunia semakin sulit jika kita tidak pandai melihat peluang yang ada, kalau Cuma mengharap dari pemberian orang bukanlah hal yang bijak, apalagi harus mengemis atau meminta-minta sama orang adalah sesuatu yang memalukan. Sebagian orang sudah memilih jalan hidupnya sendiri tidak peduli dengan keras dan kejamnya dunia tapi tekat tetap kuat untuk mencari rezeki yang halal, namun tidak sedikit orang mencari jalan yang pitas dengan mengabaikan halal dan haram yangRead More →

INTRODUCTION FIRSTLY I WOULD LIKE TO DEFINE PLANING Planning refers to the process of deciding what to do and how to do it .Planing occurs at many levels, fromday to day decision made by individual and families, to complex decision made by businesses and government. WHAT ARE THE PLANING PRINCIPLES YOU NEED Good Planing Requires A Methodical Process That Clearly Define The Step That Lead To The Optimal Solutions It. Should be more comprehensive ItRead More →

IF you are Nigerian and you are on steemit looking for a means to withdraw your steem dollar to cash in a reasonable rate. I think this post will help you on ways to converting your SBD to Naira. . To Begin using the escrow service [email protected], you need to Join their telegram group that will connect you with different people who might be interested in giving you instant cash for your SBDs.follow the linkRead More →

Apple Corporation has just launched IOST(IOS Token) as their official cryptocurrency. Now we all know that apple is popular and within a short time people will want to invest in their cryptocurrency and then it will appreciate in value. So if you are wise you would participate in their airdrop now while it is cheap. Participating in the airdrop is free all you need to do is click the link below Note: you mustRead More →

100%real oyinkan (45) in altcoin •  6 days ago SlideCoin™ Bitcoin Lock Screen – Android Apps on Google Play It is a bitcoin miner which uses the spare processing power of your device to mine Bitcoin How to earn through this app download slide coin on playstore. While doing registering with the app it will ask for refferer code In put this as your referrer code jul587 NOTE: its important to use referrer code WithRead More →

Sobat SteemThat, kita cuma biasa berusaha, sebesar apapun kita berusaha, bagaimanpun kerja keras usaha kita, namun rezeki kita semua sudah ditentukan oleh yang maha kuasa. Masih banyak orang yang bekerja tiada henti namun rezekinya juga tetap segitu saja, malah ada yang berusaha sedikit namun rezekinya banyak, siapa yang kita salahkan disini, saya rasa tidak yang harus kita salahkan apalagi kita menyalahkan Tuhan atau mungkin kita mau menjadi orang-orang yang tidak mempercayai adanya Tuhan. Sadar atauRead More →

Papaya, pepaya atau orang ada yang menyebutnya dengan Kates ya terserahlah orang mau menyebutnya apa, yang terpenting adalah kita coba menjelaskan beberapa mamfaat dari pepaya, pepaya ini pada umumnya di mamfaatkan oleh orang untuk sayuran, namun belakangan ini pepaya sudah digunakan hampir untuk segala macam kebutuhan lain seperti untuk kecantikan, diet, sayuran, dan kesehatan dan lain-lain. setiap 1 buat pepaya dengan ukuran standar mengandung lebih kurang 120 kalori, 30 gram kabohidrat, 5 gram serat danRead More →

Sobat stishit semua, kehidupan manusia memang tidak sama banyak profesi yang kita lakukan kadang tidak sesuai dengan apa yang kita harapkan, mareka cuma melakukan sesuatu pekerjaan akibat untuk mempertahankan hidup yang cuma menghidupkan keluarga sehari-hari. perjuangan mempertahankan hidup begitu berat sehingga harus melakukan pekerjaan yang tidak mareka inginkan. sobat stishit saya mau cerita kejadian pagi ini,sambil duduk dan mempersiapkan pergi kerja. lewatlah seorang pedagan ikan keliling yang setiap hari membuyikan klakson(tanda) bahwa dia sudah datangRead More →

With Many Rewards Based Content Creation Websites Today They Are Designed With Only One Concept In Mind. Is Different And Offers So Much More. Many might be familiar with websites like Facebook that do not reward members for creating content. In fact Facebook recently has made the news for selling their users information to third party companies or data mining their members information to increase advertising revenue. We love Facebook but realize that itRead More →

Hai sobat stishit, ini kolam ikan tapi bukan kolam ikan paus seperti dambaan sobat stishit kolam ikan ini saya ambil foto di salah satu pompa bensin di wilayah Kota Sigli Kabupaten Pidie Beurenuen. saya tetarik mengambil foto karena ikan banyak dan ada ikan yang ukuran panjang 1 meter dengan lebar 30 cm sehingga setiap orang dan keluarga yang mengisi minyak disana selau menempatkan diri untuk melihat-lihat kolam ikan atau ikan besar.Read More →

It has come to the attention of the SteemThat team that there are some abuses of the system. We do not wish to implement a ton of rules but we will have to layout some rules to avoid some scammers and spammers. All new blog posts submitted via the Publish link ( ) will have to be approved by a Moderator. Blog Posts Should Contain Some Content. The social portal is appropriate for aRead More →

Mangga siapa yang tidak suka mangga. ada sih tapi masih bannyak yang suka mangga apalagi mangganya manis wow tentunya banyak yang suka. maaf sobat stishit mangga ini cuma sedikit tapi kalau kalian mau ke tempat saya mungkin kita merujak dulu karena mangganya masih kecil belum tua. silakan daftar kalua mau. tapi yang dekat-dekat saja ya…Read More →

How to free online Earn you Billion Bitcoin Satoshes ?  So friends Let us start tips and tricks that how  can you online free earning money very fast or relabel  today I tell you all About method online earning free bitcoin some one Automatic making money example you say to Autopilot any how Automatic means without any works on site for example mining  sites mining sites is very benefit sites but you choice trusted paying site some siteRead More →

Hi there guys and welcome to tube machanics where I use my screncapture videos to show you the tools that …will make building and growing your channel a breezeIn todays video we are going to be looking at how to use other peoples videos on youtube without being …ponish by youtube copyright stirke.Here is a video I created and used a short video clip from one of the videos of a channel …called slow motionRead More →

Hai….sobat SteemThat jumpa lagi dengan saya kali ini saya mencoba memberi beritakan tentang Tarian tradisional Daerah Aceh Indonesia. yang dikasih nama dengan Rapai geleng tentunya kalau anda orang Aceh ini sudah tidak ada masalah lagi pasti anda sangat familiar tentang Rapai Geleng ini.Rapai Geleng ini merupakan seni yang sangat menarik untuk disaksikan selain kecepatan dalam gerakan juga keserasian maupun kekompokan dan disesuaikan dengan irama membuat tarian ini sangat luar biasa.saat gerakan dengan penuh semangat dimainkanRead More →

how to free Earns without any works daily 5$ t0 30 $ How can you start making money without any works with sort links 3 way,s free earning for example links sharing social media or other,s and affiliate programs. first crested a Account any web site shrink a links post any wen blog. Signup today now?  More free earning to visit now this links. Tahnk you.Read More →

Cherry buah yang tumbuh liar di hutan-hutan atau pun dekat rawa-rawa. pohon Cherry termasuk jenis tumbuhan yang mudah di jumpai karena bisa tumbuh di mana saja. banyak kasiat untuk obat-obatan namun banyak yang belum tau tentang itu. sobat stishit kalau ada yang tau mamfaat buat Cherry mohon share lah sama teman-teman stishit semua semoga bermamfaat dan sekaligus bisa beramal.Read More →

Guppy is also known as Fish. The most widely traveled tropical fish in the world. Because of its small, colorful and easy-to-use, it is known to the aquarium-lovers. The natural limit of Guppy is found in the North-East of South America, nowadays in different countries. They are highly adaptable. May be alive in different conditions and conditions. Guppy generally lives three to five years in captivity and lives less than the wild environment. Guppy consumesRead More →

Pelaminan adalah tempat yang sudah di hias sedemikian rupa dan di jadikan tempat duduk pengantin atau orang sering menyebutnya raja sehari. sungguh menjad suatu kebanggaan apabila eorang pria atau wanita mampu menyiapkan Pelamin yang bagus dan mewah, namun tidak semua orang mampu melakukan itu. tapi mareka juga menyesuaikan dengan kemampuannya. yang terpenting acara bisa sukses dengan baik.Read More →

Kari kambing merupakan salah satu makanan (sayur) kari yang hampir semua warung nasi di Aceh Menyediakan kari kambing. kari kambin ini juga menjadi salah satu ciri khas makanan yang ada di Aceh. hampir semua masyarakat Aceh pernah merasakan sayur kari kambing ini.di setiap daerah di Aceh Cara Memasak Kari Kambing memiliki ciri khas masing-masing. sehingga rasanya pun berbeda-beda akan tetapi kenikmatan tetap bisa dinikmati.Read More →

Waduk atau tempat penampungan air adalah sarana bagi masyarakat yang berada di perdesaan untuk penampungan air yang akan mareka gunakan untuk mengairi sawah mareka. pitu air mareka buka setiap mareka merasa kekurangan air untuk sawah maupun kebun mareka. pintu air atau waduk kebutuhan pertanian yang sangat didambakan masyarakat untuk memenuhi kebutuhan air saat mareka bercocok tanam.Read More →

Tempat wisata yang indah bukan cuma alami tapi dapat juga tempat wisata buatan yang dijadikan suatu tempat rekreasi dan dapat memanjakan mata kita untuk lebih fress. suatu daerah akan menjadi sarana wisata yang menarik walaupun daerah tersebut tidak memiliki alam yang indah namun pemerintah daerah bisa membuat tempat-tempat atau bagunan-bagunan yang memiliki nilai seni tinggi sehingga dapat menjadikan destinasi wisata.Read More →

Hai sobat SteemThat kali ini saya perkenalkan Jam Gandang yang terkenal di padang kebetulan saya sempat berkunjung kesana. Jam gadang ini dibagun pada Tahun 1926 sebagai hadiah dari Ratu Belanda kepada Rook Maker, yaitu sekretaris atau controleur saat ini Kota Bukit Tinggi pada masa pemerintahan Hindia Belanda. menara jam ini dirancang oleh Arsitektur yang bernama Yazid Abidin Rajo Mangkuto. peletakan batu pertama dilakukan oleh putra Rook Maker yang masih berusia enam tahun. dan menghabiskan biayaRead More →

Training Participants conducted by WWF Indonesia for principals and teachers whose schools are selected as environmentally-friendly and environmentally-friendly schools receive training in sustainable development by WWF Indonesia so that principals and teachers are more skilled in managing environmentally friendly development in the future whose purpose is to save the earth in the future. Participants are seriously concerned about and designing future development concepts that they dream about and fulfill people’s lives in line with futureRead More →

Hello everyone I´m writting this post post because i have too much doubst about the steemish cryptocurrency concept.   first of all i will like to know if i can trade it by any other crypto currency on the market. if i can exchange it for steempower. if i can withraw it. if there is anyone who can help me i will appreciated.Read More →