SECRETS EXPOSED: Tyrant Magers threatens first amendment auditor James Freeman | Bowie Texas Police

This is a video that is the culmination of several cameras, police body cams, security cameras, and there may be some police dashcams.  Of course you have James Freeman’s videos and the audio tapes from the police dispatch.  I am sure it is a hassle to try and get the cops to give up anything, especially in this case.  Well, let me introduce Justin Pulliam.  He is the person that did all the leg work and then put it all together.  Which he did an excellent job.  It gives us an inside look and behind the scenes.  Normally, I will share these videos as “micro blogs” on the “Social Blog” but this one needs to get more views because Justin put some time and effort into this and I want to encourage him to do more videos like this.  I am not sure if there will be anymore videos based on this audit, but we will see.  Be sure to give this video a thumbs-up and subscribe to Justin’s channel.  #Stradog in Gun Barrel City, Texas


This is from the Content Creator, Justin Pulliam

Tyrant Officer Paul Magers of the Bowie Texas Police Department threatens first amendment activist James Freeman during a viral audit. Want to see more content like this? Please Like, Subscribe and Support. I was shocked as I watched the video live. This video includes multiple bodycam angles, police radio, reports, and 911/emergency calls. This “behind the blue wall” leaked information exposes and provides rare insight into the motivations and methods abusive police forces use to attack law-abiding activists. You can help hold government accountable. Contact [email protected] Obtaining “public” information from hostile governments is expensive. But you can help make a difference. With your contribution of $5, $10 or more, I will be able to uncover new police abuses: https://www.paypal.me/JRPulliam Subscribe to James Freeman, one of the leading liberty activists in the county, and watch the original video here: https://youtu.be/k83b9GoPBKQ (Anti bullying | Asserting rights and defending against bullies | Bowie Police Department) Read more about Civil Asset Seizure: https://www.texastribune.org/2018/12/…

**** Get the right equipment to start auditing your government and public servants like a pro: Cannon Camcorder: https://amzn.to/2PrbAlq 20,000 milliamp portable battery charger: https://amzn.to/2QkQk6o Camera stabilizer handle grip with phone mount: https://amzn.to/2QlSF0D Digital voice recorder: https://amzn.to/2PuAZeh

**** After being abused, shot, and stabbed by a tyrant sheriff, Jim Bowie (namesake of the City of Bowie) vowed always to carry the knife—for which he became famous for—used to kill the sheriff in self-defense. Jim Bowie was a revolutionary who stood up to abusive tyrants. As the Mexican army marched to San Antonio to take the Alamo, Bowie came “to the solemn resolution that we will rather die in these ditches than give it up to the enemy.” And so he did. But not without laying the groundwork for the eventual defeat of Santa Anna. “The salvation of Texas depends in great measure on keeping Béxar out of the hands of the enemy. It serves as the frontier picquet guard, and if it were in the possession of Santa Anna, there is no stronghold from which to repel him in his march toward the Sabine.” Today, it is apparent that Bowie, Texas is ruled by tyrants disrespecting the legacy of Jim Bowie. As the Alamo once again is falling (this time by the political establishment of Texas), instead of taking a stand, Bowie teamed up with Leon Valley—the abusive enemy with hands on Bexar County—to further its attack on the modern Texas revolutionaries.

***Links to source material***

Officer Magers Full Bodycam: https://youtu.be/DAa6bOy7UfA

Deputy Miller Full Bodycam: https://youtu.be/M6-8MNy5qJM

Officer Stone Full Bodycam: https://youtu.be/_VcnpU_ujwY

Deputy Pelton Call Flood: https://youtu.be/gBgtOjhimes

Ron Denton tattletale call: https://youtu.be/ASPdEDdkaUs

James Freeman video: https://youtu.be/k83b9GoPBKQ

Its My Right

The Beginning of Open Carry Texas

I don’t remember exactly when I was contacted and asked to become a member of the Texas Leaders Coalition for Gun Rights, but I jumped at the opportunity to represent Texas Revolution.  It also led to me deciding to run for the Texas House of Representatives in 2014.  I marched in numerous Open Carry Texas and Come And Take It walks around Texas. I have included what CJ Grisham wrote about this video and CJ continues to work to change the laws of Texas.  He also continues to promote Constitutional Carry and conducts 2nd Amendment Audits across Texas.  If you see a guy riding a bicycle with a long gun on his back that is probably CJ.

CJ Grisham tells his story 

Click the link above to see the video.

This is the complete footage of my illegal arrest back in March 2013. While on a hike with my 15-year old son out in the country, I was approached by Temple PD Officer Steve Ermis. When Ermis didn’t like the answer to one of my questions, he decided to take my lawfully carried weapon without asking or notification. At no time did Ermis explain to me that I was under investigation of any sort. At the moment Ermis grabbed my personal rifle, I instinctively reacted by retaining the weapon. This momentary reaction is what prosecutors claim “interfered with the duties of a public servant” at trial. After the officer threw me onto the hood of the car, still without explaining the charges against me or why I was being disarmed, I refused to comply with unlawful orders to have my hands cuffed until I was certain I could get a record of the illegal arrest. I was initially arrested for “resisting arrest,” but that was changed several times until they could find something that would stick. The first trial ended in a mistrial, but corrupt county attorney Jim Nichols was determined to teach me a lesson. During the second corrupt trial, on November 19, 2013, a jury of six members found me “guilty” of this Class B misdemeanor when they were not allowed to consider self-defense as a motive for my actions. The judge in the case, retired Harris County Judge Neel Richardson, was heavily biased in the case, calling me and my family “local yokels” and telling prosecutors and defense attorneys that if he had his way he would “put them all in jail and teach them how to be good parents.” This explains why only 30% of his peers rated him an “excellent” judge in 2001, the year he retired. In fact, in order for the county to secure their guilty verdict, they had to bring up this judge all the way from Harris County because no judges in Bell County would take the case. Corrupt County Attorney Jim Nichols was rabid about finding any charge they could get to stick and then finding a judge that would go along with his efforts to protect an abusive police officer. This video is time-sequenced. It begins with the dashcam footage from the arresting officer. The video that pops up to the right is at the moment I turns on his camera to record, giving the view two points of view. The third video is the dashcam footage of Sergeant Tom Menix, the supervisor for Ermis. Notice at 08mins 08secs when they go to the back of the patrol car that Ermis unplugs his microphone, violating TPD policy. This accounts for the terrible audio heard in the back of the car on Ermis’ dashcam, but the audio is still captured on Sergeant Menix’s microphone. On November 19, 2013, a six member jury found me guilty of “interfering with public duties” and fined me $2000. I lost on appeal due to an obscure SCOTUS ruling about post facto probable cause. If you’d like to contribute to this fight, please send donation via Paypal to [email protected]

Celebrating Labor Day in America

Labor Day in the United States is a public holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. It honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws, and well-being of the country. It is the Monday of the long weekend known as Labor Day Weekend and it is considered the unofficial end of summer in the United States. It is recognized as a federal holiday.

Reflecting back on my Navy days at sea, I recall sailing on the Navy’s tin cans – Frigates and Destroyers – and at times in seas so rough that the entire bow of the ship would disappear before it rose mightely out of the water again, and again. I can remember seas so heavy that, if they were 40ft high, they could have easily been every bit of 50ft. The ship would plunge and shudder from bow to stern, and we always trudged on and got the job done. This Labor Day, we are all reminded of the hurdles and struggles over the course of our working lives, and celebrate in our annual national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

This day, we will be heading to one of Guam’s local beach parks for a Government of Guam sanctioned Labor Day Fiesta where Government Employees prepare a traditional island feast for the public’s enjoyment. There will be many people and much free food and drink to joy.

Sail on everyone, there’s more work to be done! Have a safe and happy Labor Day! ~ RL

End of Merkel

Source: zerohedge.com

Has the German people had enough of the chancellor’s policies towards the waves of migrants entering Germany?  It appears so, a lawmaker from Merkel’s own party said she may be ousted by the end of the week as the CSU broke off its alliance with her CDU coalition.

The chancellor’s open door policy has been disliked by the German populous for years.  When Merkel vetoed a plan to control and reduce the flow of immigrants this weekend, this might have been the last straw.  Since the influx began, the country’s crime rate increased and a majority of the violent crimes are tied to the migrant population.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer proposed plan was to allow the boarder police the right to turn back migrants without identity papers or those whom are already registered elsewhere in the European Union.  The plan also suggests to replace an existing EU rule and allow Germany to deport asylum seekers back to the first EU state they entered.  Undoubtly this would reduced the amount of migrants now living in Germany but it will not resolve the migration problem in toto.

Merkel has taken the position that Seehofer’s plan is too restrictive.  Merkel’s own coalition has questioned her liberal open door policy.

The Steemit Defence League is stopping the top trolls fake ‘abuse reporters’ and I have decided to help them!

There are more and more victims targeted by these fake ‘abusers reporters’ listed on the Steemit Defence League webpage: Steemit Defence League https://justpaste.it/1jpbl See the screencopy below.

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These silly ‘abusers reporters’ report abusers but their acts show they are the top Steemit abusers.


Since they are flagged and reported by the Steemit Defence League they cry like bad little boys, posting pictures of them crying on the floor! They wanted the war, they have the war. So, stop crying bad boys! You deserve a punishment for being bad:


More seriously, I have decided to give my account to the Steemit Defence League to help them fighting these abusers.

Good luck to honest members with these f***g abusers harassers!

The picture is not displayed correctly.. Try to copy its link and view it in your browser.



I have a dream, small one

IHAVE sunshinethatmakesmyday.png 

Image designed by me using free photo on Canva.comDoes anyone here know what are these flowers below? It’s really popular in Vietnam, especially in summer time (a.k.a graduational season, because it’s time everyone finish their study or graduate from schools ). Not very sure sure how do people call it in English, but in Vietnamese we call “Phuong” flower. There is even a city which is named by this flowers, because it is planted all over that city. Summer time is usually hot, but the red color from those flowers make the summer even hotter.


Image SourceSurprisingly, since I moved to this city in the Middle East, I have seen it too, YES, I can’t even imagine. I’m surprised, I’m shocked when the first time I was riding in a metro and saw it in every meters in the city. It has been made me homesick everytime when summer comes. Red, and beautiful.

When I was somewhere in secondary school, I loved, I mean I was SO passionate about drawing. I draw anime’s characters, cartoons, pokemons, super heroes da da da almost everything. My brother and my dad they were good at drawing too, even their handwriting look amazing. And me, well, like father, like son. HAHA

So, I drew when I was in class, I drew for a girl that I liked, I drew when I was doing homework…I loved it so much. I even dreamt of becoming a architecture or industrial designer when I was in those silly years.

Eventually, one day a teacher called my parents and said I didn’t study well, my marks were terrible, I drew too much in class and I need to stop. They got so angry, shouting. I was scared and weak and not able to defend to what I love. And my dream was burnt into ashes from that day.

Few days back I saw @shortcut and his amazing post about sketching, click to that link and you will see my comment at the bottom. And he said that he exercises to sketch everyday? I got a weird feelings in my mind: sketching, drawing, art, dream…

Then I got to know a contest, that I can feel free to use anything to create a clipart about a basket of flowers. I don’t know, I didn’t think. I gave it a shot. There you go, my first exhibition online:

DQmWy5KmNTS7Hg5XFLzV5C3H1Ex8B27vXJbgRBB4WwK2ag3_1680x8400.pngYou know, what you don’t see behind this silly sketching, I’ve done it for the first time since ages. I felt accomplished, I feel something more, I want to do it again. I lit my dream a little bit, again after I don’t know how long it was.
But I guess art doesn’t relate to age. It was a good start, and probably, it’s a good time to start another tiny dream from the scratch again.

Trump Stomps Brown

Source: rwnofficial.com

Brown the governor of California, was the last of the Governors to respond to the President’s request to send their National Guard troops to the Mexican boarder. On top of dissing the President’s order by waiting for the last moment to respond, he furthered his opposition by restricting the CA guards to combating criminal gangs, human traffickers and illegal firearm smuggling. He adamantly stated that he does not want them involved in stopping the flow of illegal aliens.

Brown has a history of being in opposition to the Trump administration, his most recent defiant act was to try and make California a sanctuary state. Since his brazen move, several cities have revolted against his order. Shortly after Trump started his war on illegal immigration, Brown ordered the state’s police to ignore orders to report illegals to the INS and to refuse to assist in detaining them.

Trump responded to Brown’s terms “Governor Jerry Brown announced he will deploy ‘up to 400 National Guard Troops’ to do nothing.’ (sic) The crime rate in California is high enough, and the Federal Government will not be paying for Governor Brown’s charade. We need border security and action, not words!”.

What motivates you in life?

I think you can be motivated in life (i) when you are afraid, or (ii) when you are in love. These are the two important forces that compel you to do, to take action.

When we are afraid, for example, of failure, we use all our energies to be successful, to achieve our aims and goals. When we are in love, we make efforts to do everything for our loved ones. We are excited about everything, and chase our dreams with motivation. We can truly love others only when we love ourselves, and to love ourselves, we need to be happy first. A depressed person does not love his/ her life, so they cannot love others; they are in extreme despair. In this world, no body is perfect, and we have to love ourselves and all our incompleteness.

I like this statement by John Lennon about fear and love and how it affects life.

“There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.”

Image source

Love is important!

Life would be very difficult if there is no love in it. Humans are called social animals, and the reason is that every human being needs another human being; One cannot live alone. If one does, it will make them depressed. It has also been shown in research that loneliness can lead to major depression and even suicide.

Life is difficult, and to deal with day to day hassels, one needs emotional support from their loved ones. If you have your loved one near you, you will feel secure, and only then you will be successful.

As Louise Erdrich rightly said…


“Life will break you. Nobody can protect you from that, and living alone won’t either, for solitude will also break you with its yearning. You have to love. You have to feel. It is the reason you are here on earth. You are here to risk your heart. You are here to be swallowed up. And when it happens that you are broken, or betrayed, or left, or hurt, or death brushes near, let yourself sit by an apple tree and listen to the apples falling all around you in heaps, wasting their sweetness. Tell yourself you tasted as many as you could.”

Image Source

Sweden Distributes ‘Be Prepared For War’ Leaflets

Source: theguardian.com

The Swedish government is sending leaflets to its entire population, a leaflet telling them what to do in the event of war. It explains how to secure basic needs like food, water and shelter. It provides locations of bomb shelters and how each citizen can contribute to the country’s defense.

It ludicrously states “Although Sweden is safer than many other countries, there are sill threats to our security and independence”. It comes with pictures for the refugees so they can be safe.

The leaflet was in response to the rising tensions among countries especially Russia and North Korea. Since Sweden has not been involved in a war for the past 200 hundred years the government felt obliged to offer the citizens some information to help them prepare.

Springfield Armory Severs Ties With Dick’s

Source: thefederalist.com

Springfield Armory is a manufacturer of handguns and rifles. It was established by George Washington in 1777 to aid in the Revolutionary War efforts. Due to Dick’s announcement that is hiring lobbyists to focus on gun control legislation, the armory has severed all ties with them.

Dick’s has retained three lobbyists to push congress to restrict the Second Amendment. Subsequent to the Florida shooting, Dick’s suspended the sales of assault guns and recently made the decision to remove and destroy all modern sporting rifles from their inventory.

Dick’s also owns some Field & Stream stores which are still selling the Ruger Mini 14 despite the company’s policy on banning sales of assault rifles. The Ruger is a semi automatic rifle using 5.56/.223 ammunition.

Source: thefederalist.com

China Enforces Social Credit Score

Source: naturalnews.com

China first made mention of their new idea to create a ‘social credit system’ in 2014, They are expecting to have it fully operational by 2020. The system will work to monitor a person’s activities, not just limited to purchases and financial transaction but this system will be more encompassing.

Liu Hu is a Chinese journalist who was barred from booking a flight, he was informed that he was on a list of ‘untrustworthy’ people. He believes that he made the list due to a court action regarding a series of tweets he authored. He further discovered that not only is he barred from flying, he is prevented from buying property and he will not be able to enroll his children into a private school.

As the program progresses more of the people’s activities are being added to the list of things being monitored. As the list grows, the people are feeling more oppressed and more hesitant on what they do or say. As surreal as it seems, it appears uncannily like what was depicted in the movie ‘The Minority Report’.

ISIS Targets CNN, NASA and Federal Reserve

Source: intellihub.com

Have the tables turned, ISIS once seemingly working with governments which were bent on creating havoc have changed their targets to organizations also working to disseminate false narratives to destabilize the countries of the world.

Yes this is speculative as it has not been proven exactly whom created ISIS. But we can see clearly their purpose by watching their actions. It has been rumored that the CIA was responsible for their creation but it hasn’t been substantiated.

In Indonesia, local ISIS supporters passed out flyers inferring that CNN, NASA and the US financial system are satanic. The flyer has a picture of a militant with ‘Allahu Akbar’ written over their head and the militant is firing a machine gun at what appears to be the belly of the beast. There are logo targets representing the United Nations, the Federal Reserve Bank, Universal Studios, CNN, NATA, NASA and the US dollar.

Could it be that they are turning against their companions. As we have witnessed, ISIS has not shown any hesitation in acting on their missions in the past. So it should only be a matter of a short time before we see what their intentions are.

Source: intellihub.com


The element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought.
“a lot of thoughts ran through my mind

This 2 Steps Shows how to use your mind as powerful weapon image
Find a quite ,safe and comfortable place
you can use your bedroom as long as you comfortable , turnoff the light close your eyes, and spend a minute mentally making request for what you really want in d decla rative sense
with the feeling as if it has already been done.

:you have to imaging your request as it happens ,then spend some minutes imagining the strong positive feelings you will have upon completing your project or achieving your desire. How do you feel when you not only complete that project, but also complete it ahead of the deadline, to great critical acclaim of your bosses? Imagine the sheer happiness and that powerful sense of achievement and pride. Imagine the admiration of everyone around you—then own these feelings as if these things have already happened. Swim in these positive feelings for two minutes, revel in them, feel them in every fiber of your being. Then stop, go to sleep, and let it go.,Thanks for reading



It was bad enough that the president spoke in an international event where other nationalities were present, It was bad that President would speak so of younger Nigerians who put their lives on the line to install buhari goverment I am not surprised to see that kind of statement coming out from the mouth of so called President, because the government does not believe in the Nigerian youths from inception.

“If you look at the arrangement, the appointment, and how the government relates with the youths of this country, you will see that they do not have respect for the Nigerian youths despite the contributions of the youths. We put our lives on the line to fight against the previous government but when it comes to sharing the goodies of government, the youths are nowhere to be found.
“We are completely disappointed in Buhari
Nigerians its time we fight for our rights, let vote right let vote for the right person,
President buhari is not worthy of our vote
Let us show him we are not lazy.
Despite the hard working of the youth !

This is the picture of the jobless people hawking on the street yet our president says we are LAZY!!
2019 is another oppourtunity Lets vote out Buhari and Vote in the the right person
NOTE; Our vote is our power

Trump Orders Strikes on Damascus

Is this the beginning of what was foretold in Isaiah? The verse is Isaiah 17

“The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap. The cities of Aroer are forsaken: they shall be for flocks, which shall lie down, and none shall make them afraid. The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdon from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the golry of the children of Israel, saith the Lord of hosts”.
Source: Chapter 17 verses 1 – 3 KJV

Note: You who are inquistive might consider reading the entire chapter. It is very profound and worth the time and effort to read.

Tweets are being posted with photos showing explosions in the city and plumes of smoke rising from the town. Some of the captions read

“Witnesses are reporting explosions heard in Damascus, including residential areas, although the first wave of US, UK and French attacks is allegedly targeting the following: Republican Guard headquarters, Military airbases and Chemical weapon production sites”.

“Civilian casualties are being reported in Damascus as at least 2 residential areas have been struck by the US lead force’s missiles. At least 4 dead in one of the strikes.”

President Trump has now confirmed that in a combined operation with France and UK, a military strike is now under way against Syria, he stated

“A short time ago, I ordered the United States Armed Forces to launch precision strikes on targets associated with the chemical weapons capabilities of Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad.”

Will this go hot, I hope not but as for myself I will be asking for guidance though prayer.

Source: twitter.com

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Copyright Videos tricks 2018 for YouTube channels

4-Nature-Wallpapers-2014-1_ukaavUI.jpgHi there guys and welcome to tube machanics where I use my screncapture videos to show you the tools that …will make building and growing your channel a breezeIn todays video we are going to be looking at how to use other peoples videos on youtube without being …ponish by youtube copyright stirke.Here is a video I created and used a short video clip from one of the videos of a channel …called slow motion guys… the aim was to show the effect of slow motion since the video was about how …to play youtube videos in slowmotion and then with the hope of linking back to the original video.I thought at the time that by using just this short clip not a greater potion of it adding some …value to it and by using my own voice over will save me from copyright strike.Well as you can see I was wrong…. when you click for more details about the strike you will see …here it says the strike is because of visual content.To cut the long story short, since then I have learned my leason, I now know exactly were to get …videos to download and tweek a little to reuse on my videos.Now if you have been in the same situation or you are simply looking for extra video content that other …people havealready created to remix on your next new video then stay tuned for that and much more coming up.On youtube creative common video library you will find tons of videos you can use. what you should also understand …here is that when you just download and reupload the same video, sometimes you can still get a copyright strike.we will talk about that a little later in this video.But first to get to this page you have to be logged in to your youtube channel click on the …icon image on the top right of the page and then on creator studioOn the left side menu sroll down and click on the create tab and then on video editor.On the video editor page click on the creative common sign here . Now you can use the search bar …hee to search for the type of video you want to use.You are allowed to use any video here for your video creation. You can remix the video right here on …youtube by using the video editor tool hereYou can also download the video and use on any video editing tool. To downlod the video simply right click …on the video and copy the url linkOpen the video on a new page Go to the url on your brwoser and just after the dot type …in ss and hit the enter button on your keyboard.that will take you to this online service were you can eaily download the video.Now you can not just turn arround and upload the exact video thinking you will not get a strike for …it. You have to tweek it a little before uploading on your channel if you want to avoid the strike.Here are a few ways to do that. 1 By reducing the size of the videoChnaging the audio of the video…if you want to use the music audio make sure to cross check its copyright …policy. You can find a video that will show you how to to do that by clicking on the card …icon on the top right.Cutting and remixing the video slidesSO THERE you have it how to use other peoples videos on youtube without any copy right strike. Not I …will like to know in the comment area if you have used any of the creative common videos on youtube …and what were your challengesDont also forget to give this video a thumbs up and also share it to your friends on other social …media sites.If you are new to this channel make to subscribe for more tube mechanic videos like this every tuesdays and …thursdays of the week.
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Exciting Times!! My Brand New 5 Track EP is out now! ‘Never Grow Old’ by Darren Claxton on Bandcamp!

Hi Music Fans!

The digital age has been truly revolutionary, and as a musician I’ve found it to be a priceless outlet for my music. So without further adieu, MY EP is out NOW!!!
You can get it exclusively on Bandcamp


Here’s the track listing and links where you can read more about each song.


Track 1 – Was It Right
Track 2 – Slowed By Notes
Track 3 – Dragonfly
Track 4 – Lights
Track 5 – Never Grow Old

You Can Download ‘Never Grow Old’ Here At Bandcamp

The cover photo for the EP is of me and my son talking by a wishing well. This beautiful moment inspired the track ‘Dragonfly’ we sat and soaked up the atmosphere a while before he asked ‘Daddy, what are those pennies in there?’ I answered gently with ‘Those are peoples wishes son’

There will also be a rare opportunity to own a copy of the ‘Never Grow Old’ EP on CD which will be signed by yours truly. There’s only a very limited number of copies available, because they’re rather costly to produce! I can send these via Airmail if needs be, in a secured padded envelope, so they can reach you across the globe!

I really really appreciate the support of this amazing community @steemit and @dsound @dtube and @discord.
@prc gets a special mention for his ongoing championing of my music!
To ALL of my @helpie family for just being brilliant human beans and keeping me positive!!!
I’d also like to that the rest of this community that listen, comment, up-vote and share my music. And of course @mspwaves and @sma for letting me crash their radio shows and jam occasionally!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and for your continuos support of my music!

Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting – I’m a Physical History Hunter –

Metal Detecting – I’m a Physical History Hunter –


This is my favourite little toy car that I’ve found – Circa 1930’s.

Early in 2014 I found myself in a really dark depressed place after unfortunately, having a major breakdown. There were many triggers and reasons for this and I’d just been suppressing them all until they finally erupted into a volcanic collection of anxieties, self doubts and fear.

So the story continues, and I find myself sitting on my beloved safety net (the sofa) and settling down to this new programme on BBC4 called, ‘Detectorists’. It was amazing! I didn’t really know the first thing about this geeky, nerdy hobby and had only ever seen some old geezers walking across farmland, head down swinging a strange looking stick that resembled some kind of giant sink plunger.
And there I was, hooked, imagining the treasure that could be lost in the mud and wondering ‘I need to get me one of these things and head out Treasure Hunting’
So I did. I logged onto ‘everyone’s’ favourite place for bargains – EBay, and bought my first proper metal detector! Secondhand, well used but a total bargain at £200! I was so excited, I couldn’t wait for the postman to deliver my new Tesoro Cortes treasure wand and pin-pointer.


Tesoro Cortes

Garrett Pro-pointer Ii. Pin-pointing Metal Detector

Garrett Pinpointer

I continued to indulge myself in Detectorists and set about Google to find out more. There were certain laws and regulations that I needed to abide by, and, with my job I cannot risk any kind of legalities etc. I bought very own NCMD – National Council For Metal Detecting licence for £8 and actually left the house! I’d not been out for weeks and I was finally feeling like I had some motivation. How weird? something that was totally foreign to me had got me excited for the fist time in months, got me out of the house and knocking on local landowners doors. The second farm I visited granted me indefinite permission to go digging on his 100 acres of land, as long as I made sure to fill all holes after I’d dug and, bought him a bottle of single malt Whiskey now and then. ‘It’s a deal’ I said excitingly and trundled off home.
My new detector arrived a few days later and the rest they say, is history! literally, history.

My first finds from the back garden! Now I was really hooked!

Here’s some information about the show ‘Detectorists’ if you fancy checking it out. You can also find it on good old YouTube too.

Detectorists is an absolute gem of TV treasure. This program first aired back in 2014 much to the delight of Metal Detectorists far and wide. For a while it seemed like there was never going to be a show that brilliantly depicts our much loved, and very popular hobby.Both stars Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones are very well known actors who have starred in some huge blockbusters – Pirates Of The Caribbean (Crook) and The Hunger Games (Jones) are usually busy on other more glamorous Hollywood projects. So, especially as it’s written and directed by Crook I’m overjoyed they’ve made time for another series. Enjoy it people, as sadly this is due to be the last.

Image result for detectorists

I try to get out digging and physical history hunting whenever I can. I’ve met loads of like minded and really passionate history hunters since starting this wonderful hobby, and also gained a huge bank of historical knowledge about the people that once graced these shores.

One of my first military finds was this Royal Marine Labour Corps badge.


I researched this for days, and had found myself in a rather unusual happier place? looking for clues of what it might be? I’m not really into wars and fighting being a pacifist but, I was really intrigued to what it could be…and Hey Presto! I found this info!

Here’s some really interesting finds from the past few years, and some are even recorded with the Portable Antiquity Scheme, which enables other historians and Archaeologists to research their own finds and pieces of history that was once ‘Lost In The Mud’.

DENO-C6E263: Post-medieval toy horn book

This was found 5 miles from my home in a farmers field that had been ploughed and worked for the past 400 years!
It has now been recorded on the national database.

Unique ID:** DENO-C6E263

An incomplete lead alloy tablet of the Post Medieval period, dating from c. AD 1500 – c. AD 1700.

It is is part of a miniature horn-book showing the English alphabet. About 75 % of the rectangular tablet is present, the lower left corner is broken off. Any frame or handle that may have been fitted is missing. The letters are raised and the alphabet is split over four lines reading; A b c d e f / g h I k L m/ [n o] P q r s / [v] WXY
The letter J is not included, suggesting that the horn-book predates the publication of Charles Butler’s English Grammar (1633) which first distinguished between I and J.
The letter Z is also missing (or not placed at the end.) As it is very uncommon in Latin, it was sometimes omitted from children’s alphabets.
The reverse is blank except for a series of incised parallel lines running vertically from top to bottom, dividing the rectangle into seven more or less equal columns.
The object measures 33 mm by 41.5 mm and is 2 mm thick. It weighs 16.2 g.

Next is this Queen Victoria silver coin collection pair – One shilling 1866 and sixpence
Please note – Never clean coins with anything other than warm water and an old toothbrush as this can completely devalue them.

Here’s a Sterling .925 silver bracelet that I found a while back. it was almost 10 inches deep in the middle of a field and came out looking like this after a gentle water bath.
I have not found out any info as of yet but I’m guessing 1920’s possibly earlier.

This coin is a large gun money half-crown (or thirty pence, hence XXX above the crown) which was issued by James II from about June 1689 until May 1690.** **This issue was superseded in April 1690 by a smaller coin of similar design which lasted until October 1690. The later coins were struck in Limerick as the Dublin mint was captured after the Battle of the Boyne in July 1690 and closed.


A small collection of finds from the 11th -18th century


Here’s another collection of finds from a few months ago.
This was 4 hours out walking and hunting with a group of fellow detectorists.



This was just a small selection from my large finds collection that I’ve ammased over the past 4 years.
I have so many finds that I could ramble on all day about them! I’ll be sure to post some more blogs about my world of detecting over the spring and summer months as the weather warms.

Thanks for reading, commenting, up-voting and sharing.
I hope you found some value in my post.



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How’s Your Steemit Journey So Far? – Are You Glad You Signed Up?


Hello my fellow #plankton, #newbies and #minnows and other larger ocean dwellers!

steemit (2).jpg

This is now my 3rd month on #steemit and I must say it’s been an interesting and very insightful platform of discovery, full of mainly, great quality content and frankly, lovely, creative and helpful people.

So here’s a massive thanks to all the ones that have supported me and my music, tolerated my hyperactive ramblings and quirky ways! 


(Let’s get the negatives out the way first)
Apologies for repeating what has already been said a thousand times regarding this subject but, I’d like to have a little rant to get it off my chest.


There are however, the #plagiarist types among us that think, a simple #copyandpaste with a crappy photo is still an acceptable way of making some #money on #steemit, but thanks to @cheetah bot and the respected users among us, they will be continuously unearthed I’m sure, as well as being flagged by us all that are completely against this ‘anti-creative’ and frankly, irritating shennaigans.


It’s such a simple task to credit the great resources that #google have to offer, by simply adding [Source] Followed by the url to your post inside brackets () 

Thanks to @LLFarms for helping me with this!

Now, I may be wrong with my understanding of this but, think I’m kind of right? so please bare with me.
There are of course,  the other account holders, which seem to have invested huge sums of money in Steem (I wish) that then post 1 picture with a 4 lined paragraph about ‘How nice the view is out of the window’ and somehow, get loads of up-votes and a healthy SBD payday to boot!


The last few weeks have been tough for me.  I was really flagging with all the late nights spent on here and #discord, trying to battle with my own Mental health issues and ridiculous paranoia, working full time in my tutor job with special needs children, and trying to get them through their mock exams, being a father, networking, researching and creating music content for my blog, in the hope that someone with a big influence here could give me a much needed boost and take me under their whale fin.


I’m pleased to say, it did happen, and why did it? for ease, to help me out? why should they? they must of started out as a tiny plankton in this huge ocean that is Steemit when it all started in 2016. Is it that I write decent songs? Or is it because, I take the time to comment on my posts comments left by others?  dip in and out of discord chats? speak to like minded people here?  because after all, it is a social portal and social means to COMMUNICATE with others and COMMUNITY. The sharing of ideas and involving yourself to create some worth is of such importance on Steemit.


Then, on Sunday 11th March I was directed to a web page that I thought was Steemit. In fact, it was a mirror image of Steemit called Steewit

Please do not use your master password to login anywhere because, IT’S A BLOODY NIGHTMARE TRYING TO GET YOUR ACCOUNT BACK.

I wrote a blog all about this on my @darrenclaxton page the day my new account was set up my my good friend @meno

Thanks to my #helpie family here on Steemit for getting me back to where I was with my old @mrbloom account.

I’ve gone from 25 rep to 56 rep in just 14 days which is no mean feat! It’s such a positive reminder for me,  and other new users,  how posting genuine time spent content is of such importance. My music has obviously created some connections and emotive feelings in others,  for them to be so generous and helpful in supporting my journey here.


Isn’t life weird? I mean, let’s compare and contrast here for a moment? Your bank account is hacked, they have your login details, they change them so you are unable to access your hard earned cash. This happens whilst you’re asleep so have  only idea how much has been transferred to some random account on the other side of the planet. So the question remains, would a total stranger set up a new bank account for you and deposit 50 quid (slang for GBP pounds) in there? just to ‘Get you back on your feet’



Would they continue to support you emotionally and keep you feeling positive etc? The answer is a big fat NO! And that is why, my friends, I absolutely love this place! I’d like to think there are other brilliant people out there like our #helpienaut family ? that would support their fellow #steemians if this awful hacking business ever happened to one of their fellow users.




Then I see this tree the other day whilst out walking with my family. It had forced it’s way through the slats of that bench, and I thought to myself, ‘the struggle is real, life is tough, you must remain resilient in an ever changing world which is full of twists, turns and struggles…this tree endeavoured to grow, to push through no matter what and just kept trying to succeed and survive! and that is now how I think of Steemit,  a challenge, some crazy social experiment, a game and frankly, something to look forward to each day.


Thanks for reading my post!
I wanted to just say that, you’re not alone on your steemit journey and that I have total empathy for you if you’re only getting minimal comments, votes and payouts. Those few cents or bucks for our hard earned efforts will pay off in the end…I’m hopeful, and so should you be.

Use the bots on www.steembottracker.com if you want to increase your post visibility, some frown upon this but I really don’t see a problem if used appropriately for good content.


Points to remember:

  • Take your time to post good quality content
  • Credit others when using Google resources
  • Be kind, considerate and helpful
  • Remember why you signed up
  • Stay motivated and focussed
  • Avoid plagarism at every opportunity
  • Sign up to Discord
  • And most importantly of all, HAVE FUN and make friends,  not enemies.

Thanks again and please feel free to leave me a comment, vote or re-steem if you enjoyed this post.


Oakland Mayor Complicity

Last month Oakland mayor, Libby Schaaf informed illegal immigrants of a planned secret raid being staged by ICE. According to ICE officials, her actions allow for the escape of as many as 800 illegal immigrants. She later tweeted her reasons for getting out the word, below is the tweet.

Libby Schaaf

Verified account

Follow Follow @LibbySchaaf
I do not regret sharing this information. It is Oakland’s legal right to be a sanctuary city and we have not broken any laws. We believe our community is safer when families stay together.

She may have to eat a little crow as three of the illegal immigrants whom avoided capture didn’t follow through making the city safer. They have been re-arrested for new crimes.

After her actions she was lambasted by Trump as well as Sessions. Per Sessions, “How dare you! How dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical, open borders agenda”. Trump said “What the mayor of Oakland did the other day was a disgrace”. Trump also contemplated pulling ICE from California.

Regarding the three arrested, one was a Mexican national arrested for robbery and gun crimes whom was released despite an ICE detainer request. Another was a Mexican national whom was arrested for DUI, he was deported three times and had a prior conviction for false imprisonment, DUI and battery of a spouse. The third was a Mexican national who was arrested for corporal injury of a spouse, he was deported twice and had prior convictions for drug possession, hit and run, DUIs, possession of narcotic equipment and a parole violation.

The Justice Department said it is reviewing Schaaf’s actions but has yet to make an announcement.

Source: foxnews.com

In a related story from the ocregister.com, Los Alamitos, CA has voted to rescind their title as a sanctuary city. The Los Alamitos City Council voted 4-1 to do away with the title. The one nay vote was cast by Mark Chirco because he feared that it would lead to future litigation.
Source: ocregister.com

Questions arising from beginner steemit

Because I joined steemit, many questions I generate from new members
either directly when gathered with members of steemit or indirectly. From that question then allow me to ask directly in this pistingan. Question as follows: is it a pure steemit platform for social media or business media 100% …?
what percent of the steemian read every post?
How Does Steem Power Affect Reward?
this question often arises from new members, as many new members who generate interesting posts with original images are not getting the appropriate rewards for the award given.

which lets you read posts, whether many I post or I am all affected by the steam power that we have.

There are many things that can be used to support a person, steemit is a free place to be creative and people are free to choose.

Ever Heard about Andalucia??

For many people Andalucia is all that they imagine Spain to be. Great climate, sun, sea and beaches, bullfighting, sherry and flamenco. Covering over 33,000 square miles and running the length of mainland Spain’s southern coast it is the largest and most populous of the 17 autonomous regions of Spain. Andalusia is crossed by the Sierra Morena mountain range in the north and in the south by the snowcapped Sierra Nevada. The fertile basin of the Guadalquivir River lies between these mountain ranges. Huelva, Seville, Cadiz, Cordoba, Malaga, Jean, Granada and Almeria, all named for their principal cities, are the eight provinces that make up the region

History – Phoenicians first settled here in the 11th century BC founding several coastal colonies among them Gadir which is now Cadiz. Greeks and Carthaginians came in the 6th century BC. The Romans expelled the Carthaginians in the 3rd century BC and they in turn had their rule ended by the Visigoths in the 5th century AD. 711 saw the Moors cross the Strait of Gibraltar and establish the centre of their western emirate here in Cordoba. The Moorish period was the golden age of Andalusia. Agriculture, leather working, mining, pottery, textiles and trade were all fostered and brought great prosperity. Cordoba, Granada and Seville, embellished by the greatest Moorish monuments in Spain, the Mezquita, the Alcazar and the Alhambra Palace respectively were celebrated as centres of arts, culture and science. It remained under Moorish rule until the 13th century when, with the exception of the Moorish kingdom of Granada, most of it was conquered in by the kings of Castile, who in turn fell to the Catholic kings in 1492. Andalucia declined along with the rest of the country from the 16th century onwards. Although trade with the New World enabled the ports of Seville and Cadiz to continue to flourish. In 1713 Gibraltar was ceded to Britain and in 1833 Andalucia was divided into the present eight provinces. The region was a stronghold of anarchism during the Spanish republic. It, however, fell early to the insurgents in the Spanish civil war. Recurrent demonstrations against Franco were seen across Andalucia during his dictatorship. It became an autonomous region in 1981and elected its first parliament the following year.

The region has some interesting contrasts. The deserts of Almeria in the east are the driest part of the whole country, while Sierra de Grazalema in the southwest, because it exposed to winds of the Atlantic, is the rainiest part of Spain. Both the cities of Cordoba and Seville are notorious for their stifleing heat during the summer months but the peaks of the Sierra Nevada remain snow capped all year round. And contrast the rugged coastline of the Cabo de Gata or the Atlantic coast of Cadiz, both with their comparatively deserted beaches, with the intensely developed area in the province of Malaga. Yes the beaches are still there – you just can’t see them for the tourists.

There is still a strong Moorish influence in the character, customs and language of the people. With its tradition of bull fights, flamenco music and dance it is one of Europe’s most strikingly colourful regions. With the abundance of Moorish architecture and it’s pleasant climate it is easy to see why the growth of tourism has been so strong in recent decades. Agriculturally, barren lands contrast with richly fertile regions where cereals, citrus fruit, grapes, olives and sugar cane are produced. Industries, based generally on local agricultural produce, include flour milling, olive-oil extracting and wine making. Cattle, bulls for the ring, and fine horses are bred. The rich mineral resources, exploited since Phoenician times, include copper, iron, lead and zinc. But despite all this poverty is widespread. Farm labourers are among the poorest in Europe and many unemployed people have migrated to the industrial centres further to the north.

Semana Santa – Easter is Andalucia’s major festival and is celebrated for a full week. It features processions of hooded penitents alongside floats decorated with scenes from the passion travelling through the streets of most cities and large towns. Accommodation can be difficult to find during the week and booking ahead is advised.

Flamenco is believed to have been introduced to Andalucia, it’s home today, in the 15th century by gypsies arriving in the region. It is a combination of music, predominantly the guitar, song and dance and is played at fiestas, in bars and at private parties. Audience participate is very much encouraged.

Almeria – Probably founded by Phoenicians, Almeria flourished from the 13th to the 15th centuries as the outlet of the Moorish kingdom of Granada. In 1489 it fell to the Christians. Today the sunny, mild climate attracts many northern Europeans both as tourists and permanent settlers. The capital, also Almeria, is a busy Mediterranean port. It exports significant amounts of agricultural produce, as well as iron and other minerals mined nearby. The city has refineries, chemical and cement plants, and light industries.

Cadiz – In 1100 BC the Phoenicians founded the port of Gadir, known today as Cadiz, which became a market for silver and tin. Some 600 years later it was taken by the Carthaginians and passed in the 3rd century BC to the Romans. It flourished until the fall of Rome, but suffered from the Visigoths and unlike much of Andalucia declined further under the Moors. Its fortifications were rebuilt following it’s reconquest in 1262 by Alfonso X of Castile. Following the discovery of the New World, Cadiz revived its prosperity, as many ships from America unloaded their cargoes there. Columbus sailed from Cádiz in 1495, his second voyage. Inthe late 16th century both Sir Francis Drake and the earl of Essex led attacks on the fleet anchored there and the city respectivly. When in 1718 a sandbar blocked Seville’s port Cádiz became the centre for New World trade. The city declined after Spain lost its American colonies .Cádiz resisted a two year siege by the French from 1810 to 181212 unti lthe Duke of Wellington’s forces relieved it. Cadiz fell to the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War. Today the city, which lies at the southern end of the bay of Cadiz, has an abundance of parks promanades and squares. It is chiefly a port exporting wines, notably the local sherry which has a worldwide reputation and other agricultural items and importing coal, foodstuffs and iron. There is a large fishing fleet based here and some shipbuilding on a limited scale takes place. At the northern end of the bay is the US naval base at Rota.

Cordoba lies beside a loop in the river Guadalequiver upstream from Seville. During the time when the Romans ruled Cordoba was the largest city in Spain and enjoyed great prominence during the time of the Moors. They built the Mezquita, the most beuatiful mosque in Spain.

Granada – Originally a Moorish fortress, it became the seat of the kingdom of Granada in 1238. At the hieght of Moorish rule this kingdom encompassed both the nieghbouring province of Malaga and Almeria as well as parts of Cadiz and Jean. During this time the city was recognized as a centre of art, commerce, industry and science. As the christians drove south the city was the stronghold of the Moors in Spain, surrending eventually in 1492. In the 17th century Granada owed it’s exi prominance to the fact that it was a major silk centre. It stands at the confluence of the rivers Darro and Genil. The local surrounding area is given over to agriculture and mineral extraction with Granada acting as the commercial hub for these. The city is a major tourist centre with attractions such as the Alhambra Palace and other notable Moorish buildings. Facing the Alhambra across the Darro river, the Sacromonte hill is honeycombed with gypsy caves. The nearby ski resorts in the Sierra Nevada also bring visitors to the locality. South of Granada lie the valleys of the Alpajarras bounded to the north by the Sierra Nevada and to the south the sierras of Lujar, La Contraviesa and Gador. The area is very picturesque dotted with the traditional whitewashed villages. Fertile soil provides good farming with citrus fruit, bananas and avacadoes amongst the food grown.

The city of Huelva which is the capital of the province of the same name lies on the Odiel river. It is a busy port exporting copper, cork and sulphur. Like most Spanish ports it has it’s fishing fleeet and in addition some oil refining and ship building. It has a limited tourist trade during the summer months. The city is supplied with water via a Roman aquaduct. Columbus planned his voyages at the nearby La Rabida monastery. The Coto de Donana National Park, Europes most important and largest wildlife sanctuary, lies in the delta of the river Guadalquiver. 60,000 acres have been fenced of to provide the perfect habitat for varied speices of wildlife, birds in particular.

Jaen was once the seat of a small Moorish kingdom and played an important role in the conquest of Granada from the Moors by Christian forces during the 15th century. During the Peninsular war of the early 1800’s the French won a major victory here. Today it is the commercial hub for a fertile agricutural area producing olive oil and wine. Europes richest lead mines are nearby and copper and iron are also extracted. The town Alcalá la Real is known it’s mineral springs. The Parque Natural de las Sierras de Cazorla, over 2,000 square kilometres, is the biggest protected are in Spain. Here you might see ibex, red or fallow deer and wild boar.

The city of Malaga was founded by the Phoenicians and passed through the hands of the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Visigoths and the Moors when it prospered as a major seaport for the kingdom. It finally fell to the Christian forces in 1487 Málaga is situated on the bay of Malaga and is a major port. Exports include the local wine, almonds, dried fruits, olives and iron ore. It’s beaches, luxurious vegitation and mild climate make it one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. Picasso was born in here and you will find a museum of his works.

Seville was important in Phoenician times and favoured by the Romans. It continued as the major city of southern Spain under the Visigoths. It fell to the Moors in 712 and became a prominent centre for culture and commerce. After a drawn out siege it was captured by the Christians in 1248. Some 300,000 Moors are reputed to have fled the city following it’s capture. Seville entered its greatest period of prosperity with the discovery of the Americas and was the main trading port with the new colonies. In 1718 a sandbar closed the port to shipping and Seville went into a steady decline. The French sacked the city in 1810. Throughout the civil war Seville was held by the Nationalists. Today Seville is both capital to the province and the region of Andalucia. Standing on the river Guadalquiver, which connects it to the Atlantic, it has returned to be a port of note accessible to ocean going vessels. Exports include minerals, cork, fruit, olives and wines. Armanents, chemicals, explosives, machinary, perfume, pharmaceuticals, porcelain, textiles and tobacco are all manufactured locally. It is a major cultural and tourist centre. Seville has kept much of its Moorish aspect and one of the world’s largest cathedrals occupies the site of a former mosque. The Giralda tower and the court of oranges remain from the original Moorish structure. You will also find the tomb of Christopher Columbus within the cathedral. The 14th century Alcazar, built by Moorish artisans stands next to the cathedral and is superseded only by Granada’s Alhambra Palace. It is recognized as Spain’s leading centre for bullfighting.

For Blood and for country

It is truly beyond my abilities to express my gratitude and give my thanks to the military for their service to the world as they fight for our freedom. It is my hope that the following tribute will in part do that.

We are at war! While we enjoy our comfortable homes, food on the table and clean water to drink, thousands of brave men and women of the armed forces are defending our homeland in constant danger, lack of sleep, cold, wet, filth, dust, trenches, hunger and longing for home, so that we may enjoy our freedom. They have put their personal lives on hold, left their families, comfort and all they know to go to another country!

Terrorists are brutal murderers without conscience. It is their determination cause chaos at any cost and are currently infiltrating and targeting many strategic places of work, including government. They will be ready to strike again when the command is given just as they did with the Twin Towers. You can do your part to help prevent this again. We must be prepared.

We, who have been left at home can also defend our country and there are many ways to do that, first, by defending and supporting our troops. Families should support their sons and daughters in their decision to defend our country. Suspicious activities should be reported. The media should also be supportive. Think how we could lift our troop’s morale knowing they have our full support.

So the next time you are eating, drinking or having a wonderful evening of dancing, remember, remember who you owe that enjoyment to. Remember those families who kissed their sons and daughters good bye and had the heart wrenching experience of waving their heroes good bye; watching them until they are out of sight, not knowing when and if they will return. How can we ever repay our debt to these brave souls and their families? God bless and protect our heroes, our military men and women

Unbelievable Japan Book Part 3 -The End-

  1. Bidang Pemerintahan

Warga selalu diingatkan saat SIM mau habis masa berlakunya, diberitahu bahwa ini saatnya anaknya imunisasi (plus tempat dan waktunya), kapan waktunya layanan pemeriksaan kesehatan untuk kaum ibu (papsmear, mammografi dll), dst. Di pemberitahuan pemeriksaan kesehatan sekalian ada kantong2 untuk mengambil sampel urine dan feses yg tinggal dibawa ke tempat pemeriksaan. Hebat ya?

  • Di Jepang, kandidat yg berkampanye untuk menjadi walikota selalu memberikan janji2 yg teknis sifatnya, bukan retorik belaka. Cara kampanyenya juga unik, berdiri di atas mobil dg pengeras suara di depan stasiun2 dan tempat ramai. Sering juga orang yg kampanye dicuekin. Juga dg memasang profil plus janji2 kampanye lengkap di koran. Yg jelas, politisi yg ketahuan korupsi pasti mengundurkan diri dan membungkuk minta maaf di TV nasional. Kadang sampai bersujud. Karena sanksi sosial masih sangat ampuh di Jepang.
  1. Tentang hal-hal lain
  • orang Jepang tidak suka pamer kekayaan, prestasi, jabatan, dll. Orang berjas saja naik sepeda karena lebih praktis. Ibu2 jepang tidak pernah ngerumpiin kekayaan atau jabatan suami. Paling ngobrolin anak atau masakan. Sehari2 mereka tampil praktis dan sederhana. Tidak pernah dandan heboh. Hanya saat ke pesta mereka tampil elegan. Semua itu karena orang Jepang tidak suka terlihat ‘beda’ atau menarik perhatian.

  • di Jepang, masalah bullying (=ijime) adalah masalah yg serius dan banyak memakan korban jiwa di kalangan pelajar. Orang Jepang memang sangat takut terlihat ‘berbeda’. Mereka yg berbeda rawan jadi korban bullying. Misal terlalu kurus/gemuk, terlalu pendiam dll. Pemerintah bekerja keras untuk mengatasi masalah ini.

  • satu lagi masalah ‘besar’ di Jepang adalah masalah pelecehan seksual. Semakin banyak terjadi di tempat2 ramai, wanita yg dipegang/diremas badannya di area sensitif. Yg membuat pelecehan seksual maki
    n banyak adalah karena para korban biasanya malu menarik perhatian, sehingga mereka diam saja.

  • bulan maret-april adalah musim bunuh diri di Jepang, karena per tanggal 1 April adalah waktunya penerimaan karyawan baru, mutasi karyawan dll. Di tanggal ini orang baru tahu bahwa ia dipecat, ditolak masuk kerja, atau diturunkan pangkatnya. Karena rasa malu orang Jepang sangat tinggi, hal2 seperti itu bisa menjadi alasan untuk mereka bunuh diri. Karena itu, pada bulan2 ini orang2 maklum bila ada kereta yg terlambat (padahal biasanya tidak pernah telat), karena sedang ada orang yg bunuh diri dg melompat ke rel. Banyak juga yg melompat dari gedung tinggi. Wow..

Selain beberapa hal di atas, masih banyak hal2 menarik lain yg ditulis weedy di bukunya.

Menarik untuk sekali2 berpaling dari ‘keributan’ di negeri sendiri, dan mengambil waktu untuk belajar dari negara lain.
So refreshing! ?

Unbelieveable Japan Book part 2

. Di bidang pertanian

  • Para petani di Jepang sangat makmur karena dinaungi oleh sebuah lembaga pemerintah – Japan Agriculture – yg pengurusnya adalah para petani juga. Pemerintah sangat memperhatikan nasib petani (dan nelayan). Mereka diberi jalur distribusi ke berbagai supermarket lokal. Para petani berlomba2 menghasilkan produk terbaik, dan di supermarket foto petaninya ikut dipajang di rak2. Akibatnya masyarakat juga diuntungkan karena dapat produk yg segar dan terbaik. JA juga mensubsidi petani bila harga pasar turun (tetap dibeli dg harga normal), sehingga petani tidak rugi. Uangnya berasal dari subsidi silang pemerintah. Pemerintah jepang menerapkan bea masuk tinggi untuk beras dll dari luar negeri untuk melindungi petani lokal.

Unbelieveable Japan Book

Baru selesai baca buku Unbelievable Japan by Weedy Koshino. Weedy adalah wanita Indonesia yg menikah dg orang Jepang, punya dua anak, dan sejak 2007 sudah tinggal di Jepang.

Isinya bagus dan sangat informatif. Membuatku jadi tambah kagum sama Jepang..

Beberapa hal menarik nih misalnya:

  1. Di bidang pendidikan
  • anak2 jepang sejak masuk SD sudah harus berangkat ke sekolah sendiri tanpa diantar ortu. Perginya jalan kaki karena sekolah mereka memang dekat2. Ini untuk melatih kemandirian. Untuk mencegah kejahatan, anak2 dibekali dg peluit dan tombol sirene di ransel. Ortu2 murid juga ditugasi untuk gantian berpatroli di jalanan sekitar sekolah. Keren ya?

  • banyak kegiatan gratisan untuk anak2 yg disediakan pemerintah kalo musim liburan tiba. Misalnya ada game ke hutan yg mengajari anak2 mencintai alam. Ada juga taman bermain gratis tentang belajar berlalu lintas. Semua game gratisan itu dijaga oleh volunteers mahasiswa/pensiunan. Anak2 didorong untuk banyak beraktivitas di luar rumah.

  • ada acara TV yg menarik di Jepang, dimana anak2 umur 3-5 tahun dilepas sendirian ke supermarket untuk belanja. Ceritanya mama mereka berpura-pura  perlu bahan makanan untuk memasak, tapi tidak ada persediaan di rumah. Lalu sang mama minta tolong sama anaknya untuk belanja. Si anak dibekali dompet yg digantung di leher dan dilepas sendirian. Namun yg tidak disadari si anak, ia sebenarnya diikuti oleh kru2 TV yg menjaga dia. Perjuangan si anak untuk sampai ke supermarket, lalu memilih2 belanjaan, membayar, dan membawa belanjaan yg berat menjadi tontonan yg lucu dan mengharukan. Ada yg menangis kangen mamanya. Ada yg sebentar2 berhenti karena berat. Yg jelas, begitu si anak sampai rumah, ia langsung disambut pelukan erat mamanya plus diberi ucapan terima kasih dan pujian bertubi2. Anak2 itu tinggi sangat bangga dan meningkat kepercayaan dirinya karena berhasil menempuh perjalanan berat dan berhasil menolong mamanya yg kesusahan. Menarik sekali idenya ya? ?



‘Slowed By Notes’ – Original Music by Darren Claxton


‘Slowed By Notes’ is the second track from my EP ‘Never Grow Old’

I performed this song for – Steemit Open Mic – week 72 –
Here’s the ‘Studio’ version that I recorded.

All of my songs are recorded at home on my trusty old Zoom MRS 1608 – 12 track Porta Studio, which just demonstrates what you can achieve with limited recording equipment. I also write all of the music, lyrics and play all instruments that you hear.

Did I ever buy you flowers
oh I’ve been sitting here oh so long
remember those nights when we walked for hours
waiting for the summer breeze to come along

Well anyway girl I had you first
and I won’t have you again
well some old lucky guy come and found you there
and my heart’s been left in denial

I’m slowed by notes now just listen, listen
I’ve covered the night with scars
stayed in my room now and just listened listened
stared at the sky caving in
I just stared at the sky caving in

All I remember girl were the things you said
and those last words that you sighed
well you left me here and I’m such a mess
Well I closed the door and I wiped my eyes

I’m slowed by notes now just listen, listen
I’ve covered the night with scars
stayed in my room now and just listened listened
stared at the sky caving in
I just stared at the sky caving in

I just stared at the sky caving in in
Did I ever buy you flowers
Oh I’ve been sitting here oh so long.

Thanks to @Luzcypher @meno @krystle@passion-growund and the rest of the amazing openmic team, for inspiring me to start writing and recording again.
And also, a huge thanks to @prc and the @dsound team for their continuous support for me and my music.
It is all very much appreciated!
@mrbloom aka Darren


► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

Dreamers Logically Challenged

Alex Velez and his sister along with other dreamers have demanded that congress reach a deal regarding the daca’s or they will leave the country. The Velezs are undocumented individuals from Venezuela.

They claim that own their own business, pay tuition and hold jobs. Their theory is that if they leave all they contribute will be lost and America will lose out on their contributions. They feel that America has a duty to keep them here.

Some people maybe aware of the current conditions in Venezuela and one would think that people whom were original from Venezuela would be aware of the conditions in their home country.  I wonder if they could own a business, pay tuition and hold a job in Venezuela.

It is absurd that people whom have allegedly a nice life in a country that they entered illegally would prefer to go home to a disaster. It would make sense from them to think before they complain.

Source: dailywire.com

Trust in the Government

I just came across this article about the government reneging on a promise. Sounds like a campaign promise. The US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit sided with the state of Rhode Island in a decision regarding state pensions.

The town of Cranston having faced several years of critical budget shortfalls (note: this is not the only town facing shortfalls), the state legislature voted to unilaterally reduce public employees’ pension benefits. They voted that these reductions would be retroactive. Subsequently a number of municipal employee unions sued citing that the government of Rhode Island was contractually bound to pay the benefits.

The state government disagreed and took the stance that the legislature has the power to change the law, even retroactively, at their discretion. The First Circuit agreed and added that the government has no obligation to HONOR ITS PROMISES.

In conclusion, I wish to thank all voters whom casts their ballots based on the rhetoric spewed from many a politician. In their own words, they have no obligation to HONOR ITS PROMISES.

National Biometric ID

The Securing America’s Future Act of 2018 is an insidious bill wrapped up in the flag. Authored by bob goodlatte it requires a biometric National ID card. Without this ID a person will not be allowed to work and the likely extension of this bill a person will need this to open a bank account and board a plane.

They are saying this bill will provide a legislative solution for the current beneficiaries of the DACA program. Ron Paul points out “this bill would give DACA recipients a 3 year renewable legal status while forcing a biometric National ID card on virtually everyone else”. This reminds me of the so called “mark of the beast”. And for those whom haven’t noticed, this has all the earmarks of a Hegelian dialectic.

Source: thefreethoughtproject.com

NFL Cancels Final Sunday Night Game

Sunday night’s game was cancelled because it is New Years Eve, so they spin their excuse.  As viewership has cratered over the past year, the NFL spins that viewership is likely to be low due to it being New Years Eve.  Using this criteria, they should cancel all games as viewership is tanking.

So far they spun the reason for the dwindling viewership on everything except the fact that they are overpaid mindless gladiators whom don’t understand that their fan base pays their over priced paychecks.  They thought that their opinions had validity because the are devoid of common sense.  Similar to celebrities, they are under the impression that because they are in the limelight (or so they believe) they have the right to opine on issues they have no knowledge.

Fortunately the public is (at long last) beginning to wake up and are mounting a resistance.  As movie goers and sports nuts continue their opposition we may actually move to a more realistic world.  Entertainment is necessary but not when the entertainers become deluded in their own hype.

Christmas Crackdown In North Korea

Gatherings involving alcohol and singing have been banned.  Last year Christmas was cancelled and Christians were ordered to honor Kim Jong-suk instead of the birth of Jesus.  Kim Jong-suk was born on Christmas in 1919, she was the wife of North Korea’s first dictator.

This year, according to South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS), Kim has introduced even more stingent anti-Christmas measures.  The NIS reported,

“North Korea has devised a system whereby party organs report people’s economic hardships on a daily basis, and it has banned any gatherings related to drinking, singing and other entertainment and is strengthening control of outside information”.

Kim is so obsessed with banning Christmas that he threatened all out war in 2014 when he heard South Korea planned to erect a huge Christmas tree along the boarder.