Being a part of many websites is always challenging and the biggest problem is not to spread too thin. Others told me it is not, but others are probably less needed than me around my place. They can easily spend an entire day writing, playing and doing whatever for no one to ask them anything. I would say that time schedule is the biggest issue here because I have to decide where toRead More →

Click on the picture to hear the track Delicate Calls is an ambient soundtrack of unknown genre. It has elements of Massive Attack and Portishead with that Trip-Hop kind of vibe. It was written as I improvised the String parts on my vintage Yamaha SY 88 synth. There were only 5 tracks used in total, the drums were a loop that I made using the inbuilt touch sensitive pads, on my Porta-Studio. Tambourine and DarbukaRead More →

Family time Isn’t Just for Fun — It Also Has Some Serious positive Benefits for all. Round up the troops! Family meeting time is valuable time. Chatsworth House Gardens As much as I love music and creating songs, I’m firstly, a proud father with a beautiful family. I have one of each brand, with their own unique quirkiness and personality. My eldest and most favourite son is 8 years old, very academic and a veryRead More →

  Stish to Migrate to New Smarter Contract! This is great news and will change the game for Stish and Stishit. There is no doubt about how awesome the future is. I think everyone can see the direction we are heading in will make us the easiest platform to begin using cryptocurrency. From auto generated wallets to being able to trade Stish directly into other popular currencies with our internal market. We are building anRead More →

  Do you want to invest in an ICO, but don’t know if you will get the returns? Do you want to know if the ICO you are considering to invest in, will actually become successful? Then you should know about Vertex Market. Vertex Market is the decentralized ICO aftermarket platform that would vet ICOs and buy the ones that are highly probable to be successful, at discounted rates. These ICOs will be available forRead More →

This is just a test post. In Early 2018 we decided to limit the editing rules to 90 days to allow for advanced archiving of older content. We have even looked at offloading posts over 1 year old to a distributed ledger system or AWS storage to make the database server leaner and meaner. Well one day we will tackle some of those growth challenges and move images to AWS and Older content also. WeRead More →

  Living in the tropics, my choice of footwear is always flip-flops. I can walk in the rain, swim in the ocean, ride my motorcycle, go shopping for groceries… you get the point. It gets a bit awkward though when you show up for a wedding or at the Bureau of Immigration wearing them. There is almost nothing that can’t be done wearing flip-flops. Ask any filipino. I see people in the Philippines everyday doingRead More →

This article will feature everything you need to know to buy Etheruem Crypto Currency Fast Including A Video Walk through To Create An Ethereum Wallet In Under 1 Minute. There are 2 ways that people can get involved with Crypto Currency. Many people look at Bitcoin and think wow I don’t have $10,000 to buy a bitcoin. And they might look for other popular large scale cryptocurrencies that are main stream with liquidity that areRead More →

Am I too late to give suggestions for rebranding? I hope not . . . bc here I go> as a NEWBIE on STISHit A perspective as a new person. I came to STISHit through someone who landed on my post who was on automatic black list and was blocked out on Steemit. Did I mention this was my post! Needless to say, this was a trigger and made me very angry because when IRead More →

Responding to the “Say What’s On Your Mind” (as asked within this blank text box), I can do just that. I wish I could still do that over on Steemit but… everything I do there now is censored. I just tried to post something there and was basically denied access to posting (masked as a network error). I have known others who are prevented from uploading any new content, even on Dtube, which is aRead More →

Stish cryptocurrency

The year is 2020 and many if not all of the worlds government backed fiat currencies have collapsed. Paper money guaranteed by nothing other than a crooked government’s word is worthless. In the age of technology anti-brainwashing tactics are implemented and people around the world wake up. Being controlled no more by government backed phony baloney money but rather choosing real freedom and cryptocurrency also known as digital or alt currency, governments are forced toRead More →

MasterStishit perhaps had an identity crises. Wanting to do more and be more than perhaps it should be and could be. We have a solid plan to help people grow and be a part of a crypto currency revolution. is a great website and the concept is new and different. The challenge really has been in conveying what we do and how people can get involved. As we look to the past we canRead More →

Everything happens for a reason, so you learn. With every change, you gain experience; you learn how to let go. You learn how to appreciate beauties in this world. Things happen to make you improved, a better version of yourself. Sometimes, something happen to protect you from evil. I agree to this statement by Marilyn Monroe who says: “I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to letRead More →

Manusia adalah mahkluk yang selalu dipenuhi rasa ketakutan dalam melanjukkan kehidupan ini. ketakutan manusia kadang tidak memiliki alasan yang jelas sebenarnya apa yang membuat mareka menjadi takut. oke sobat stishit ayoo kita lihat beberapa ketakutan manusia yang saya ketahui: Kematian,  setakut dan seberani apapun kita kepada kematian yang namanya kematian pasti ada, dan tidak ada seorangpun yang berani menghadapi kematian, seberani apupun kita menghindari kematian namun kematian akan datang juga, mau sembunyi dimanapun tidak adaRead More →

Pada tanggal,8 November 1895 pertama kali ditemukan Sinar-X penemuan itu di ciptakan berkat ketekunannya melakukan percobaan-percobaan oleh Wilhelm Conrad Ròntgen (1845-1908), walau itu hasil karya orang lain. Dimaksudkan agar penemuan itu dapat dikembangkan lebih luas lagi dan bermamfaat baagi manusia. Di dalam laboratorium Ròntgen, ia selalu mengadakan penelitian tentang akibat yang sesungguhnya, yang dapat menimbulkan cahaya yang datang dari sebuah tabung mengelembung yang bentuknya menyerupai bola lampu yang didalam nya terdapat anoda dan katoda. KatodaRead More →

Today I got a knock on the door, it was a neighbor asking if I could find out why his computer would not power on. I asked him if he has been paying his electricity bills. But seriously, I agreed to go to his house and take a look at it. This neighbor is not a do it yourself kind of guy, so I figure the problem might be as simple as a blown circuitRead More →

There are more and more victims targeted by these fake ‘abusers reporters’ listed on the Steemit Defence League webpage: Steemit Defence League See the screencopy below. These silly ‘abuse reporters’ report ‘spammers’ but they spam permanently. These silly ‘abuse reporters’ report self-upvoters but they self upvote all their own votes & comments. These silly ‘abuse reporters’ report members posting ‘short comments’ but they made themselves short comments. These silly ‘abuse reporters’ harass innocent membersRead More →

When you want to be wanted, when you want to be loved and your expectations are not met, this hurts you the most. You feel like rejected, abandoned, and having been left. This type of thinking or personality is the result of childhood neglect, especially from parents. Children who do not get much attention from parents, when grown up, would always seek the attention of others, and if they don’t get it, they feel abandoned.Read More →

I think you can be motivated in life (i) when you are afraid, or (ii) when you are in love. These are the two important forces that compel you to do, to take action. When we are afraid, for example, of failure, we use all our energies to be successful, to achieve our aims and goals. When we are in love, we make efforts to do everything for our loved ones. We are excited aboutRead More →

Life would be very difficult if there is no love in it. Humans are called social animals, and the reason is that every human being needs another human being; One cannot live alone. If one does, it will make them depressed. It has also been shown in research that loneliness can lead to major depression and even suicide. Life is difficult, and to deal with day to day hassels, one needs emotional support from theirRead More →

Hi everyone, In my previous post, I discussed about what a mental disorder is. In this post, I will look into the definition of mental disorder in the forensic perspective. As we know that some criminals, after committed a crime claim that they had mental disorder. Whether they were truly mental patients is a question that is addressed by forensic psychologists. In most cases the diagnosis of a mental disorder is not sufficient to establishRead More →

Mental disorder is not easy to define. It is a broad area and there is no single definition in the literature that covers all the situations and medical conditions that characterize a mental disorder. A person can be categorized a having a disorder (physical or mental) on the basis of structural pathology, symptom presentation, deviance from a physiological norm, and etiology. Different researchers have attempted to define a mental disorder on the basis of conceptsRead More →

Hello guys, I will share with you beautiful thoughts of Marilyn Monroe about life, about best friends and relationships etc , and whether I agree with her. She says: “This life is what you make it. No matter what, you’re going to mess up sometimes, it’s a universal truth. But the good part is you get to decide how you’re going to mess it up. Girls will be your friends – they’ll act like itRead More →

SAMUEL F.B.MORSE Adalah seorang penemu telegrap yang lahir di Charlestown Massachhusetts Amerika pada tanggal, 22 April 1791. ayahnya seorang pendeta di kota tersebut. Morse adalah tergolong anak yang pandai, ketika umurnya 14 tahun ia sudah memasuki bangku universitas dibidang listrik dan kimia pilihannya, akan tetapi dia lebih suka dan berhasrat ingin jadi seniman. setelah lulus di universitas Yale, ia pun pergi ke Inggris untuk belajar Seni, dalam beberapa tahun kemudian dia pun menjadi seorang pelukis.Read More →

A 42-year old Newyork-based lawyer,  Aaron Schlossberg, threatened the staff at the premises in Manhattan, a densely populated city of New York: “Your staff are speaking Spanish to customers when they should be speaking English,” he tells one employee. He said that he would call the US deportation agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). “My guess is they’re not documented, so my next call is to ICE to have each one of them kicked outRead More →

It is commonly thought that addiction is the result of a lack of will power, however, the disease theory of addiction does not support this argument. It posits that addiction is not simply a lack of willpower. The theory, however, has some limitations. A general question arises that why different people are affected differently by drugs of addition. Some people are heavily addiction by substance of abuse, while others are not affected at all. According to theRead More →

How do neurons communicate? Neurons communicate via dendrites and axons, sending electrical impulses down the axon, converting them to chemical signals at the axon terminal, releasing neurotransmitters (chemical messengers) across synaptic gaps (narrow space between the axon terminal and the dendrite of another neuron), and attaching to the receiving neuron’s receptor site. The dendrite receives the neurotransmitter and converts it back to electrical signals. This process happens between billions of neurons in the brain. Communication between neuronsRead More →

Memasuki masa politik di Indonesia bagaikan Bola api yang sedang bergulir, semakin panasnya persaingan antar kubu yang mau menduduki RI 01 membuat suasana politik di Indonesia semakin memasuki saat-saat yang krusial. menjelang PILPRES DAN PEMILIHAN LEGISLATIF tahun 2019 di Indonesia diwarnai berbagai problema kehidupan masyarakat yang semakin hari semakin hangat di bicarakan masyarakat, pembicaraan mengenai politik PILPRES dan PILEG di berbagai tempat dan situasi semakin menjadi bahan pembicaraan hangat oleh masyarakat di berbagai provinsi diRead More →

Sobat stishit kali ini bulan puasa/ramadhan bagi umat muslim telah tiba dan saya mau sedikit berbagi ilmu tentang bagaimana seharusnya kita menyambut bulan puasa..? tulisan ini tidak ada kaitannya dengan umat beragama lain(maksudnya tidak ada unsur-unsur singungan untuk agama manapun) ini cuma pelajaran bagi orang-orang yang beragama Islam saja. melangkah memasuki bulan Ramadhan sudah selayaknya umat muslim menyiapkan dan menyelenggarakan perlengkapan yang harus kita persiapkan dalam menghadapi bulan Ramadhan diantaranya adalah: 1. mengulangi kembali pelajaran-pelajaranRead More →

Manusia yang beruntung adalah manusia yang mau belajar dari kesalahan dan memperbaiki kesalahannya menjadi keberuntungan buat dia. Kesalahan bukanlah sesuatu yang harus diratapi, namun harus dijadikan sesuatu yang dapat memberikan insprasi kepada kita untuk bangkit kembali meraih kesuksesan. Kesalahan adalah modal dasar yang menjadikan kita untuk lebih dewasa dalam berpikir dan bertintak supaya tidak mengulang lagi kesalahan yang sama. Orang yang sangat bodoh adalah orang yang salah ditempat yang sama dia melakukan kesalahan. Supaya kitaRead More →

Aceh adalah salah satu provinsi paling barat di Indonesia, masyarakatnya 99.99 % beragama Islam namun kehidupan masyarakat yang penuh dengan nilai-nilai religi yang masih kental. sehingga kebiasaan yang mareka lakukan selalu berpedoman pada nilai-nilai agama islam, kebiasaan masyarakat Aceh dalam tradisi meugang(potong kerbau/sapi) dua dan satu hari sebelum bulan ramadhan dan hari raya sudah menjadi suatu tradisi yang dimiliki masyarakat di provinsi Aceh. Membawa pulang daging meugang untuk keluarga mareka sudah menjadi sesuatu yang dianggapRead More →

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) sukses menaklukkan rival terdekatnya sekaligus juara bertahan Liga Prancis, AS Monaco, dengan skor yang sangat telak 7-1 sehingga berhasil tampil sebagai juara Ligue 1 Prancis 2018. Walaupun liga baru memasuki pekan ke-33 namun PSG sudah menyegel juara dan keunggulan poin 87 tidak mungkin lagi dikejar lawan-lawannya. Pada Pertarungan di Stadion Parc des Princes di Kota Paris pada Senin pagi WIB 16 April 2018 itu tuan rumah PSG membuat tim tamu AS MonacoRead More →

Banyak orang mencari pekerjaan yang enak, padahal pekerjaan yang enak adalah dimana dimanapun kita bekerja. tapi yang sering orang menyatakan bahwa tempat yang enak kerja adalah dimana yang tidak ada kita bekerja di sana. mungkin inilah kata-kata yang sering orang mengatakan. intinya tempat yang tidak ada kita disitulah tempat yang enak bekerja.padahal dimana-mana yang namanya kerja itu tidaklah enak. yang enak adalah bagaimana kita menikmati pekerjaan itu sendiri, silakan kita bekerja dimanapun yang penting adalahRead More →

Tim Jacobs created this simplified version of a Stylophone, it is put together on a credit card sized PCB. The Stylophone was invented in 1967 by Brain Jarvis and could be consider the forerunner of the portable keyboards and possibly the synthesizer. This is not a replacement for an commercial keyboard but my interest was piqued as it involved electronics as well as music. I am not a musician by any means although I haveRead More →

Hello sobat stishit, kali ini saya akan memperkenalkan salah seorang yang bernama CLADIUS PTOLEMY yang merupakan orang yang pertama dan tak terlupakan dalam dunia Kartografi atau peta bumi. Dan ia dilahirkan di Alexandria sekitar 150 Tahun sebelum Masehi, CLADIUS PTOLEMY dikenal sebagai ilmuan yang banyak mengamati dan menyelidiki tentang alam semesta dan ia terkenal berkat tulisannya yang berjudul Geographi yang berisi tentang persoalan-persoalan tentang pemetaan, termasuk garis lbujur dan garis intang bumi, yang pada saatRead More →

Ada yang menanyakan adakah hidup ini punya tantangan…? sobat stishit tidak ada hidup yang tidak memiliki tantangan, mati saja ada tantangannya. Kalau anda berani hidup maka anda harus siap menghadapi tantangan, kalau tidak sebaiknya mati saja, tapi itukan ada tantangan juga, jadi hidup dan mati seseorang pasti ada tantangan yang harus dihadapi, bukan lari,kalau mati kan tidak bisa lari ya… ha..ha.. selingan saja sobat. Tantangan diciptakan dan untuk dihadapi tidak untuk lari, menghadapi tantangan adalahRead More →

Menjelang Pemilihan presiden tahun 2019 dinamika politik di Indonesia semakin ramai terutama sejak munculnya tagar #2019GantiPresiden, muncul nya tagar ini menuai pro dan kontra dikalangan masyarakat, sebagian pihak menilai hastag itu sebagai aspirasi politik masyarakat menjelang Pemilu dan sebagian pihak yang lain menilai sebagai manuver politik dan tentunya kemunculan tagar #2019GantiPresiden akan membuat proses demokrasi politik di Indonesia akan lebih indah jika disikapi dengan benar dan membuat kompetesi pemilihan presiden 2019 akan lebih hidup. YangRead More →

People who find themselves in a financial bind are likely to turn to the handy credit card for a loan. The credit card is the easiest way to get some cash to tide one over a short fall in their paycheck. It is also easy to buy something beyond one’s budget just by putting it on the card. With the economy affecting many people, some in depth knowledge about credit cards seems timely. Someone pennedRead More →

Over the past decade, there has been a marketing blitz for solar panels. They are enticing customers by offering no money down and big reductions on their electric bills. As alluring as these benefits sound, home buyers place no priorities on having solar panels when they are looking at new homes. Studies show that solar does significantly reduce the cost of the monthly bills but the initial cost is about $10,000 for an one familyRead More →

Bireuen merupakan salah satu kabupaten di wilayah Provinsi Aceh diapit oleh Kota Lhokseumawe, Kabupaten Bener Meriah dan Aceh Tengah yang terkenal dengan keindahan pantai dan wisata kuliner. Ternyata Kabupaten yang beribukota di Bireuen ini menyimpan pesona alam yang tersembunyi dibalik lebatnya hutan dan tebing yang menjulang. Source Salah satu pesona alam yang tersembunyi dan masih sangat alami masih terjaga kelestariannya adalah Air Terjun Ceuraceu, sebuah air terjun yang memiliki tujuh tingkatan dan air jernih yang mengalirRead More →

Jambu biji memiliki  kandungan vitamin C yang tinggi sekitar 275 g sehingga dapat memenuhi kebutuhan vitamin C dalam satu buah, Jambu biji merupakan buah yang umum dijumpai di wilayah Asia. Memiliki bentuk bulat dengan daging buah berwarna putih atau merah dan didalam daging buahnya terdapat banyak biji-biji kecil. Banyak nutrisi baik terkandung dalam jambu biji. Di dalam jambu biji juga mengandung 3 kali lipat protein dan 30 kalori lebih banyak serta memiliki serat 4 kali lebihRead More →

Belajar pada dasarnya bukan milik segelintir orang namun belajar milik semua orang yang hidup di bumi ini. dan belajar tidak juga buat anak-anak, belajar tak mengenal batas usia, baik tua, muda, anak-anak, bahkan orang yang cacat sekalipun. sobat stishit ketika kita masih berusia anak-anak belajar memang sangat mudah karena kita belum mengenal yang lain-lainnya. namun belajar ketika sudah dewasa belajar agak terganggu karena berbagai alasan dan kesibukan. sobat stishit sebaiknya kita pergunakan waktu belajar kitaRead More →

Orang yang optimis adalah orang yang berani mencoba melakukan sesuatu, bukan tidak ada perhitungan namun mencoba melakukan sesatu dengan persiapan yang matang. Banyak yang berhasil ketika seseorang berani mencoba melakukan apa yang menjadi suatu keinginan, mewujudkan suatu keinginan bukanlah diam atau menunggu keinginan itu datang sendiri, tapi maju dan raihlah keinginan tersebut. Ketika seseorang tidak berani mencoba melakukan maka, sampai kapanpun dia takkan berhasil kecuali ia ingin mencoba melakukannya. Apapun yang kita lakukan tanpa memulainyaRead More →

Man stemian is basically the same humans are born, but the reality of life is not as smooth as we imagine, there are times we want to live luxuriously but we get instead we live in distress. just look at how our sister’s life is there, this is one of life’s most miserable protists among many more sad lives. Actually he does not want to live like this, but this is what he should beRead More →

Hai sobat stishit semua salam kekompakan dan salam persahabatan selalu dan semoga kalian bisa sukses bersama di stishit. melaju sukses di stishit sebenarnya sangat gampang dibandingkan dengan media lain, kenapa demikian karena stishit apapun yang kita lakukan mendapatkan rewards tidak seperti media sosial yang lain harus membangun tim yang besar baru bisa mendapatkan rewards. di stishit tim kecil saja mampu menuju puncak leader boards, yang yang dibutuhkan bukan vote yang banyak baru dapat rewards, diRead More →

Those of you who have taken an intro chemistry course, you would understand how inconceivable this bond is. It is hard to understand how two alkali metal elements can bond. To understand the enormity of this feat one must have a basic concept on how elements bond to each other. There are several ways atoms bond, the two commonly known bonding are covalent and ionic. Covalent bonding in simply terms is when the atoms shareRead More →

Sirsak dengan nama latin Annona muricata merupakan buah yang berasal dari Amerika Selatan, Asia tenggara, dan Afrika. Selain buah nya yang mempunyai banyak manfaat ternyata daun sirsak juga memiliki manfaat bagi kesehatan antara lain untuk Kolesterol, Asam Urat, Kanker dan lain-lain. Mencegah dan mengobati Asam Urat Rebus daun sirsak dalam 2 gelas air dan didihkan sampai satu cangkir air dan minum segera serta untuk hasil terbaik usahakan dikonsumsi rutin dua kali sehari, pagi dan malam hari.Read More →