Tesla-brand tequila ‘Teslaquila’ is ‘coming soon’ says Elon Musk. First mentioned as a joke earlier this year, the Teslaquila is going to become a reality. The distilled agave liquor was filed for a trademark in Friday and it is for sure that Tesla intends to develop the alcohol brand. Safety aside, but how fun is that. The application for this booze comes oddly close to the timing of Tesla’s SEC troubles and Musk’s private caseRead More →

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has announced the first passenger for the first private SpaceX flight around the Moon to be – beyond a surprise – an insanely rich Japanese fashion designer and founder of Japan’s online fashion mall, Zozotown. Image source Now, everyone knew this is going to be some rich guy taking the first seat with an upfront payment because Musk couldn’t possibly acquire that much money to build a cutting edge carbon basedRead More →

The actual title of an article was ‘Tesla had a scandal-free week, and the stock gained 12 percent’ but in fair translation it would be Elon Musk not granting some pedestrians an opportunity to irk his flakes up the ‘zucking’ ceiling… I would like to say the dandruff, but then again, all those sassy libel cases..Didn’t that guy ‘fagottized’ Musk, just before the subject of the graphical imagery decided to go full Monty and demonizeRead More →

We Want To Make Your 2019 New Year A Blast! Stish will be sending out 1 Million Stish to encourage trading in 2019 after the end of the Token Event. Only people who fill out a short form will be added to the list. Members of the Stish community already receive some Stish from rewards credits when they are involved in the community.  Stishit and Stish have a lot to offer the community and weRead More →

Best Token Ever Stish

Stishit Looks Ahead To A Bright Future Where Social Media Rewards Platforms Are Built Around Quality People Passionate About Building Micro Crypto Economies. Stish is an excellent cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain. It has some real fuel that will push it into a whole new world soon and likely dominate the social media rewards space. Sure there is competition and everyone shilling their own tokens but Stishit doesn’t just let you use their tokenRead More →

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, FB now is requesting that banks share detailed information on their customers. They are asking for data on credit card transactions and checking account balances. FB wants to form a partnership with the banks to allow FB to financially serve their users. Using the Messenger app, users are already able to send and receive money but currently it is an opt-in feature. According to FB spokesperson, Elisabeth Diana, “We don’tRead More →

One week ago, PressTv ran an article about a Chinese refiner that stopped buying US crude.  ShanDong Dongming, China’s largest independent oil refinery announced the move was due to the trade dispute between China and the US.  The refinery stated that they would contract with the Iranian to obtain their crude oil. In May, Trump announced the US’s withdrawal of the Iran agreement much to the chagrin of the other members to the agreement.  TrumpRead More →

The court moved to strengthened the constitutional protection for owners facing civil forfeiture.  Under the forfeiture law, police and prosecutors can keep up to 100% of the proceeds from forfeited property.  Since 1985, they have confiscated 4,200 vehicles and over $55 million in cash. Last year an investigation done by the Des Moines Register uncovered abuses arising from this law.  The Iowa legislators took action by amending the existing law.  They amended the law toRead More →

Two House Republicans are seeking to file impeachment documents against Rosenstein as early as Monday.  At issue is Rosenstein whom oversees Mueller’s probe into the alleged Russian collusion has repeatedly ignored requests from congressional Republicans for access to documents pertaining to the investigation.  Another salient issue is his attempt to provide protection for Strzok. It has been confirmed that Representative Meadows was in possession of the impeachment documents while Rosenstein was announcing the indictments ofRead More →

There are many conflicting stories coming out about Trump’s position on NATO.  Some are saying that he has threatened to put out of NATO, some are saying that Trump demanded that other member nations allocations will be increased and others are denying that Trump made any such claims. Some things are obvious without anyone needed to verify it.  One is that only 5 members are living up to the agreement to pay 2% of theirRead More →

MP Iqra Khalid announced that the Trudeau government has invested $23 million into its multiculturalism program.  Two of the recipients are The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) and Islamic Relief.  Both of these organizations have affiliations to radical Islam groups.  Khalid has been an outspoken advocate of the multiculturalism program.  She made this announcement in front of a small group of mostly Muslims with little fanfare.  There was no main stream media in attendance. Read More →

Before I begin, I must state that I found nothing to verify if Rep. Jim Jordan is culpable for the alleged failure to report the abuse of Ohio State athletes by Dr. Richard Strauss. Rod Rosenstein was lambasted by Jim Jordan during the House Judiciary Committee hearing.  Jordan was pressing Rosenstein on turning over political sensitive documents from the Mueller investigation, Rosenstein refused. Source: youtube.com It was obvious that Rosenstein was upset by the exchange. Read More →

The DOJ’s Sessions said “This year we are charging 601 people, including 76 doctors, 23 pharmacists, 19 nurses, and other medical personnel with more than $2 billion in medical fraud.  In this latest operation, with the help of our fabulous partners at HHS, we have charged another 162 people – including 32 doctors – with the illegal distribution of opioids.  This is the most doctors, the most medical personnel, and the most fraud that theRead More →

Kennedy was nominated by Ronald Reagan in 1987 and has been on the bench for over 3 decades.  He is consider to be a conservative but his viewpoint is to the left of Trump’s.  He has indicated that he would be retiring for the last few months.  He has submitted his resignation to be effective on July 31. Presently the court is comprised of four liberal leaning judges and four conservative judges.  Kennedy was theRead More →

After her victory over Sanford in the primary election, she was involved in a strange motor vehicle accident which left her hospitalized.  The car Arrington was a passenger in was struck by another vehicle which was heading the wrong way.  The driver of the other vehicle was killed in the collision. It seems odd that soon after her victory, she is a victim of an accident where a wrong way driver slams into the vehicleRead More →

After just reading about California senator Feinstein introducing a rogue bill to make felonies committed by immigrants with children, this new story broke concerning another California politician inciting people to harass anyone affiliate with Trump. Maxine Waters, a democratic representative who has been in office since 2013, has been an outspoken advocate of impeaching Trump.  She has followed the sage advise of not letting a crisis go to waste like Feinstein.  She got on herRead More →

Senator Feinstein has introduced a bill which legal experts believe would allow adults whom commit any type of felony in the US to avoid punishment.  The bill would only apply to adults whom have children, this is obviously her attempt to politicize the immigration fiasco.  As another politician said “never let a good crisis go to waste”. According to attorney Gabriel Malor, this bill would provide that “an agent or officer of a designated agencyRead More →

The ship full of migrants from Africa which was refused docking in Italy and Malta was given permission to dock in Spain.  The Aquarius was granted by the newly appointed socialist prime minister, Pedro Sanchez. To house the migrants, students at the La Florida dormitory in Alicante were asked to vacant their rooms which the students have paid 750 euros a month for rent.  The student were given 24 hours to leave and the provisionalRead More →

Since  the OIG report surfaced, more is being leaked to the public about the chicanery going on behind the closed doors of the FBI.  Based on Strzok being escorted out of the FBI building on Friday, the investigation maybe bearing fruit. Rest assured the public at large is waiting to see some results as it has been a long time since many have already been convicted in the public’s eye but none have been convicted. Read More →

This picture was leaked this weekend and has gone viral.  The photo is a disturbing shot of Obama dressed up like satan.  It was uploaded on instagram by Annemarie Hope, with the caption ‘Class and Grace, You are my favorite’. A search of Annemarie shows her to be an artist known for illustrating satanic churches.  Soon after it was posted, for unknown reasons she deleted the post.  She was questioned by her followers as toRead More →

Examining the above graphs, you will notice that both metal sustained a dip at about 8 to 8:30 AM.  Their normal modus operandi is to hit the market about 10 AM.  Why did they diverge from their standard plan?   Some point the timing to the release of the BLS report which took place at 8:30 AM.  By the way all times listed are EST.  The BLS report was the CPI for May 2018.  TheRead More →

Cypriot banks are auditing accounts of their Russians depositors. According to sources, the massive crackdown is due to pressure from Washington. The lenders are now requiring Russian customers to confirm earnings and tax payments. They are requiring documentation from bank statements, estate documents, title deeds of business ownership and details of their business activities. Prior to the crackdown, they were only required to produce a passport and utility bills. They have given their customers aRead More →

There are more and more victims targeted by these fake ‘abusers reporters’ listed on the Steemit Defence League webpage: Steemit Defence League https://justpaste.it/1jpbl See the screencopy below. These silly ‘abuse reporters’ report ‘spammers’ but they spam permanently. These silly ‘abuse reporters’ report self-upvoters but they self upvote all their own votes & comments. These silly ‘abuse reporters’ report members posting ‘short comments’ but they made themselves short comments. These silly ‘abuse reporters’ harass innocent membersRead More →

Japan has been working to find a way to clean up the damage left by the 2011 disaster. Up till now their efforts have been to say the least lacking. It is understandable that the clean up is no small task and there is no viable way to neutralize the nuclear waste but every since the incident, Japan has refused help from other countries. Their new idea to get rid of the contaminated soil isRead More →

souce:mercinews.com Untuk mengatasi dan mengantisipasi terjadinya bom di Gereja di Kota Lhokseumawe, Tim Brimob Dentasemen B Jeulekat Kota Lhokseumawe Aceh, melakukuan pengamanan terhadap ada indikasi terjadinya peledakan bom seperti yang baru-baru ini terjadi di Kota Surabaya beberapa waktu yang lalu. Kepala Denstasemen(kaden) Brimob AKBP Ahmad Yani melaui Kanit Jibon Aiptu Asep Mulyadi menjelaskan ini adalah perintah pimpinan untuk mengantisipasi terjadinya teror bom, dan memberikan kenyamanan umat Kristiani di sini(lhokseumawe) tetap merasakan kenyamanan dan aman dalamRead More →

already posted here : https://steemit.com/steemit/@camillesteemer/important-announcement-about-steemit-must-read-and-resteem-asap I’m back from holidays and what I see!!?? More and more trolls are flagging me! These trolls are really real sociopaths. I recommend them to go to see a doctor 😉 Unfortunately, there is no authority on steemit to stop them. I have heard about the  Steemit Defence League which has decided to fight these silly members. More and more members are aware about what they are doing to stopRead More →

The Department of Health and Human Services proposed to change a rule the gives federal funds through Title X to abortion providers. The change would severely affect Planned Parenthood as they are the nation’s largest abortion provider. Each year they receive between $50 to $60 million of Title X funds. With this rule change, they would be required to prove that their operation of providing abortions is separate from their other services. They would alsoRead More →

SAMUEL F.B.MORSE Adalah seorang penemu telegrap yang lahir di Charlestown Massachhusetts Amerika pada tanggal, 22 April 1791. ayahnya seorang pendeta di kota tersebut. Morse adalah tergolong anak yang pandai, ketika umurnya 14 tahun ia sudah memasuki bangku universitas dibidang listrik dan kimia pilihannya, akan tetapi dia lebih suka dan berhasrat ingin jadi seniman. setelah lulus di universitas Yale, ia pun pergi ke Inggris untuk belajar Seni, dalam beberapa tahun kemudian dia pun menjadi seorang pelukis.Read More →

A 42-year old Newyork-based lawyer,  Aaron Schlossberg, threatened the staff at the premises in Manhattan, a densely populated city of New York: “Your staff are speaking Spanish to customers when they should be speaking English,” he tells one employee. He said that he would call the US deportation agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). “My guess is they’re not documented, so my next call is to ICE to have each one of them kicked outRead More →

A Kent State University Biology graduate Kaitlin Bennett, who is 22 years old was carrying a AR-10 semi-automatic rifle strapped to her back and she posed for snaps while holding the graduation cap and the rifle. Later, she posted her photos on Twitter and said she was protesting against the university policy that does not allow the university staff and students to carry weapons on campus, but guests are allowed to carry them in theRead More →

Menghadapi tuan rumah Villarreal, di ajang pemungkas La Liga 2018, Real Madrid harus mengasah kekuatan tim dalam menghadapi laga selanjutnya final laga Campions. Walaupun Real Madrid tidak mempengaruhi posisi di klasemen. Pelatih Zinedine Zidane menjadikan laga ini sebagai ujian untuk final dalam laga Campions. Dalam laga ini antara Villarreal VS Real Madrid yang digelar di Estadio de la ceramica minggu 22/5, Cristiano Ronaldo kemungkinan masih absen karena masih cedera saat melawan Barcelona. Zidane mempersiapkan sikuatnyaRead More →

The Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) power plant lies near Leilani Estates where lava flows have destroyed several homes. Currently they have identified at least 15 fissures in the area. The plant holds tens of thousands of gallons of explosive fuel to run the plant, they are removing the fuel but it is a time consuming process. The plant was shut down after the eruption as they work on evacuating the fuel. The fear is thatRead More →

The Shanghai oil future contracts have gained 12% since the announcement of the US withdrawal from the Iran deal. It was to be expected as the majority of countries expressed their opposition to the US’s withdrawal. The International Energy Exchange (INE) futures increased by 250,000 lots, a record and doubled the volume posted the day before. The volume from the prior day was before the formal announcement of the withdrawal. It is yet to beRead More →

These two countries are taking diametrically opposed positions in regards to holding currency. Both Sweden and Iceland are on the leading edge of countries embracing the use of cashless vehicles like credit cards. But Iceland’s residents are also holding on to their currency. Since 2008, Iceland has ramped up their holding of currency. The cause is likely attributed to the financial crisis which resulted in three of Iceland’s banks defaulting and going bankrupt. Also IcelandRead More →

Memasuki masa politik di Indonesia bagaikan Bola api yang sedang bergulir, semakin panasnya persaingan antar kubu yang mau menduduki RI 01 membuat suasana politik di Indonesia semakin memasuki saat-saat yang krusial. menjelang PILPRES DAN PEMILIHAN LEGISLATIF tahun 2019 di Indonesia diwarnai berbagai problema kehidupan masyarakat yang semakin hari semakin hangat di bicarakan masyarakat, pembicaraan mengenai politik PILPRES dan PILEG di berbagai tempat dan situasi semakin menjadi bahan pembicaraan hangat oleh masyarakat di berbagai provinsi diRead More →

A 300 million yuan 3 year corporate bond has been floated on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. This bond issued by Hongshi Holding Group is for the funding of equipment for a cement plant in Laos. The cement is for use in the building of the one belt road initiative. The plant is expected to produce a daily capacity of 5,000 tons per day. With China’s newest project, to create a polar silk road the cementRead More →

Texas will open its own bullion depository this month bring back a vestige of the long gone days of the gold standard, in my opinion it’s about time. Hopefully it will have more physical gold than Fort Knox and Texas will allow it to audited. The Texas Bullion Depository will be the first state government owned depository. Customers will be able to deposit and withdraw their bullion AT WILL. This is already 1,000% better thanRead More →

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) sukses menaklukkan rival terdekatnya sekaligus juara bertahan Liga Prancis, AS Monaco, dengan skor yang sangat telak 7-1 sehingga berhasil tampil sebagai juara Ligue 1 Prancis 2018. Walaupun liga baru memasuki pekan ke-33 namun PSG sudah menyegel juara dan keunggulan poin 87 tidak mungkin lagi dikejar lawan-lawannya. Pada Pertarungan di Stadion Parc des Princes di Kota Paris pada Senin pagi WIB 16 April 2018 itu tuan rumah PSG membuat tim tamu AS MonacoRead More →

A group of west coast churches have made an agreement to stop calling police. They believe that calling the police only escalates the issue into violence. The church leaders have been encouraging their members to join them in their quest. Some are abstaining from calling the police even when the situation is a violent crime. They are challenging the methods of the police as well as the prison system. Volunteer leader Nichola Torbett believes thatRead More →

Persiraja Banda Aceh sukses mengamankan tiga angka dalam kompetisi Liga 2 Indonesia 2018 setelah di pertandingan pekan ke-4 sukses menundukkan tim tamu Persis Solo 1-0 di Stadion H Dimurthala Banda Aceh Jumat 11 Mei 2018. Gol tunggal kemenangan Persiraja Banda Aceh dicetak oleh Hapidin. Dengan kemenangan ini tuan rumah Persiraja naik ke peringkat 2 klasemen sementara Liga 2 dengan poin 7. Bagi Persis Solo ini merupakan kekalahan beruntun kedua tour Aceh setelah dipertandingan sebelumnya ditundukkanRead More →

Selamat malam sahabat stishit yang berbahagia dimanapun sahabat berada, salam sejahtera untuk kita semua… Liga 1 2018 telah memasuki pekan 8. Salah satu laga paling seru yang tersaji di pekan 8 antara tuan rumah Persib Bandung menghadapi pimpinan klasemen sementara Persipura Jayapura. Laga menarik ini akan berlangsung di Stadion Gelora Bandung Lautan Api (GBLA). Stadion yang berkapasitas 38 ribu penonton ini akan menjadi saksi pertarungan antara dua tim yang diunggulkan untuk menjadi juara Liga 1Read More →

Recently there has been several attacks on fiat cash transactions. They have been upping their game to make it convenient for people to avoid using cash. Some of these tactics began many years ago. I believe it started with direct deposits, this was first voluntary and soon became mandatory. Food stamps started with recipients getting coupons, this was replaced by EBT debit cards. Today we are seeing more self service check outs and a pushRead More →

Hello sobat stishit, kali ini saya akan memperkenalkan salah seorang yang bernama CLADIUS PTOLEMY yang merupakan orang yang pertama dan tak terlupakan dalam dunia Kartografi atau peta bumi. Dan ia dilahirkan di Alexandria sekitar 150 Tahun sebelum Masehi, CLADIUS PTOLEMY dikenal sebagai ilmuan yang banyak mengamati dan menyelidiki tentang alam semesta dan ia terkenal berkat tulisannya yang berjudul Geographi yang berisi tentang persoalan-persoalan tentang pemetaan, termasuk garis lbujur dan garis intang bumi, yang pada saatRead More →

Menjelang Pemilihan presiden tahun 2019 dinamika politik di Indonesia semakin ramai terutama sejak munculnya tagar #2019GantiPresiden, muncul nya tagar ini menuai pro dan kontra dikalangan masyarakat, sebagian pihak menilai hastag itu sebagai aspirasi politik masyarakat menjelang Pemilu dan sebagian pihak yang lain menilai sebagai manuver politik dan tentunya kemunculan tagar #2019GantiPresiden akan membuat proses demokrasi politik di Indonesia akan lebih indah jika disikapi dengan benar dan membuat kompetesi pemilihan presiden 2019 akan lebih hidup. YangRead More →

A source inside the White House told the Daily Caller that once Trump was informed about Kerry’s lobbying to keep the Iran nuclear deal alive, Trump’s mind was made up to withdraw from the deal. Since the inception, Trump was of the opinion that the deal was unfair but he was on the fence as to pulling the plug, until John Kerry’s lobbying. Trump twitted “The United States does not need John Kerry’s possibly illegalRead More →

Trump has denigrated this deal from its inception, now he pulled the plug. In his normal fashion, he left a door open for negotiations. It has become well known that he begins the negotiations making unrealistic demands only to reach an agreement by conceding the most egregious of the demands. Mnuchin followed with the announcement that “Sanctions will be reimposed subject to certain 90 day and 180 day wind down periods. At the conclusion ofRead More →

Venezuela entered into an agreement in 2016 with Gold Reserve, Inc. in regards to a cancelled mining project. Venezuela agreed to repay in monthly installments, they stopped making payments after the fourth quarter of last year. Gold mining companies have been forced out of the country and the only active miners are under the supervision of the army. This has left any profit potential from mining operations in tatters. Prior to the usurping of theRead More →

Argentina’s Mauricio Macri raised the country’s interest rates to 40% in an attempt to defend the peso. Over the past months, the rate has risen from 27.25% in April. The peso is slumping because foreign investors are moving their money out of the peso and converting it to dollars. They are seeking the increased rates offered by the US federal reserve. Seeing the peso falling, local Argentinians are following by converting the pesos into dollars.Read More →

Springfield Armory is a manufacturer of handguns and rifles. It was established by George Washington in 1777 to aid in the Revolutionary War efforts. Due to Dick’s announcement that is hiring lobbyists to focus on gun control legislation, the armory has severed all ties with them. Dick’s has retained three lobbyists to push congress to restrict the Second Amendment. Subsequent to the Florida shooting, Dick’s suspended the sales of assault guns and recently made theRead More →