Blockchain-based social media … is here, but still not … there. It requires work. I will list only a few where I made a profile, fund it and started to post. Just for the record, all these websites are blockchain-based and if you wish to participate, send a message, or sign a memo you have to fund your own stake. In the long run, this is ok, not much spam to start with, forRead More →

  The SpaceX keeps on lifting rockets, but little the people know how many of them fell down or exploded. This is a video that shows teh finest examples. I personally think that the detailed reports of the incidents should be put in a written form and shared around to the people who wish to know more about this rocket business. Future is not far away and flying around the planet in the lower orbitRead More →

FBI has issued a warning about IMs including FB Messenger being used by hackers to trick users into opening malicious links. The links send them to URLs that harvests their personal data. The hackers prompt unsuspecting users to open links with enticing questions like ‘Hey I waw this video. Isn’t this you?’. Curious people will open the link. Didn’t curiosity kill the cat? The most common ploy is a link that leads the user toRead More →

This form of artificial intelligence uses light refraction in lieu of processing numbers with algorithms. Back several decades ago, the cutting edge was a light computer. Mind that I read about this idea at a time before computers were ubiquitous. The prospects for a computer which is powered by light rather than electricity would theoretically run faster and cooler than one that used electrons. The light computer would have a light pump instead of aRead More →

When cars went remote, we all were pleased with the convenience in not having to try finding the keyhole when the lighting is bad.  Next they upgraded it so that you could not only unlock the door but you could remotely start your vehicle.  This was even better especially for people living in colder climates, they could start the car to warm it up and not have to go outside. All these conveniences are nowRead More →

Researchers have discovered a method to track information users enter on their smart phones.  The method involves monitoring the battery level, they attached a micro controller into the battery to record the levels. The information is extracted by analyzing the recorded levels and matching it against the amount of power used when pressing individual keys.  They claim that this technique allows hackers to record passwords, identify what sites you visit, when the camera is usedRead More →

  Here is my most recent contribution to Stishit (submitted for publishing). What is STISH? According to the Urban Dictionary, Stish is defined as “chill.” STISH on the other hand is a “cryptographic currency,” or cryptocurrency for short. It is a form of currency that only exists digitally (like Bitcoin), that usually has no central issuing or regulating authority, like a bank. Cryptocurrency uses this decentralized “blockchain” system to record transactions and manage the issuanceRead More →

Net neutrality is sidelined as of Monday, the law barred internet companies from throttling speeds of traffic and required them to treat all internet packets as equal.  It also restricted them from charging streaming providers an additional fee to assure that their video content was not degraded.   With the repeal of the law, this activity is now legal allowing that the internet providers post their policies regarding the handling of the information.  Some statesRead More →

About 35 years ago, IBM invented a scanning probe microscope. This opened the door for scientists to exam materials down to the atoms. After years of learning how the atoms are assembled to create the material, one scientist has been using the scanning probe microscope to build things atom by atom. Bob Wolkow, a physicist at the University of Alberta has the goal of creating microprocessors using this technique. His process involves breaking down theRead More →

Seorang ilmuan berkebangsaan Uni Sovyet Konstantin Tsiolkovsky yang sangat dikenal orang yang pertamakali menyelidiki roket secara ilmiah, Tsiolkovsky lahir pada tahun 1857, merupakan anak desa dan ayahnya mencari nafkah di hutan dan masa kecilnya Tsiolkovsky menjadi tuli karena komplikasi penyakit campak. Sehingga dia tidak dapat melanjutkan sekolahnya. Tsiolkovsky belajar sendiri dirumah dengan kedua orang tuanya. Pada tahun 1879, ia mengikuti ujian sekolah guru. Berkat ketekunan dia selama ini Tsiolkovsky pun lulus dengan hasil yang sangatRead More →

Titomic, an Australian company, claims to have the world’s largest metal 3D printer. The printer has a build area of 9 meters long X 3 meters wide X 1.5 meters high. They say even though this is the size of the booth, the build can be larger than the booth size. The printer works like other 3D printer, it layers material over layer building the piece to specifications. Instead of using metal powder as aRead More →

The answer to people whom live by busy streets or airports. These windows unlike the ones many homes have actively cancel out the noise. They are an improvement as they don’t rely on the thickness of the panes to reduce the noise. The noise canceling features of these windows are based on the same technology that noise canceling headphones use. The technology has been successfully employed in ear plugs, motorbike helmets, cars and anti snoringRead More →

Stanford scientists have developed a manganese hydrogen battery that is water based. There are many scientist working on a lower cost replacement for the current battery technology. The scientific community is working to deliver a way to store electricity that is economical and safe. As our society is growing more energy reliant. Energy from traditional sources is reaching a tipping point. Most of our energy is generated by non renewable source like coal or naturalRead More →

A nascent technology is researching encoding data into DNA. By encoding data bits into tiny molecules of DNA, they are hoping to fit entire data centers in a few flasks of DNA. They predict that it will be accomplished by the end of the decade. As the computer has evolved, there is a need for more storage. In the early years of computers, a few kilobytes were satisfactory to accomplish most programs. Today we theRead More →

What Is Bitcoin? As a brand new user, you’ll start with Bitcoin while not understanding the technical details. Once you have got put in a Bitcoin bill fold on your pc or portable, it’ll generate your initial Bitcoin address and you’ll produce a lot of whenever you would like one. you’ll disclose your addresses to your friends in order that they’ll pay you or the other way around. In fact, this can be pretty likeRead More →

INTRODUCTION FIRSTLY I WOULD LIKE TO DEFINE PLANING Planning refers to the process of deciding what to do and how to do it .Planing occurs at many levels, fromday to day decision made by individual and families, to complex decision made by businesses and government. WHAT ARE THE PLANING PRINCIPLES YOU NEED Good Planing Requires A Methodical Process That Clearly Define The Step That Lead To The Optimal Solutions It. Should be more comprehensive ItRead More →

IF you are Nigerian and you are on steemit looking for a means to withdraw your steem dollar to cash in a reasonable rate. I think this post will help you on ways to converting your SBD to Naira. . To Begin using the escrow service [email protected], you need to Join their telegram group that will connect you with different people who might be interested in giving you instant cash for your SBDs.follow the linkRead More →

If you want to sync your Github account with utopian all you need to do is to click the ‘Synch with Github’ button. If you are new in github and still dont have an account you can follow this step below. 1st click the link below to register an account. Fill up the form and click ‘Sign up for Github’ Now we’re going to complete our plan in Github. Check the Help me SetRead More →

All is well pressemman (29) in poet •  3 hours ago The world is topsy-turvy You don’t know what to do Just believe that All is well You are afraid Of what your tomorrow will be Just be sure that All is well Not that all will be well Be rest assured It will soon manifest All is well All cannot be well Except you do your best Then I assure you All is wellRead More →

Apple Corporation has just launched IOST(IOS Token) as their official cryptocurrency. Now we all know that apple is popular and within a short time people will want to invest in their cryptocurrency and then it will appreciate in value. So if you are wise you would participate in their airdrop now while it is cheap. Participating in the airdrop is free all you need to do is click the link below Note: you mustRead More →

This stishit buddy all this time I want to remind you again of one of the scientists who became famous for his scientific discoveries about the laws of gravity and the laws of motion. He is Isaac Newton born 25 December 1642 in Woolsthorpe a small town in England. Newton using his law of gravity can prove mathematically, the laws of planetary motion. And this law was once used as a foundation by the GermanRead More →

100%real oyinkan (45) in altcoin •  6 days ago SlideCoin™ Bitcoin Lock Screen – Android Apps on Google Play It is a bitcoin miner which uses the spare processing power of your device to mine Bitcoin How to earn through this app download slide coin on playstore. While doing registering with the app it will ask for refferer code In put this as your referrer code jul587 NOTE: its important to use referrer code WithRead More →

ENLTE is just like Steemit you get reward by sharing your experience and uploading pictures,you will earn money when people like your post , 01 JuLy 2018 ENLTE will launch its beta internal exchange you will be able to spend and transfer ENLTE coin after the launch. First Decentralized social Internet which will transform everything we do today Download the app and join the revolution Earn upto 500 enlte coins on registration as aRead More →

How to free online Earn you Billion Bitcoin Satoshes ?  So friends Let us start tips and tricks that how  can you online free earning money very fast or relabel  today I tell you all About method online earning free bitcoin some one Automatic making money example you say to Autopilot any how Automatic means without any works on site for example mining  sites mining sites is very benefit sites but you choice trusted paying site some siteRead More →

Hi there guys and welcome to tube machanics where I use my screncapture videos to show you the tools that …will make building and growing your channel a breezeIn todays video we are going to be looking at how to use other peoples videos on youtube without being …ponish by youtube copyright stirke.Here is a video I created and used a short video clip from one of the videos of a channel …called slow motionRead More →

how to free Earns without any works daily 5$ t0 30 $ How can you start making money without any works with sort links 3 way,s free earning for example links sharing social media or other,s and affiliate programs. first crested a Account any web site shrink a links post any wen blog. Signup today now?  More free earning to visit now this links. Tahnk you.Read More →

Hi friends friends there are some ERC 20 that is allowed, in short, among others Wallet IMToken. I also use this Wallet, I think is simple and practical, suitable for us active smartphone users. If the security problem is certainly fixed, I think if the security is not tested it is unlikely that PlayStor will allow it. That’s a simple logic from me. And here’s some evidence of tokens I’ve received on my MyTokenRead More →

Intel’s chip coming out later this year will have improved changes at the hardware / architecture level which will correct the flaw that allowed the Spectre and Meltdown viruses to affect the computer with Intel CPUs. They determined that the virus Spectre has three variants. The new chips will protect against variant 2 and variant 3 (known as Meltdown) but they haven’t cracked variant 1. The redesigned the processor by creating a partition and introducingRead More →

Tempat wisata yang indah bukan cuma alami tapi dapat juga tempat wisata buatan yang dijadikan suatu tempat rekreasi dan dapat memanjakan mata kita untuk lebih fress. suatu daerah akan menjadi sarana wisata yang menarik walaupun daerah tersebut tidak memiliki alam yang indah namun pemerintah daerah bisa membuat tempat-tempat atau bagunan-bagunan yang memiliki nilai seni tinggi sehingga dapat menjadikan destinasi wisata.Read More →

Hai sobat SteemThat kali ini saya perkenalkan Jam Gandang yang terkenal di padang kebetulan saya sempat berkunjung kesana. Jam gadang ini dibagun pada Tahun 1926 sebagai hadiah dari Ratu Belanda kepada Rook Maker, yaitu sekretaris atau controleur saat ini Kota Bukit Tinggi pada masa pemerintahan Hindia Belanda. menara jam ini dirancang oleh Arsitektur yang bernama Yazid Abidin Rajo Mangkuto. peletakan batu pertama dilakukan oleh putra Rook Maker yang masih berusia enam tahun. dan menghabiskan biayaRead More →

BOART atau perahu atau dalam bahasa jepang disebut booto. ini adalah salah satu alat transportasi laut, atau untuk mencari ikan atau juga digunakan untuk pengangkutan barang,dari zaman old hingga zaman now perahu ini tetap masih eksis dipergunakan masyarakat khususnya yang berada di pesisir pantai, hingga saat ini masih menjadi primadona bagi masyarakat khususnya dalam mencari ikan. bagaimana sobat SteemThat apa kalian pernah naik perahu ini kalau belum boleh dong dicoba sesekali, saya yakin detak jantungRead More →

San Francisco – The moon will get a 4G mobile phone network next year, 50 years after the first NASA astronaut landed on the lunar surface, the Daily Mail reported on Tuesday, February 27, 2018. Vodafone Germany, Nokia and Audi say they work together to support missions that allow rover (moonlight) to communicate with each other. If it continues, it will also allow high definition live streaming of the Moon landscape to Earth. This isRead More →

Apple is rumored to be adding an array of audio accessories its made. This time, the company is reportedly wanting to launch headphones with capable capabilities. According to AppleInsider report, this news first glide from KGI analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, which is often provide leaked around the latest Apple devices. Not only that, the leak is usually also fairly accurate. Quoted from The Verge, Tuesday (27/2/2018) this headphone will certainly have a better ability than AirPods.Read More →

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp (NTT) has developed an eco-friendly battery. They claim the battery can be disposed of in soil without harming the environment. Conventional batteries contain zinc alloy, rare metals and other materials which are harmful to the environment. The eco-friendly battery contains fertilizer and natural elements which will not harm the soil. To test if the battery is environmentally friendly, they smashed the battery into small pieces and buried the pieces inRead More →

Things You Will Need To Set Up Your Wallet If you need an ERC-20 wallet this is the easiest to get set up… Visit to get your wallet now. Here is a video that shows you how to setup your wallet for New TOKENS like Stish. You will need to send a small amount of Ethereum in your wallet address. If you do not have any coinbase or changelly sells it fast. $20 bucks of EthereumRead More →

Graphene is a sheet of carbon which is one atom thick. At the University of Central Florida they are working to improve the light absorption of this material. Graphene doesn’t do well at absorbing light, it absorbs about 2%. Initially they tried to embed metal particles in the fabric but this did not improve the absorption rate. They came upon the idea of altering the shape of the material but not the composition of theRead More →

crypto3.0 light speed to the moon and back instant

Cloud Banks Will Be The Wave Of The Future And Crypto3.0 Light Speed Will Be At It’s Core. Crypto3.0 Light Speed Is A Super Crypto Currency Infrastructure Built Off Of Futuristic Technologies That Have Yet To Be Developed. As Soon As They Are Developed Crypto3.0 Light Speed is determined to have the ground breaking team of experts waiting to develop Cloud Banks That Unify All Crypto3.0 Light Speed Based Crypto Currencies. Each Digital Currency ThatRead More →

Who Steemit

Who Started And Who Steemit Questions So who really started Wouldn’t you like to know. Much like bitcoin the real founder of remain a mystery… Ok so it isn’t a mysterious figure or group that created Even though many might not know exactly who created it this information is not too hard to find. According to wikipedia which practically knows everything about everything. Steemit was developed by 2 guys who wereRead More →