Colleges Offer to Take Percentage of Future Income


Colleges are offering an alternative to students whom don’t want loans to pay a percentage of future salaries.  This trend is likely to continue as more potential students are realizing that a diploma is not garnering the pay level it once did.  So called prestigious college / university names are not commanding the livable salaries they once did.

Now there is a different paradigm where knowledge is once again becoming king.  Up to now, the king was nepotism, having the right pedigree, having the right friends etc.  As the economic base sinks, people are coming to the realization that connections, networking etc. are not comparable to performance and the actual knowledge to make things work.

Family is important but to rely on these ties to succeed is a mistake.  The English royals tried to interbreed to keep the bloodline pure, all this accomplished was to create a race of inbreeds.  To expound, inbreeding is anathema to progress.  In short, human evolution is to isolate and inhibit the recessive trait and to promote the dominate trait.  This will provide the species the best chance of survival.  By going against the ‘Natural Law’ is to ask for failure.

Colleges / Universities are about to become passe, their usefulness has passed due to their greed.  Education is essential but at what cost.  The point where the economic cost exceeds its potential value has be breached.  Educators have exceeded their value and should be reigned in.  Tuition costs have exceeded the rate of inflation and the return has fallen so it is no longer economically viable to pursue a classical education.

The blatant audacity displayed by so called professors trying to dictate the thoughts of their students is deplorable.  Education is to elucidate the student’s ability to think rather than to control what they think.

I anticipate that higher learning centers will evolve into an online environment and the over bloated faculty will be left unemployed.  There is no way a thinking student would sacrifice their future earnings to a antiquated educator.

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Well the problem is that college isn’t for making money, it’s for getting an education.

A lot of students enter college thinking if they just get that name on a piece of paper they are set.

Life is about results, and people want people that can produce those results. I think tuition isn’t the problem either, I think it’s cost of living that’s the problem. I think you get what you pay for and the private schools do a good job of subsidizing the low income and highly gifted.

I hear more of a problem with there not being enough spots and I know or hear plenty of parents willing to pay full freight to send their kid off to a name four year. Higher education is a commodity and a luxury in the United States.

3 weeks ago

Also schools get their money in the form of alumni donations from the most successful so in a way they would just be shifting the investment costs if they became more selective and offered that opportunity to the best of the best.

I received a tuition free education at both schools I attended, but cost of living in California made my college years hard.

3 weeks ago

When you say "Well the problem is that college isn’t for making money, it’s for getting an education", are you referring to the school itself or the student? The first part of the statement seems to refer to the school, how does a student make money attending school. But the schools are certainly making money. Check out how tuition has grown over the past decade. The second part appears to refer to the student. Many students aren't getting the skills needed to get a viable job once they graduate. Perhaps, I read to much into this statement. Prior to the economy's slide, just having a college degree meant higher earnings but now this is not the case. A student needs to be more or less productive without a long learning curve to assimilate to the hiring company. When companies are paring down their workforce they are less willing to take on a graduate that isn't a pretty good fit for the position. I agree with you that higher education is now a luxury. I don't believe that there is a multitude of parents that can afford to pay the freight. The decision to go to college is becoming more financial. In the past, many of us going to college ate ramen and had to live with few dollars. For me, I was working two jobs and sometimes three jobs to make ends meet. But I was willing to make the sacrifice as when I graduated I could look forward to a higher paying job. I don't think this is still true. I would advocate today's student to seek an online education and

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3 weeks ago

AI (IMO) will only work when people have no emotions or free will. AI primarily is algorithm based and there is no way of coding emotions or free choice. To code for free choice, you need to take the output of a random number generator and filter the result based on historical trends, sort of like an educated guess. Currently there is not a way to input all the variables. Somewhat, that is why I'm interested in learning about quantum programming. As far as emotions, it is similar but involves more variables like how a person feels because it is a sunny day versus it is a rainy day or a person was just fired from a job or they just won the lotto. I'm sure you get my point. Since you're son is now just as smart as the average college educated person, maybe I should be talking to him. LOL

3 weeks ago