Contest – Critical Thinking – (The Washing Machine) – 23 May 2018

The Task

Dear critical thinkers,

Please read the passage below and give the best possible answer from the following options:

The passage

LG SIGNATURE TWINWash is a new washing machine model that can be considered as one of the best models so far. It comes in three colors including white, grey, and silver. It seldom makes any noise while working, and above all, it comes in two types: front loading and top loading.

The above argument is weakened because it failed to mention:

  1. How well the machine washes clothes
  2. How much KG can it hold
  3. How much electricity it uses
  4. The specific sizes available
  5. If it included a dryer

How to enter?

Please visit my post on Steemit and follow the instructions to participate.


The contest will be closed on 28th May 2018.

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