Create Your ERC-20 Wallet For New Coins Easy

Things You Will Need To Set Up Your Wallet

If you need an ERC-20 wallet this is the easiest to get set up… Visit to get your wallet now. Here is a video that shows you how to setup your wallet for New TOKENS like Stish.

You will need to send a small amount of Ethereum in your wallet address. If you do not have any coinbase or changelly sells it fast. $20 bucks of Ethereum will help you make trades down the road.

Your New Ethereum Wallet Address Will Start With 0X.

You can send Ethereum or ERC 20 tokens (such as Stish) built on Ethereum to this new address. 

Ethereum is not required but highly recommended to have some in your wallet. Ethereum does require you to pay fees to transfer the funds between members. These fees are referred to as gas fees as if their miners use gas fuel to do the mining or verification of the tokens!

This video is good too in case you need more detailed info on setting up the custom tokens like Stish:

To set-up your wallet for Any ERC20 You Will Need A Few Things For The Custom Tokens Area:

  • Stish Contract Address: 0xb472C71365eF9ed14226bB0AA4C9a3Fa45EcE510
  • You will need the name of the Crypto: Stish
  • You Will Need The Decimals: 4

Once setup you should be able to see that your tokens are in your wallet. The way I look at is in my real world wallet I usually had  slots for bills. One slot I used for small bills like 1,5, 10 and then the other I put 20,50, 100. It helped me to organize my funds.

Update to post: The MetaMask Browser Extension or Plugin now allows Stish and other Ethereum Based Tokens to be sent directly from MetaMask. There are also many mobile apps that work with Stish and other Tokens now!

About the author: binkley

Founder of Stish crypto and and the up and coming and Stish Stash crypto for gamers. I have worked on many projects over the last few years and none bring more joy than helping others here at Stish is now traded on


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