Creation of The Universe

Some may ask how does God create worlds and universes, i.e. this temporal existence. I believe the new physics gives us an insight into God’s methods. The big bang which began our universe was caused by a large quantum fluctuation. These fluctuations are believed by some cosmologists to be power spikes in a tremendous quantum field of incredible intensity. Since there are undoubtedly many of these power spikes, and at the top of each powerful enough spike is a created universe, there are probably many overlapping sister universes to our universe in existence at this very moment. They are separated from each other only by the different quantum time value that each universe possesses. Thus we can not see or sense them nor can they see or sense us.

You may ask how does God fit into the overall scheme of these things. I truly believe that the energy that creates and drives this quantum field issues forth from the mind of God even as He speaks the Word. All quantum phenomena is created by God. The physical is the result of an outpouring of the spiritual, though not in a pantheistic way. The beauty of God and His methods is that while we may seem far removed from where God is, He is only a prayer away. He loves us and cares for us, who believe on His dear Son.

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This is very interesting to prove the existence of God thru Quantum Physics. I have heard lectures on the Proof Of The Existence of God Due To DNA and The Mathematical Statistically Improbability That It Could Just Randomly Occur.

10 months ago

I understand your theory but I have a question. When you refer to 'overlapping sister universes' are you referring to a multiverse. There is a theory of parallel universes where we exist simultaneously on different worlds, this happens when we make a decision. When a decision is made, our lifeline splits and we now exist on two different worlds. I have researched this because it boggles my mind. I am still on the fence as to how it is possible. Some of the theories I can wrap my head

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10 months ago