Facebook Account Hacked

Source: telegraph.co.ukJasbir Mann’s facebook account was compromised and he found more than 100 fraudulent payments adding up to about 12,000 pounds. He admittedly stored his debit card details on the site. Under facebook’s systems once a purchase is made, future authorization for payment will not be requested. He discovered the fraud when he found 110 transactions to a online gambling site which he had never used or visited. He contacted the bank and his card was cancelled. The bank advised him to remove his card information from the website. Initially facebook began to reimburse the monies taken but then the reimbursements stopped. They reimbursed him about 1/2 of the money he lost. He checked his facebook account and initially all the 110 transactions were listed. He contacted facebook and raised a dispute, after this he checked his account and all the transactions were erased from the site. He received messages from facebook requesting more information about the fraudulent payment and referred him to a link which Mr. Mann said “didn’t work”. He complains that Barclays (his bank) nor facebook was very cooperative in assisting him in recovering his money. After 2 months, facebook finally reimbursed him in total.

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