Holy Spirit in the Church

Dear beloved, you need to have an understanding of the church, the body which you belong. The church consist of all regenerated souls, each one redeemed by the blood of Christ and transformed by the Holy spirit. Without the holy spirit, there will be no purifying church, for the Holy spirit is the sanctifying power of the church, which is the body of Christ.

Members of the body of Christ are expected to live a new life in Christ which is sustainable by the enabling power of the holy spirit. Therefore there is no subject that is of greater significance above the person and work of the holy spirit in the body of Christ.

If you are a member of the leadership of the church of Christ, you need to cooperate wit the body of Christ to solve the problems of individual members of the local assembly. That is the reason the holy spirit must be the best companion of everyone in the position of leadership . The Mission of the church is to prepare and make the body rapturable according to Ephesians 5:25-27. The church must look unto Christ and not unto person.

And for the members of the body of Christ to be glorious without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, then the Holy Spirit must be allowed to do the works of purification in a believer’s life, in preparation in preparation for the rapture. Are you a member of the body of Christ.

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