Homeschool Dad Sues Government

Hal and Michelle Stanley of Arkansas learned about child protective services (CPS) the hard way.  About 2 years ago state officials abducted their children at gunpoint and held the children illegally for months on frivolous charges.

The alleged charges were due to the family possessing a non FDA approved dietary supplement known as Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS).  MMS has been known to cure serious conditions like AIDS and cancer.

Health Impact News states “At issue are allegations that the government agents violated several Constitutional rights, such as due process, familial association, and unlawful seizure, based on the First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendmens, and that those involved with taking the children lied to the court, fabricated evidence, and suppressed exculpatory evidence”.


Per the family’s attorney, Joe Churchwell “We are seeking redress because we are entitled under the law, we will be seeking injunctive relief to force the government to recognize the Bill of Rights.  We’re not doing this because we want to or because we think we’re going to get rich.  This isn’t simply a lawsuit, this is one part of the campaign for accountability and one step in the journey to take back our families’ right to be families”.

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