When I Look At The Numbers Just For This Year Mainly It Is Heavily Lopsided.

These screen shots are of unique IP addresses and the amount of traffic we are sending and receiving. It isn’t all of the traffic but it has trended this way almost from day one. We need more Support from #steemit but how?

Here is our top current uniques for this year and where they come from…

Where Our Traffic Comes From.png

You can see that Search engines are driving most of the traffic to our website still. All Organic For The Most Part. Almost 2200 Unique people so far this month. We plan on doing some advertising in February if funding allows for it. Steemit sent nearly 300 people mostly from our own posts. About 96% if you drill down into it came from our own posts.

Now Lets Look At How Many Uniques We Have Sent Steemit?

We don’t have any tracking system to determine how many people sign up, or use a promotion service or lease steem power etc but we are sending solid traffic…
we send to steemit.png

We see from this image that it is almost a 3 to 1 difference in the amount of traffic we send them verses Steemit sending to us. With Steemit having a much larger website and 1000X the membership you would think the traffic flow would be the other way around.

How Can We Change These Numbers?

One thought I had was to add incentive for anyone who Publishes articles about https://SteemThat.com. We have set- aside 1 Million Steemish Tokens for Marketing Purposes and what better way to promote the brand than to have people try it, write about it and earn Steemish Tokens for doing so.

Let’s Make It Official – Earn 10 Steemish Tokens – You Will Need A Compatible ERC-20 Ethereum Wallet To Receive Them. If You Do Not Have One We Have A Guide For Setting One Up. https://stishit.net/create-your-erc-20-wallet-for-new-coins-easy/

Join https://SteemThat.com and try out the Social Portal And Tools. Look Around Join Some Groups Chat With People, Make Some New Friends!

Then write an article about your experience on Steemit.com you can even include your affiliate link if you want to and earn even more EPOS rewards from SteemThat. Message me on [SteemThat.com[(https://stishit.net/profile/binkley50/ ) with the link to the Steemit post in the message along with your Compatible Wallet Address!

If you have some other cool ideas we would love to hear about them. Drop me a message in the [Social Portal]
(https://stishit.net/profile/binkley50/ )

We Rarely Show These Numbers But It Is Impressive How Much Actual Activity We Have And Time On Site…



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