How I create the Steemit Post payout articles – a video walkthrough



Here’s a walk through of how I create my Steemit post payout reports.

Things you’ll need:
1) Google Drive – (for Docs and Sheets)
2) a account
3) The for Google Docs Add-in

Link to my Data Source Google Sheet

Link to my Report Template Google Sheet


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Eric Binkley

This video is sharing some secrets! Who would just give away so much valuable information to help a fellow Steemian? jmcgready that is who! Watch this video and follow him now on and

5 months ago

Excellent video. I will need to watch it a few more times to understand the steps. This is what I have been trying to learn. Thank you.

5 months ago
Daan De Weerdt

Really well done!

5 months ago