How To Set-Up Curation For Using AutoSteem.

autosteem first things first

How To Set-Up Curation For Using AutoSteem So Easy In Under 5 Minutes!

This is your ultimate how to guide that will help you on your steemian journey. If you have read articles about curating or upvoting and are trying to earn Steem Power And SBD from curating on on then this how to guide will change your life.

Manually Curating is an obvious way to do things as you can leave comments too and you do want to interact with people. That is what is truly all about. This guide to curating on use AutoSteem will take you step by step to setting up an Automatic curation tool. The best use case for this is to make sure you do not forget or miss a favorite Authors post. In addition to this we at publish a list every month of the Top Curators if you are just in it for the money!

Now Let’s Look At How I personally have Set-up AutoSteem.

First of all I would like to thank AutoSteem and team for building this powerful tool. When we first started this was the first really good free tool for setting up Auto Curations. It has so many more useful tools now that we could literally write posts about each feature in it’s on post. Feel free to do this and publish on if you would like. I must be honest and say that we currently do not use this tool as we host another customized script on a paid server that handles all of our sophisticated needs. After doing this tool review and seeing all of the new features we might make the Switch back soon to save resources as AutoSteem has made a lot of amazing improvements.

First Things First Visit AutoSteem And Click Setup!

This is so easy now and I literally set-up AutoSteem in less than 5 minutes. Wow I’m impressed. Here is what it looks like:

autosteem first things first

Then you will want to click options. After you click options a screen will popup asking you for your username. You do not need the @sign here. You will need to navigate to your wallet and then click Permissions and then click Reveal Private Post Key. You will need to copy your private posting key and enter it like this:

steem that autusteem-setup-options

The Settings Are Pretty Easy To Set-Up And Should Be Done As Soon As You Arrive To Get You Started Fast…Don’t Leave Just Yet There Are More Critical Steps You Need To Know….Keep Reading! You’ll need to set-up Filters!


Your voting filters are super important. Until you set-these this free curation tool that might be the absolute best most valuable tool next to will not start up and run for you.. You must click Vote Filters and set these up…I’m not going to leave you hanging without an explanation and a screen shot of exactly how I would set this up. Let’s keep reading and see my top secret steemit curation strategy using AutoSteem curation app.

how to setup autosteem-settings-you-need

Read This How To Setup Auto Steem Image And Learn Exactly How To Set-up This Fantastic Curation Tool…The above diagram tells you everything you need to get started. Once you are set up you can come back and easily tweak these settings for your optimal performance. We would set ours up this way because we want most of our voting power to be used on Members of that use the Auto Share feature. At the beginning of this post we share the link to our TOP Steemit Curators list. We update this list every month and sometimes more often than that.  You can use the search bar at the top of our pages to check for a new Top Steemit Curators List or check the blog from time to time.

Now That You Have These Setting Set-Up, What Is Next?


It has happened so many times to people I felt I had to let you know. Once you make changes just be sure to press START! You can see That I set my Manual Voting to 10%. This is for just when I manually vote from with in AutoSteem. I’ll explain about this more in a minute. If you have made it this far and pressed START then you will be voting soon…One thing to note about all of this is the way that your Upvote Power is Depleted Over Time.

When I first started all of these terms were greek to me and I was lost.. Lost is an understatement scompletely in the dark with out a flashlight and no battery power on my phone. Let me give you a quick explanation of your voting power. I will not get into all of the details but this is important and a basic concept about it so that you don’t get super frustrated.

Every time you vote you lose a little Upvote Power. You start at 100% upvote power. The amount of your upvote is determined by how much Steem  Power You Have! You can check your steem power at Your Upvote Power for new folks cannot be changed while voting from within most platforms/portals like steemit until you reach over 400 Steem Power. Once you exceed 400 actual or leased steem power you get a slider that allows you to adjust the Power of you upvote… This is one advantage also to using AutoSteem. You can set your power of your upvote.

Still Confused? Let me explain a little more… This is important so you can adjust your settings later on as you grow… Let’s look at an example to explain this… Let’s say you have 1000 Steem Power. You purchased some Steem and Powered It Up Into Steem Power or you have been writing alot of great high performing posts. When You Cast An Upvote at 100% Power the person gets about 0.100 SBD in Upvote. If You had the slider or set your Voting Power % to 50% you would give 0.050 SBD in Upvotes if you kept your Maintained Voting Percentage At 100%. If you were to set your Maintain Voting Percentage To 50% and your Voting Power To 50% And Your 100% Upvote At Full 100% Power was 0.100 Then Now Your Upvote Would Be Worth Half and then Half Again so 0.250 SBD is what your vote would be worth… I know this is still confusing as heck but over time as you actually do things you will one day the a light bulb above your head and it will all make sense.


  1. Reason once you click the start button and don’t see anything happening it might be because you don’t have much voting power because you have been casting 100% upvotes and you can only do so many per hour as it depletes pretty fast when you are newer. Steemit did this to prevent people from just mass upvoting everything.
  2. If you don’t start to grasp how your Voting Percentage Power And Steem Power works you might get ripped off by some apps and tools that promise the world but really just want to steal what small amount of power you do have. Some tools try to get you to join up and if you quit so what. They got your info and your vote for their posts and their friends for life essentially. Do you want a trip to the moon? They will promise they can give it. AutoSteem has never once abused my account and stolen my votes! I can’t say that for other services and that might be why they are never listed here or talked about on this website. It isn’t because I do not know they exist. It is because I know what they are really doing. 

You See More Cool Things That Look Awesome! So Do We!


AutoSteem Has Went Through Some Serious Updates Since We Last Used This Tool. For A Free Tool This Is A Feature Rich Tool That Every Member Of Steemit and should be using. One really cool feature I like is the Quick search by photos. Being able to quickly search by photos can help those that hate reading find content that might be of interest to them fast. Checking comments and your followers and more is very awesome features too. Check it all out and once you feel confident that you have learned exactly how this tool can benefit you and others. Feel free to write your own guides that highlight each feature.

This is so cool…


You Read On And Need The Full Story…Let’s Fully AutoMate AutoSteem Curation!

Once you got everything else above finished up you will need to click the followers tab and then click LOAD FOLLOWERS in the top left of the page… In the blink of an eye the page will start loading all of your followers. On the right hand side you will see Show List For Copying..Click That Blue Button and Select your follower and right click and copy these names.


This is Exactly How We Set Up Our AutoSteem Account To Auto Curate For Steemit. 

Now that you have your followers copied click on Set-up again and then on VOTE FILTERS.  Now We WIll Setup The Advanced Option. See the graphic below in case you forgot what it was you were looking for…Now click Configure and let’s look at how we set ours up. This is the place where you can paste the others names that follow you which you recently copied. You will want to add specific authors here as these will be the accounts that you want to make sure you upvote their stuff. Our SteemThat Curation Team Looks for the tag also to verify that they should Upvote. Without the tags we assume you do not want the autoshare feature to work on the post. Here is what ours looks like:


For this set-up we chose all tags as that is probably what you all need to set-up. You could select certain keywords if you say just want to upvote posts that use the word Crypto or Spam etc. You can set a min reputation at what ever level that you like. We support alot of new members so 25 Reputation will cover the new folks to If you are curating strictly for profit you will want to set-this number higher. I prefer that all post have at least one Image. This is simply because the posts with no images will usually be new folks and they will likely not get many upvotes. You can set-up how to filter your competition with max votes and min votes. You can also set-up your minutes in delay. Some say that before 15 minutes they do not get as much curation rewards. Others say that you should wait 30 minutes. The exact wait time isn’t known. You can play with these setting for a unique performance.

Thank you for growing. We know that when you grow we all grow!

If you have not added your profile link to your profile you are missing out. How will others be able to connect with you and setup their Auto Upvoting?

Want to see it in action! Check This Out….If after a few minutes you are not seeing any action you might want refresh the page…


Once The Criteria Is Met You Will See A List That Starts And Pops Up! Look At This….

Notice The Green 15 Minutes Ago in the Forth Row and the column on the Right Under Created In The Above Snapshot… This one turned grene because it is about to be automatically upvoted because it met all of the criteria we has selected. So Cool Everyone!


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