The Sun Sets

Upon The Golden Sand

We SIt Together

Hand in Hand

We Gently Embrace

& Look Into Each Other’s Eyes

i Wonder If U Are

An Angel in Disguise

U Hold Me

Like There’s No Tomorrow

i Suddenly Forget

The Past Sorrow

i Kiss Ur Soft Lips

& U Kiss Mine

i Never Knew

Loving Someone Could Be This Fine

U Pick Me Up

& Carry Me to Our Room

Oh How A Love Can Blossom

& A Heart Can Bloom

Ur Touch is So Gentle

But Ur Hands So Strong

How Could A Love Like This

Ever Go Wrong?

My Heart is Beating

200 Times A Minute

Becoz My Love

U Are in It

The Sound of Ur Heartbeat

All Through The Night

We Fall Asleep in Each Other’s Arms

& Wake to The Morning Light

i Look Into Ur Eyes

& This is When

i Say “Thank You!”

For Teaching Me to Love Again!!!

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9 months ago