Thank You!

The Sun Sets

Upon The Golden Sand

We SIt Together

Hand in Hand

We Gently Embrace

& Look Into Each Other’s Eyes

i Wonder If U Are

An Angel in Disguise

U Hold Me

Like There’s No Tomorrow

i Suddenly Forget

The Past Sorrow

i Kiss Ur Soft Lips

& U Kiss Mine

i Never Knew

Loving Someone Could Be This Fine

U Pick Me Up

& Carry Me to Our Room

Oh How A Love Can Blossom

& A Heart Can Bloom

Ur Touch is So Gentle

But Ur Hands So Strong

How Could A Love Like This

Ever Go Wrong?

My Heart is Beating

200 Times A Minute

Becoz My Love

U Are in It

The Sound of Ur Heartbeat

All Through The Night

We Fall Asleep in Each Other’s Arms

& Wake to The Morning Light

i Look Into Ur Eyes

& This is When

i Say “Thank You!”

For Teaching Me to Love Again!!!

About the author: rohu03

...God Made Mud...
...God Made Dirt...
...God Made Steemit...
...So Rohu Can Earn...


We have an awesome collection of artists. Paint and brush types, photographers, graphic, musicians, writers, poetry experts, Sculptors, and more. I say thank you for writing and publishing.

10 months ago