I’m Not Alone!

Responding to the “Say What’s On Your Mind” (as asked within this blank text box), I can do just that. I wish I could still do that over on Steemit but… everything I do there now is censored. I just tried to post something there and was basically denied access to posting (masked as a network error). I have known others who are prevented from uploading any new content, even on Dtube, which is a separate platform from Steemit. Even when I post a comment on someone else’s post, I get flagged. When I attempt to upvote someone, it gets blocked, so I can’t even use my voting strength for the good of others. If you are on Steemit, know this… Steemit has become an overly censored and CENTRALIZED platform that is designed to make the early adopters even richer, while minnows and new investors struggle. And when you finally realize what is happening and voice your opinion, your opinion is silenced. When certain whales see something they don’t agree with, they can shut you down at will… it’s that simple. Why?… to protect their self- interest of course! Do your homework… your due dilligence, as this has become the way of #Steemit, CENTRALIZED and CENSORED… so be careful what you say. I am not alone!

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This is sad but very true. It has come to my attention as well though I am currently not being blocked or censored I have met many that are being blocked or censored and not just for talking about the platform but a few really bad actors. It appears that the bad actors outweigh the good actors enough so that most of the ones left using the platform will be the bad actors. Many people have been bullied for various reasons. Craig Grant was promoting bitconnect but even prior to this was being

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This is a very informative post.

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