Intel Claims Hardware Chip Fix

Intel’s chip coming out later this year will have improved changes at the hardware / architecture level which will correct the flaw that allowed the Spectre and Meltdown viruses to affect the computer with Intel CPUs.


They determined that the virus Spectre has three variants. The new chips will protect against variant 2 and variant 3 (known as Meltdown) but they haven’t cracked variant 1. The redesigned the processor by creating a partition and introducing new levels of protection, this works against variants 1 and 2. This new design will be incorporated in the 8th generation Core and the Cascade Lake Xeon.

Regarding hardware fix for variant 1, they are still working on a solution. As for existing CPUs, there has already been software patches released. They will continue to release updates when and if they discover new fixes. They advise users to keep there software up to date.


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Its fun to discover more fact about technology its mean even how hard intel have made their tech its seem still vulnerable to viruses threat..

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Hreat thing.

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