Japan to Build Road With Radioactive Dirt

Source: asia-pacificresearch.com

Japan has been working to find a way to clean up the damage left by the 2011 disaster. Up till now their efforts have been to say the least lacking. It is understandable that the clean up is no small task and there is no viable way to neutralize the nuclear waste but every since the incident, Japan has refused help from other countries.

Their new idea to get rid of the contaminated soil is to use it to build new roadways. This idea is so far fetched, reports from 2017 found that the radiation levels at the site were as high as 530 sieverts per hour. A level of 5 sieverts per hour is proven deadly to humans within a few months, a level of 10 sieverts per hour will kill you within a few weeks. The soil within a few mile radius of the plant will likely have levels of 5 or 10 sieverts.

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I think it is not a good idea to build roads with Radioactive dirt, so dangerous.
11 months ago
vsrsatish I wish the Japanese government could figure that out. Thanks for reading and commenting.
11 months ago