# There are many things we are always working on.

The main thing I look at is will it help a Steemian Grow. It Yes Then We Need To Write About It Or Try To Implement It. Not everything makes it onto the website. The tools being built around the Steem Blockchain are advancing so fast our old Profile Feed Of The Bots Which Used to Be Cutting Edge Is Still There but now has a link to SteemBotTracker. Like many tools that solved a problem there is never ending advancement around the Steem Blockchain and if there are easier to find solid guides and docs I’m sure there would be even more. We have a few things planned to be on chain once we finish the hybrid build of SteemThat.com.

Hybrids builds have their advantages too. Many website are using their existing proprietary platforms especially in the social media space and then implementing a tokenization strategy. Telegram announced they would be building a hybrid build recently. https://SteemThat.com is a hybrid build utilizing existing technology and integrating the new blockchain technology where available. One thing we recently did was Create our own community CryptoCurrency Called Steemish traded with the symbol Stish.  We launched this to help fund a Whale pool for minnows and also to help fund further development of the platform. We are working toward not only including Steemit posts into SteemThat.com but eventually dtube, dsounds, and others…

If members have multiple social media accounts on the Steem block chain we would like to through our social portal allow members to add pages that feed their content from these places. Better than that we would like the community to be able to upvote and comment and resteem from SteemThat.com. We will aggregate the content and have a true social community around users content. It is a brilliant Idea.

We are using an in-house rewards points System Called Steem That Tokens to reward members for a limited time for using the Website. These tokens can be exchanged for Block Chain Crypto Currency Called Steemish Traded On Radex. There are a limited amount of SteemThat Tokens that will be distributed. Once they are gone or we reach our target users and activity we will slowly fade out the free Steem That Tokens. It is a way to help people get started using crypto currency and Steem That.

We have already started adding 50% of All Steemish Sales Being Used To Fund The Whale Pool also known as Curation Specialist Accounts or CSA’s. These CSA’s will support all members of SteemThat.com but when you purchase 100 Steemish or more you get added to the Favorites Section and receive higher Uvpote percentages. When you purchase 1000 Steemish or more you get added to a special whale bot called @SteemThat that reserves power for these supporters. All Members Currently Get One Post Per Day Supported. As The Accounts Grow Stronger We Might Be Able To Increase The Amount Of Posts Or Increase The Amount Per Upvote!

Steemish Tokens Have Real Value Also As They Will Gain People Access To The Higher Tiers Of Curation, Plus They Will Be Used To Purchase Renwals To The List And Also Will Be Used To Buy Featured Post Space. Other members will see you have a featured post and support it because they know the higher the support the more demand and the higher the Steemish Tokens will Go as Supply Is Limited!

# Steem That Is Helping Steemian Grow! It Is Your Community And You Can Help It Grow Faster!

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Great Question. For Now You Have To Send At Min 100 Steem That Tokens to @stishit which is the central bank of SteemThat.com. With Your Etheuem ERC 20 wallet address in the memo or send the tokens via the transfer page under buy tokens up top then message me with your Address. I'll verify the Tokens were sent, Burn them and then issue Steemish. It is a manual process but is only for a limited time as Steem That Tokens Will Run Out Or We Will Integrate Steemish or Automate it at some point.

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