Hello Dear ones…
Just to let you inform of what is going on on Mother Earth..

Cosmic energy has been at an alarmingly high intensity for some weeks now, and it is likely that many people are feeling frazzled and exhausted.

Are you feeling those kind of things in your life actually?


> Pressure headaches and general aches and pains, mainly in the stomach (solar plexus) area.

> Flushed, dizzy, or nauseous.

> Having difficulty focusing, experiencing confusion, or having a “foggy mind.”

> Feelings of intense hunger or thirst.

> Extreme fatigue, exhaustion, lack of energy, insomnia, disturbed sleep patterns.

> Seemingly out-the-blue bouts of irritability, frustration, sadness, nervousness, anger, worry, fear, grief, and overwhelm.

> Heightened awareness, enhanced intuition, having insights that seem to appear out of nowhere.

>Premonitions, intense dreams, or nightmares.

> Physiological symptoms may manifest, such as, flu-like symptoms, ear ringing, or aches and pains.

> Frequent anxiety, stress, or feeling panicky without clear reason.

> Temporary loss of memories, forgetting things, misplacing items.

> Seeing and feeling energy such as orbs, sparks, or flashes of light, noticing energy warming the palms of hands.

> Appreciation that all life is sacred.

> Noticing synchronicities, i.e., certain number patterns reappearing.

> More consciously aware of other people’s energy fields and highly sensitive to negativity.

> Wanting to spend time alone, introspection.

You can read the entire article for more informations about that following the link here >>>> https://www.elephantjournal.com/2018/03/major-solar-storms-causing-anxiety-fatigue-powerful-energy-shifts-march-16th-26th/

Don’t worry.. be happy .. the world is changing for a better one <3

with all my love
Kalhiade ((d(^_^)b))

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