Millennials Leaving Bank Jobs


Today’s younger generation are going to the easy money.  They are leaving their full time day jobs at banks to pursue their fortunes working part time trading cryptos.  Asim Ahmad is one such Brit, he left his investment job at Blackrock to trade in the crypto market.


He decided to leave after he made a great bet on Ether.  He invested about $13,000 when Ether was priced around $10.  Ether is currently priced a little over $500, at one point Ether was selling for over $1,000.


He said “The one day volatility of my portfolio is higher than my salary, so if I get a few investments right then I’ll have made the same as my yearly wage.  Everything else on top is a bonus”.

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the dawn

its good sign

2 months ago

Hard to tell. One side is that banks are getting into cryptos, this I see as not good. Banks have a history of bilking the market and I have to assume that their involvement will pervert any chance of the crypto market staying un-manipulated.

2 months ago
death cloud

Crypto is winning big or lose all from my opinion.

2 months ago

I share your opinion.

2 months ago