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Bali officials are preparing for Mt. Agung’s eruption, they have closed the airport and they have ordered the evacuation of villagers living in a high danger zone.  The region is experiencing hundreds of tremors daily.  It is not clear when the eruption will occur, according to Bali’s governor, it could be hours or weeks away, but it is imminent.

The largest concern is the size of the eruption.  If the size is great enough, it will cause global cooling.  Global cooling follows when the volcano expels so much debris into the atmosphere that it works to block the sun’s rays from reaching the earth.  This results in many devastating catastrophes from decreasing global temperatures to major food shortages.  Speaking of cold temperatures, I just read where they are warning England of a polar vortex which they predict will cause many deaths and this is with Mt. Agung yet to erupt.

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