My Name Mustakim. Introduce Myself For Steemthat

My Name Mustakim, im joint stishit,

i know stishit from my teacher alpasee09. he explained about stishit. and I am happy and happy to be in this community.
for me, this is an amazing community that brings together world creators to imagine and develop creative and innovative ideas

I thank Eric Binkley very much, because after I read his post I became more understanding stishit and how to use it.

I fully support Eric Binkley’s steemthay project policy and I am ready to contribute my energy to the success of this project if Eric Binkley is prepared for it.

I want to exist here rumored to the world under the world community in the era of globalization has a brilliant idea and brilliant.

greetings from me, Mustakim, From Aceh, im I am an economist in my area and fond of studying journalism and programmers world.

My Photo, to Introduce, STEEMTHAT




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Great to see you here, buddy !

9 months ago

Nice new entry in stishit

7 months ago

i welcome you for nice future

7 months ago