Naked Bacon

Bacon that does not use nitrites during the curing process, is hitting the stores in the UK but at a cost.  Lowering the nitrites also reduces the chances of a consumer will develop bowel cancer.  The World Health Organization said bacon, sausages and ham were among with cigarettes, alcohol, asbestos and arsenic were the most carcinogenic.

Naked bacon has been produced by a northern Irish company, Finnebrogue, is free on the harmful nitrites.  The product will be available by January 10, 2018.  Unfortunately, the bacon costs about twice as much as the regular bacon.  The reviews on twitter are mixed.  Primarily they reflect the cost rather than the product.  Speaking for myself, I would save the money and risk the consequences.

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We had some bacon but it wasn't naked. Yummy still though.

11 months ago

I like bacon no matter how is comes, except if it's not cooked. lol

11 months ago