It has come to the attention of the SteemThat team that there are some abuses of the system. We do not wish to implement a ton of rules but we will have to layout some rules to avoid some scammers and spammers.

All new blog posts submitted via the Publish link ( ) will have to be approved by a Moderator. Blog Posts Should Contain Some Content. The social portal is appropriate for a simple picture.

Many have been spamming the blog posts to earn rewards and this is not acceptable. You devalue the currency you seek making it worth less and less. Some platforms do not care about spam, and scam but we do.

Furthermore the exchange from Steem That Tokens to Stish will become more stringent as we track the origination of your SteemThat Tokens. If they were earned from scams they will not get exchanged. There is no way to hide this as there is a public ledger that the bots can scan quickly. Manual review will also be done to confirm.

Why Cheating The System Is So Bad And Is Theft From Others!

It is not because you are simply getting Stish that others should have earned. The problem is that by creating spam posts and adding no real value to the platform with blog posts that have little to no content devalue existing currency in circulation. So you steal the value from people who earned or purchased Stish legitimately. By creating spam content or low quality one line articles and earning rewards you cheapen the whole platform and cause the value to be lower for yourself in the future. Create High Quality Content Only.

Being A Part Of SteemThat Is A Privilege.

This is our formal notice of zero tolerance to spam and scams. We will take every effort and measure possible to include the best of the best in our Social Media community. Quality specification have been laid out in blogging rules and may be modified as needed to improve the content created on

  • We can do great things together but we must act like a team building something for the future.
  • Short simple posts and pictures can earn rewards through the social portal.
  • allows many writers and social media users a way to earn some rewards for their contributions.
  • Quality content is subjective and we are not here to moderate quality in that sense but we will not tolerate single image posts with no content or worse, no content at all.
  • We are not building a scam platform.
  • reserves the right to ban a user or remove content it considers spam, scams, plagiarism, junk, extremely low quality,offensive content or illegal content. Members contribute to the review process by reporting content.


All Blog Article Posts Published To Will Be Reviewed. Serious Content Contributors May Receive White Listing Or Added Bonuses In The Future. Thank you for keeping free from junk!

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For the sake of deciding upon rules ... I'd suggest more of a declaration of the character of the community we are attempting to build. The culture itself won't appreciate people who are a detriment to that, and a slow shift naturally doesn't feel the same as a rule change to attempt repairing human nature. I'll point to biblical Law; the only directives are based in trying for a culture of "Be honest, Be nice, Give the benefit of the doubt, See Innocent in the guilty, confess guilt in blamelessness, love your enemy, love your neighbor." and not a lot else. Any hint of confusion, and the guideline is simply an argument. Does that make sense?

5 months ago

this is best social media platform I have ever come across is nice n ok. friends I will like to be enlightened more on it.

5 months ago

I think rules are what makes every community a better place for all. Thanks for the reminder.

5 months ago

Should we get on the Steem Blockchain? I mean incorporate everything to run on chain? Should that be our main focus for version 2.0

5 months ago


The future of money

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Apr 07, 2018

Helen Partz

By Helen Partz

Soros Fund Management Plans To Launch Cryptocurrency Trading, Report Says

9277 Total views 374 Total shares

Soros Fund Management Plans To Launch Cryptocurrency Trading, Report Says


US investment fund Soros Fund Management, which currently operates about $26 bln in assets, will reportedly be investing in cryptocurrencies, despite the fact that the head of the fund George Soros earlier claimed that crypto is a “bubble”, Bloomberg reported Friday, April 6.

According to Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter, Adam Fisher, who is responsible for global macroeconomic investing at Soros Fund Management, has already received internal approval for cryptocurrency operations, but he has not started trading yet.

In a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Jan. 25, Soros argued that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) cannot be considered currency due to their volatility, and that their value is speculative:

“Bitcoin is not a currency because a currency is supposed to be a stable store of value and the currency that can fluctuate 25% in a day can’t be used for instance to pay wages because wages drop by 25% in a day. It’s a speculation. Based on a misunderstanding.”

While criticizing the major

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5 months ago