Pigs Fed GMO Corn

Jerry Rosman was a pig farmer, he also grew corn to feed his stock.  In 1997, he got involved in producing GMO corn because he was an avid follower of biotech.  In 2000, he took notice of his stock being plagued by false pregnancies.  When the sows went into labor, they gave birth to a sack of water instead of piglets.

He researched to find the reason for the false pregnancies and his research led him to the corn he was feeding his stock.  He noticed when he discussed the possibility that the problem may be the GMO corn he was met with harsh opposition to the point of being bullied.

In 2014, a Danish farmer plagued with deformed and stillborn piglets discovered that glyphosate was the culprit.  The problem for the Danish farmer was rectified when he reverted back to feeding his stock conventional feed.  For Mr. Rosman, he ended up losing his career as a pig farmer.

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