Plunge in Cold Water Relieves Pain


An article in the journal BMJ Case Reports indicate that a plunge in cold water may offer relief from severe pain. They concluded this when a patient whom underwent a surgical procedure which resulted in severe post operative pain. They had prescribed pain killers and they had little to no effect on curbing the pain.

The patient complained that he was unable to do his rehabilitation exercises due to the pain. He said that any movement made his pain worse.

Prior to the patient’s surgery he was a triathlete and had competitively competed in open water swimming. He had a thought that a swim may take his mind off the pain. Since he was finding no relief from the medical options he decided to give it a shot.

He went to the place where he practiced for his previous competitions and took the plunge. He was pleasantly surprised to find when he was in the cold water he lost all sense of pain.

The doctors were unable to pinpoint the cause for the cessation of the patient’s pain. They proposed several explanations but they were not conclusive. Most of the explanations were specific to a person’s psychological make up rather than a physiological process. In other words, it might work for one person but not for another.


Personally, I know of headache cure that works for me. It may seem like a old wives tale but again it works for me. I don’t take aspirin as it upsets my stomach. So I was told that if you take some paper toweling, just a small piece (like a 1/4 inch square). Moisten the piece and stick it to your forehead. When the piece of paper falls off your forehead, the head ache will be gone.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy but I swear it works (for me). I believe it diverts your attention away from the headache and you think about the piece of paper. While you are distracted, your body is working to correct the problem that is giving you a headache. By the time the paper falls off, your body has corrected the problem.

That’s my opinion and I don’t know if it will work for everyone but give it a try and find out if it works for you. Or you could go take a cold plunge in the lake.

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