Road To Glory, Never Been Easy, And Will Always Be Rough. My First Blog On Stishit


The road to glory has never been a easy or smooth one, in fact, often time it is one of the roughest and bumpy road ever, the ultimate consolation for the ones that endure to see out the bumpy road get to achieve the goal or the glory. I believe everyone on this platform agree to this.

I want to you this article, my first on Stishit to remind, encourage and inspire every individual and Stishit that whatever we are passing through now is our/the rough road to our glory, we just have to endure,

“…weeping may endure for the night, but joy cometh in the morning”, Psalm 30:5.

I want to remind us all of iconic and historical figures that endured the trying time and achieved their greatness.

Joseph the dreamer: I strongly believe majority on Stishit must have read the story of Joseph, son of Jacob (Israel), either from the bible, other religious articles and novels. Joseph was meant to be great, he saw this himself through repeated dreams, but it wasn’t like a stroll in the park for him, he passed through life trials, from been sold by his own brothers, to been falsely accused of attempted rape, and to been imprison for about two years in Egyptian. Joseph after all eventually became second in command to Pharaoh in the whole of Egypt, and it took thirteen turbulent years from time of Joseph’s dream to when it came to realization, all this trying times, Joseph never lose hope, he endured, we should emulate.

N’golo Kante: As a sport lover myself, you should all understand why i included a sportsperson as one of my case study. Ngolo Kante, a Chelsea Fc of England and a French national team player. An accomplished world cup and English premier league winner, one of most sought after midfielder in European football circle. It wasn’t this rosy for Kante from the beginning. He lost is dad, a migrated Father from Mali at age of just 11 years, as it were, he had to support his Mom financially by picking trashes and refuses in exchange for money from recycling companies. All these time Kante had a goal of becoming a footballer and he never looked back on that goal.

Colonel Harland David Sanders: Colonel Sanders the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC), can be boldly called an accomplished business man, but we all read about his earlier failures in life. He lost his dad too at age 5 years, school dropouts at age 16 years, by age 17 years he already lost about 4 jobs, already married by age 20 but got separated soon after. Despite all these set backs, Colonel Sanders rallied, brought back wife and child and eventually founded what has become household name in fast food business.

Sirimavo Bandaranaike, Sri Lanka, (World first prime minister 21st July, 1960-1965) and Vigdis Finnbogadottir, Iceland (World first Democratically directly elected President 1st Aug 1980-1996). The old folks among us will quickly remember how these two iconic women made history by becoming what they became in the world of men as it were then. If anyone think that was an easy feat, they should ask Mrs Hilary Clinton of the United State how easy it is to win such a powerful position in a men dominated ground. These two ladies were determined and focused, Mrs Bandaranaikes’ husband was murdered prior to her election, it made her even more determined.

I can go on and on mentioning these iconic and historic great men and women that never gave up, the long and short story of it all is all these great people passed through the dreaded rough road and conquered.

I recently read from @binkley blog how Stishit has been under attack from rivals, they must have seen the potentials in Stishit. These are trying time for Stishit, and with the likes of @binkley and others entrusted with the running of Stishit not resting on their oars, Stishit will pull through and will attain it’s greatness.

It is @peman85 first blog on Stishit, I am Nigerian base in the city of Lagos, a graduate of mechanical engineering turned business man. I still hope of going back to practicing engineering someday soon. I hope i did everything ask of me as far as the rules of blogging and rewarding is concerned. I will sure get accustom with the tools use in subsequent blogs, i hope i will be forgiven if i used any wrongly now.

Thank you all.

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love everything pets, arts,sports (football especially), adventure, and lil of every other amazing stuffs
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peman85 Congratulations on writing your first blog post here on Stish It. I have been a member of Stish It since close to the start and just made my first blog post. I do more microblogs and writing comments. I think it is cool that you are from Nigeria. I actually have a few on-line friends from Nigeria and help admin Nigeria Citizens Action Network which is part of the Find Nigeria CAN on Facebook.
5 months ago
thanks sire, "Nigeria CAN" you say...right away
5 months ago
I like simple, and effective... platform growth is the ultimate goal
5 months ago