Simple philosophy of Life & time!

My favourite quote about life
“Life is like ice, use it before it melts”
My teachers repeatedly teach me that life (& also time) is like ice whether we use it or not it melts, so we should better use it before it melts completely.Time is also slipping away like ice is melting away, so we should not waste our precious moments of life & try our best to use them in not only the service of humanity but the whole universe. Our decision of using it or not will not affect the passage of time but it will only affect us.
So use it and get benefits from it before nothing left for us.

I also found some resembling quotes.

& this is also my favorite one.

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But often we are wasting time of life that is not fear

7 months ago

Yes that's true but I hope we will get through it

7 months ago

I hope so

7 months ago