Derby Della Madonnina or Derby Di Milano or simply put Milan Derby is an Italia Serie A football match between two city of Milan rival clubs of AC Milan and Inter Milan. A rivalry that started right from when Inter Milan was formed. AC Milan was founded in the year 1899, and just after the turn of the century, there was a disagreement within the board of the club on the number ofRead More →

  Greetings fellow steemians!!! So here we have again another selection for another week… Third week experimenting with reinvesting past post gains to increase exposure and revenue…I is sad because steem price sunk just now lowering the gains of this post, dunno if just are my post but everything seems like a lot less active lately…meh anyway I said I keep continuing with this experiment for 2 more weeks so let’s how it goes thisRead More →

  Adidas & Puma are amongst world giant sport wear companies, not until recently, i never knew they were siblings, and i am sure there are others like me that are in the dark. The Dassler brothers Rudolf ‘Rudi’ (the eldest) and Adolf ‘Adi’ (younger) are the co-founder of DASSLER BROTHERS SPORT SHOE COMPANY as far back as the 1920s, in the Bavarian town of Herzogenaurach, Germany. Dassler logo & Shoe back in the days…Read More →

Wow! ‘Be The Change’ Feat. Darren Claxton will be aired on BBC Radio today! I AM SO EXCITED!!’Be The Change’ Feat. Darren Claxton will be aired on BBC Radio today!Click The Pick To Tune In This morning I sent a message to my besty @d-vine telling her that our song ‘Be the Change’ Feat.Darren Claxtonwas chosen to be aired on BBC RADIO today.This is just Amazing news and only 4 months since they played my song ‘Breathe’ on the showI onlyRead More →

ew Rosemary Bonsai Here’s my lovely little Rosemary Bonsai tree. It’s around 4 years old now and is happily in its new home! Bonsai herb plants are really great and especially if they have a wooody stem. What kinds of herbs can you use for Bonsai? There is an almost unlimited variety of herbs to use for Bonsai. The choice depends on what you like, and what is available to you. Especially Rosemary and ThymeRead More →

Click to read on steemit Greetings fellow steemians!!! So here we have again another selection for another week… This second week experimenting with reinvesting past post gains to increase exposure and revenue, I also managed to lease 1000SP for another 12 weeks, covering the remainder of the year 🎉 (yeah only 12 weeks away from 2019) and my previous lease will last until the October 27th so I’m currently on a 2000SP boost, woot! soRead More →

Hello dear reader! I start a series of articles, about crypto-related stuffs, what i find on Steemhunt, on a producthunt platform, where i’m a member, and i can dig cool stuffs. If i’m a boring person, i write to “my top5 hunt today”, or something like this. But isn’t top5, it is the topCRYPTO. Of course, you can do it yourself on Steemhunt, there’s hundreds of products each day, but if you are interested aboutRead More →

  The road to glory has never been a easy or smooth one, in fact, often time it is one of the roughest and bumpy road ever, the ultimate consolation for the ones that endure to see out the bumpy road get to achieve the goal or the glory. I believe everyone on this platform agree to this. I want to you this article, my first on Stishit to remind, encourage and inspire every individualRead More →

Hello dear reader! I start a series of articles, about crypto-related stuffs, what i find on Steemhunt, on a producthunt platform, where i’m a member, and i can dig cool stuffs. If i’m a boring person, i write to “my top5 hunt today”, or something like this. But isn’t top5, it is the topCRYPTO :)This article is more teaser, less review, and this is a pilot-article, so i may need some upgrade at time 😉Read More →

Tesla-brand tequila ‘Teslaquila’ is ‘coming soon’ says Elon Musk. First mentioned as a joke earlier this year, the Teslaquila is going to become a reality. The distilled agave liquor was filed for a trademark in Friday and it is for sure that Tesla intends to develop the alcohol brand. Safety aside, but how fun is that. The application for this booze comes oddly close to the timing of Tesla’s SEC troubles and Musk’s private caseRead More →

  Greetings fellow steemians!!! Yep yep it’s Sunday thus time for another round of art promotion, I’ve been analysing things and I think that instead of granting @steembasicincome shares, it would be best if use the earnings to buy upvotes now that it’s marginally profitable again this might help to increase post notoriety, I’m gong to experiment with that at least for the next 4 weeks and see how it works out, I’m also tryingRead More →

My First Blog Post, Again I know it is hard to believe that I have yet to publish my first blog post here on Stish It.  Actually, I have written a couple of blog posts but for some reason I have not been able to get them published.  I am not sure if it was operator error or a program error.  I just know that a lot of time in thought and research went somewhereRead More →

The mythical being, the Metatron is the highest of two angels close to the throne of Almighty mentioned in some scriptures. According to one story, the Metatron was created by Almighty as an angel with the highest level of responsibility. In yet another story it is speculated that the Metatron is, in fact, a human ascended to heavenly throne and as such has an ultimate priority over all other angels and celestial beings. He isRead More →

  Inside Your Soul   Inside Your Soul was written at the height of my breakdown, depression and anxiety back in 2013/14. It stayed on the pages in my book of stories (Lyric book) and never emerged until earlier this year. There are many songs in that book that still need to see the light of day, but I’ll hopefully get round to recording as my Whaleshares, Steemit, and Choon Journey continues. I hope you findRead More →

  The SpaceX keeps on lifting rockets, but little the people know how many of them fell down or exploded. This is a video that shows teh finest examples. I personally think that the detailed reports of the incidents should be put in a written form and shared around to the people who wish to know more about this rocket business. Future is not far away and flying around the planet in the lower orbitRead More →

For over two years we watched the progress of our new mall being constructed. The compiled video was a culmination of nearly two years of videos. I’m surprised with myself that I actually organized them all in one place for future use. Finally the mall opens and we get to take a look around on the inside. Handyman will obviously be my favorite store while Greenwich Pizza might become a favorite lunch spot. McDonalds hasRead More →

My wife and I stay in a condominum complex while living here on Guam and because my wife talks to animals, they all tend to congregate at this very spot on Earth. Well, they don’t actually talk to her, but she’s been known to carry on a conversation now and then. She’s always been drawn to animals and they are to her also. If any of you are familiar with Ellie Mae Clampett from theRead More →

  This is a comical reply to one writer from another writing page whose funny post inspired me to write this. Questions are by the author and the answers are my imaginary constructs of God’s thoughts. Of course nothing of this is serious, but still… This God in my sketch is a universal creator, unrelated to any religion in particular, besides my own. Questions/ Answers Why am I always last in the queue when theRead More →

What is the truth in the life sometimes ( and most of the time) is not pleasant, fair or flattering? In some moments it is even outrageous. 💠 Now, why is that? It is not about the truth, it is the recipient – we have scruples, expectations, dreams, ego… You name it. We deserve better, more, everything… It is normal. Nature programmed us so that we survive and not extinct on some level. We wouldRead More →

    Being a part of many websites is always challenging and the biggest problem is not to spread too thin. Others told me it is not, but others are probably less needed than me around my place. They can easily spend an entire day writing, playing and doing whatever for no one to ask them anything. I would say that time schedule is the biggest issue here because I have to decide where toRead More →


The Top 4 Reasons You Should Participate Stishit In A Nutshell: We add a layer of incentives and a supporting ecosystem to accelerate growth in nascent content creators, who are motivated using gamification and awarded monetary value provided via secondary market token economics. Stishit is a distribution vehicle for the Stish cryptocurrency!  Stish is not a concept ICO with zero development and no roadmaps or game plan. Stish has developed almost all of its core platform andRead More →

Fire signs are crazy, flaming, reckless and friendly. They will do everything for others, spend thousands of the dollars for the new shoes, a good party and probably invest in some crazy thing that has no future. They are all the perfection and the imperfection of this world, and whatever they do they do it with the royal quantity of the passion. I write the horoscopes for fun, not as a real astrologer but asRead More →

Greetings fellow steemians!!! So here we have again another selection…so soon? yes as I said before I want to keep this as a Sunday weekly post although some times due to some circumstances it may get delayed some days in the week, there hasn’t been much activity lately due of the post HF20 chaos which now seems to be giving way to a more stabilized steemit, voting power costs seemback to normal values so weRead More →

Click on the picture to hear the track Delicate Calls is an ambient soundtrack of unknown genre. It has elements of Massive Attack and Portishead with that Trip-Hop kind of vibe. It was written as I improvised the String parts on my vintage Yamaha SY 88 synth. There were only 5 tracks used in total, the drums were a loop that I made using the inbuilt touch sensitive pads, on my Porta-Studio. Tambourine and DarbukaRead More →

Greetings fellow steemians!!! So here we have again another selection for this new week. Posting this late as I was AFK Sunday and Monday and then got caught up with the HF20 upgrade which didn’t allowed me to post anything because I had negative RC/mana lol…things seems to be getting moving so that’s why I’m posting it now…nothing else to add.   Now lets continue with this week’s curation, If you like the post pleaseRead More →

Greetings fellow steemians!!! So here we have again another selection… Nothing much to add from my part so lets go directly to the artists promotion.   If you like the post please consider resteeming to spread the word and increase notoriety 😉 TY. 🎨 CLARIFYING NOTICE: This post only promotes my TOP 10 favourite artworks posted on Steemit in the last week(s?) and haven’t received the attention I think they deserve. I know there areRead More →

If you have been getting banned from using Steemit or interacting with the Steem blockchain and feel like you are being scammed you are not alone.  You might have recently been feeling scammed when you logged into steemit and seen a message like this: Your transaction failed to process Why? You’ve run out of Resource Credits Actions such as posting and voting use computing resources, placing a real cost on the community members who runRead More →

When creating posts on Stishit for blogging we want to have an easier time when users want to edit those posts. So perhaps they are reading the post after they submitted it and then they see a typo and want to edit. The current process is that all Posts are listed under “Write Articles” tab in the main navigation of the website. This is the blogging portal really. You can see your posts, you canRead More →

In my last blog article here on Stishit, I explained the converting of my blog/vlog to a new name along with a change in domains. While I would never want to do that again (intentionally), the process is almost complete. Except for facebook dragging their feet on my page re-name, all that is left to do is create a new YouTube trailer. Until then, this modified version will have to do. Thanks to all StishiansRead More →

Family time Isn’t Just for Fun — It Also Has Some Serious positive Benefits for all. Round up the troops! Family meeting time is valuable time. Chatsworth House Gardens As much as I love music and creating songs, I’m firstly, a proud father with a beautiful family. I have one of each brand, with their own unique quirkiness and personality. My eldest and most favourite son is 8 years old, very academic and a veryRead More →

  Free Your Mind Here’s the next track from our new music project Broken Ocean. ‘Free Your Mind’ is a dance track that David had created and sent over to me this past Sunday. I quickly got to work on writing some lyrics and recording the vocals with added 3 part harmonies for the finished track. This really is so far detached from my usual ‘Folk/Indie style but, I’m finding a whole new range inRead More →

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has announced the first passenger for the first private SpaceX flight around the Moon to be – beyond a surprise – an insanely rich Japanese fashion designer and founder of Japan’s online fashion mall, Zozotown. Image source Now, everyone knew this is going to be some rich guy taking the first seat with an upfront payment because Musk couldn’t possibly acquire that much money to build a cutting edge carbon basedRead More →

Introducing BROKEN OCEAN ‘Stay Where You Fall’                                Listen and Tip us on CHOON – Stay Where You Fall Here’s the first track from brand new music project ‘Broken Ocean’ And it’s being released exclusively onto CHOON and shared here before anywhere else. Darren says:It all started a few weeks ago when myself and David were talking about the possibility of workingRead More →

The previous week was rather hectic to me. I had stuff done at home and also some of them were about my kid’s school and also some less happy health issues with my folks. I hope all of that will settle down, so we can all resume doing what we love, and not what we have to. Strange, isn’t it, I don’t even bother talking like this to anyone around me, because some people ageRead More →

For Dissemination to Stishit Membership…please bear with me while I make some blogging/identity changes. While some folks might experience a “mid-life crisis,” I have been experiencing an online identity crisis. I originally started out here as “Retired in Samar” because of my long-time blog of the same name. Since I have decided to enjoy living on two separate Pacific islands, I felt the need to re-name the blog (the purist in me told me toRead More →

retiredinsamar (55) in philippines Addressing Mendicancy In a country that boasts a population of over 101 million people, of which over 25% of the population lives below the poverty line (based upon a monthly per capita income of P10,534), it is not a big surprise to see beggars in the streets of nearly all cities and villages throughout the Philippines. Actually, it should be expected. While there is an existing national law that prohibits theRead More →

The actual title of an article was ‘Tesla had a scandal-free week, and the stock gained 12 percent’ but in fair translation it would be Elon Musk not granting some pedestrians an opportunity to irk his flakes up the ‘zucking’ ceiling… I would like to say the dandruff, but then again, all those sassy libel cases..Didn’t that guy ‘fagottized’ Musk, just before the subject of the graphical imagery decided to go full Monty and demonizeRead More →

  Bitcoin dominance has reached its highest point this year, currently it’s sitting at a whopping 58% of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization. While many altcoins are currently deep in the red, Bitcoin is holding on to positions above $6000. Bitcoin might be one of the few coins able to retain most of its value, that doesn’t mean we’re out of the bear market just yet.Read More →

We Want To Make Your 2019 New Year A Blast! Stish will be sending out 1 Million Stish to encourage trading in 2019 after the end of the Token Event. Only people who fill out a short form will be added to the list. Members of the Stish community already receive some Stish from rewards credits when they are involved in the community.  Stishit and Stish have a lot to offer the community and weRead More →

Thorny Waves I created this lyric as a metaphorical way of describing moods and life’s little moments. We ride the waves, sometimes they’re calm, sometimes they’re treacherous and sometimes they’re just downright ‘Thorny’ with spikes of bad feeling and awkwardness thrown in for good measure. Lyrics Sail away the thorny waves Comfort me today Riding on a sea of dreams Waving once I’m freeTravel to a time before You always seem to be Happiness wasRead More →

Some days you must pay the piper when living in a tropical paradise, and today is that day for us here on the island of Guam in the Western Pacific. This afternoon, we are literally hunkered down while Typhoon Mangkhut passes just to our north across the Marianas Island chain. The eye of the typhoon is just under 100 km to our north and thankfully, this typhoon has weakend slightly as it makes its approachRead More →

Greetings fellow steemians!!! Another selection for a new week, I think that Steem reached a lowest low yesterday ☹️ even after having recovered some ground the weeks before, well this has me put thinking that since I started with this promo post series, my upvotes have increased a lot in value, allowing me actually do more voting than sharing the post earnings, so I think it would be better if I stack the little STEEMRead More →

Stish Token Event Launches

You might have heard people around the office or on tv or social media talking about cryptocurrency and wondered what it was. Cryptocurrency got its name possibly from the cryptographic technology used in part to create it and that the first popular use for this tech was currency like. I write currency like because most crypto currencies are not really like currency at all. Sure people trade them between other and sometimes for good andRead More →

Bruce Lee – Kung Fu/Wing Chun Legend – source Bruce Lee was a famous martial artist, actor, and philosopher who was born on November 27th, 1940 in Chinatown, San Francisco. He was raised in Hong Kong, but later returned to the United States for college where he studied philosophy at the University of Washington. Bruce Lee began teaching martial arts, and opened his own school where he trained some of Hollywood’s leading men. It wasRead More →

Best Token Ever Stish

Stishit Looks Ahead To A Bright Future Where Social Media Rewards Platforms Are Built Around Quality People Passionate About Building Micro Crypto Economies. Stish is an excellent cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain. It has some real fuel that will push it into a whole new world soon and likely dominate the social media rewards space. Sure there is competition and everyone shilling their own tokens but Stishit doesn’t just let you use their tokenRead More →

Changed Again       Listen now on CHOONS    The beauty of writing your own songs is that, you can reconstruct them, change the mood and totally transform them into a different musical beast altogether! Somehow True has been one of those song that’s been a WIP (work in progress) since 2014.     This new version is rough around the edges but is finally somewhere close to what I was hoping for. SpendingRead More →

‘The Tale’ is a story about a retired and burnt out musician that finds himself back in the norm. he slowly fades back into life and reminisces about his time on the road. It’s a sad fact that this will happen to possibly 99% of successful musicians on the planet. I’m no statistician, but that’s probably not a bad estimate. I hope you enjoy this acoustic laid back song. Lyrics The wanderer returned with aRead More →