Social Faucet

Stishit wants to help many of you get started with cryptocurrency. Each member receives several light wallets that they can use to receive faucet rewards.  We are building a micro crypto economy and that means we need multiple ways for people to achieve success.

Stish Faucet


Watching The Videos On This Page Actually Fund The Faucet. Keep the faucet dripping and even maybe crank it up from time to time by watching the videos on this page. Thank you.


We Will Start With Ethereum Classic And Over Time Either Build Multiple Faucets For Each Currency or Random Rotate The Faucet Payouts.

You can claim again in:
Probability Ether Classic reward
94.00% ETC 0.00010000
5.00% ETC 0.00100000
1.00% ETC 0.01000000

Thank you for your support.

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