Could Steemish Really Obtain A 1 Billion USD Evaluation In 12 Months? I’m going to explain how and Why I Think it could be possible.

We currently have 400 members and are adding new members everyday. Our Social Portal Allows Real People To Connect And Discuss Steemit Related Topics. Members Can Form Groups And Interact In A Human Way. Making Real Friends Has Never Been Easier. Members of The Community Often Share Their Steemit Posts IN Upvote Help Groups and Post Promotion Groups…This is wonderful and just a very small slice of what is to come for the community.

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Not everyone is familiar with how Steemit works. But the overall concept is that Members Reward Each Other With Upvotes and A Crypto Currency Value is Assigned to the upvote from the rewards pool. Those assigned values are determined based on how much currency a member already controls. is essentially a community driven whale pool with its own token economy. The neat thing about the pool is that minnows can create their own whale by pooling their resources and we facilitate the operations, social portal community, and offer tokenization for your participation. With 50% of every Steemish purchased being escrowed and invested into the community Curation Specialist Accounts a.k.a. whale pool people that participate. Better than this is that you also receive something Called Steemish a ERC20 Token. No more Belly Rub Scam and Schemes. No more Delegating all of your steem power… is Putting The Power Back Into Minnow’s Hands!

With Our Curation Specialist Accounts and Membership Growing every day you are truly missing out on this amazing opportunity to be a part of it all. See The Full White Paper For Full Details…
At Some Point We Will Need To Slow Down Membership. At Some Point Soon We Will Have To Charge Members To Join.
We will accept USD or Steemish which will assign a value to the token. At some point we will only accept Steemish as payment creating market conditions where the value or perceived value of membership will correlate to the market price of a Steemish.

We also have plans to allow for featured posts advertising that would allow members to show their support for a featured post paid for with Steemish Tokens. This would be a 6 day turnover as post pay outs on Steemit are every 7 days. Members could upvote 10 posts – 20 posts per day at full values. The output of work and the’s members value is thus directly impacting the value of Steemish. This is one way Steemish has real value essentially pegged to Steem and SBD.

INSTEAD OF PUTTING ALL OF THE WEALTH IN THE HANDS OF A FEW BOT OWNERS… puts the wealth of minnows into a commmunity drive project that restores power back to minnows! MINNOWS….YOU WILL HAVE A VOICE AND IT WILL BE HEARD!

Minnows have to support their selves as greedy whales have dried up all support for anyone other than one of their own 100 accounts. Minnows have to unite in order to save the whole Steemit platform from itself! Currently members can join for free and purchase Steemish because it is smart pre ico. These are times normally reserved for everyone but minnows!

Once we have an established community of members supporting each other and the whale pool starts to get funded there will come a time where Steemish will have to be purchased in order to become a member of and acquire all of the wonderful benefits current members are already enjoying.

Membership currently would be worth at least $100 per year. When Steemish Is Traded for $100 USD and there are 10 Million Steemish that gives Steemish a Market Cap Of 1 Billion Dollars…. What if we decided to charge a monthly membership access fee because the benefits are just that great? How would that impact the value of Steemish which will be held primarily by once minnow members?

This is why I believe we can have a 1 billion dollar evaluation in 12 months.

Ultimately the markets will decide the value of any cryptocurrency traded and though we are a long way away right now look at where we have come from and you will see we are far closer to the finish line than the starting line. Some People Are Trading Already –

Join Today And Start Building Your United Future!

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i hope for the success

5 months ago

great content post

5 months ago

I very much believe in SteemThat. It's a great platform, and has a decent Crypto, stish, and moreover, it is helping the minnows of Steemit, so it will hopefully be very successful. I hope, by the end of this year, it will have grown considerably.

I will play my role in that 🙂

5 months ago