Hello everyone

I´m writting this post post because i have too much doubst about the steemish cryptocurrency concept.


  1. first of all i will like to know if i can trade it by any other crypto currency on the market.
  2. if i can exchange it for steempower.
  3. if i can withraw it.

if there is anyone who can help me i will appreciated.

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Eric Binkley

You can use the social portal for short posts like this also.

5 months ago
Eric Binkley

Stish is new but has a solid neutral position on Etherscan. You can trade it on the Radex exchange. We currently only trade on one exchange and that is Radex. This located on the front page, the white paper, and many many posts that talk about how to trade Stish on Radex. The answer is yes. Stish is a real crypto currency that can easily be traded for Ethereum and then you can send that anywhere you want to.

You can buy Steem or Hold Your Ethereum. Or better yet be smart and hold your Stish. We use SteemThat Tokens for internal rewards and for day to day operations as Stish would could us millions in transfer fees. We have already had almost 30,000 transaction with Steem That Rewards tokens and run an equitable rewards system. Stish was built and designed to tokenize the rewards pool and create a crypto currency that was earned fair not with scams and bots.

5 months ago
Eric Binkley

If you have specific questions regarding how to do the things you asked please feel free to ask as others might have the same questions. Thank you

5 months ago