Stish Credits To Stish Crypto?

Stish credits are like rewards points that users receive for doing different things online. They are open and transparent.

Stish Credits allow users to transfer them between each other fee Free! Stish credits are equitable and you can see the whole rewards schedule here. It is true early adopters will receive more as they have more risk in helping grow the platform. Stish credits allows users to retain the value that they add to the community. Never before crypto was this possible. We just hope people trade the currency at an ever increase price versus selling cheap for quick gains. Building Stish is a long term strategic balance. To keep things in perspective we remember that it took Bitcoin 5 years and thousands of people working to trade at 5 Cents!

Easily Convert Stish Credits Into Stish Crypto Through The Stish Store Fast.

You visit the Stish Store and Your Stish Credits are tokenized like magic….

  • Super Easy Steps
  • Simply buy Stish Crypto with your Stish Credits.
  • It is all automated for an easy user experience through a smart contract.
  • Visit the Store And Look For Stish Crypto.
  • To allow for easy conversion we pair them in the Store to $1 usd. (This Might Not Reflect The Actual Trading Price Which Fluctuates Based On The Free Market.)
  • Enter the amount of Stish Crypto you would like to have deposited directly into your Stish wallet.
  • Choose to Use your Stish Credits and convert to Stish Crypto or Buy Extra Stish Crypto With ETH for a limited time to help support the growth and development of the platform.

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