Stish Teamish

Each of the people below have helped make this website and concept possible through advice or hands on work and development and continuing support. Thank you to each of you.

Bobby Bobbinson


Mr Bobinson Single Handedly Helped Me Work Out The Database And Server Issues In The Early Days. I bend his ear from time to time still. He has developed for many awesome platforms. He is an early adopter and considered an advisor and friend.

Darren Claxton


Darren is an awesome asset to the platform. He helped set-up the Discord channel and runs it for the community. He creates and shares his awesome music with the community and team. He promotes the Stish brand. Darren is an Advisor to the platform.

John Mcgready


John helped us out in the early days also and shared ideas and has even helped with design efforts with our design team. The guy is famous for his food articles and videos on Stishit. He was an early adopter. We miss John lately as he has had some things going on.

Randy Living In The Pacific

Advisor/ Editor

This guy has solved more bugs and glitches than anyone on the platform. An early adopter and content creator, Randy has also bent my ear on more than one occasion to address ugly design and functionality issues. Thank him for helping us get much of the early bugs out. He is most famous for his awesome videos and his infamous website for Expats and world travelers. 

Fredrick Stralow

Advisor PLus

This guy let me tell you never gives up and always calls at the right time to encourage the completion of the project. Thank you. Frederick and I go way back now and he is constantly supporting the platform and currency on Facebook and other platforms. He is a large holder of Stish and we appreciate his efforts greatly.


Bitcoin GENIUS/ Advisor

One of the first people to offer support on different platforms. His advice has helped shape the way we think about crypto and partly the reason we are pushing beyond the norms. Helping now with our Bitcoin Talk Forum and doing an amazing job bringing up ideas and trying to get the conversation started.



One of the first people to join the platform way back in the beginning when we were just running an Upvote bot on another platform. When we introduced blogging he became a central force in creating news content that he would often aggregate from multiple sources. It has been a real joy to read some of the content and explore the mind of OutWalking. Anonymity is important to this person and we respect that. Thank you for sharing your passion and life with us. Your skills are off the chart now and the Stishit platform would not be the same without you here. Thanks for the advice and encouragement along the way.

Kawin Rungsimuntakul


Very few understand crypto as well as  Kawin Rungsimuntakul. One of the true geniuses in the crypto space he has been a part of numerous successful projects including one we are both passionate about called the Saturn Project. This project is revolutionizing the Decentralized Exchange Space with and The forums. He is constantly flying around the globe attending conferences and meetups specifically about crypto currency. He was instrumental in helping me privately work on narrowing down our message for marketing and focus on our core concepts and goals. Thank you

Eric Binkley


It really is just an honor and privilege to work on this project everyday. Eventually it will be where we all want it to be and I’m looking forward to the success we all share.

We Are All Members And All Members Truly Make The Stish Teamish. 

The whole concept is really a community driven effort to develop a currency and platform that creates a micro crypto economy. Without people being involved in whichever role they can be, the platform would not be as successful. Thank you all for creating excellent content and being kind to each other and sharing posts and photos and news with others! Stish is now trading on the Saturn.Network

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