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Unlike Most High Risk ICO’s That Have Zero Development, Zero Testing, And Zero Guarantee If or When They Will Even Launch,


Stishit is a niche community with a feature rich social portal. The special thing about Stishit is that users earn Stish Credits for doing things that they already love doing on other social media websites. Ever wanted to earn rewards for making friends or writing comments? The microblogging platform allows members to share photos and videos also with their friends in a very similar approach to larger multi billion dollar social media companies. Stishit is the best of several social networking websites combined but with a HUGE TWIST! Stish Credits Can Easily Be Exchanged For The Crypto Currency Stish! 

There is no other token in existence like Stish. Epic describes Stish perfectly as it solves problems that some of the greatest minds in crypto were unable to solve. Stish conquers tokenization of an equitable rewards system for social media content creation. That is a mouth full! Why are you making those giant corporations rich again? Build your own mini token economy right here, all you have to do is Stishit.

We are working on building real micro crypto economies online through various portals and projects. Stish It is our flagship with an amazing working platform. is a forum style website that we look to automate Stish Crypto Rewards through one day also with many other platform ideas that will resemble popular social media and retail platforms.

Stish empowers people around the world by breaking down the barrier to entry into crypto. People can earn while they learn, as the equitable Stish Credits are fair and do not require crazy computer geek skills to get started. Though being computer savvy comes in handy. If you can use wesbite like facebook, instagram, youtube, or twitter you will find Stishit such an easy transition.

Many people have stopped using their old tired and wore out platforms that are super greedy and keep all of the rewards for your efforts to themselves. Stishit changes the way people write articles, make comments, share on multiple networks, make friends and even earn rewards from a token economy that they are helping build everytime they like, comment and contribute high quality content.

Stish not only has the power to change the world it is already starting to do so.

This is not a concept ICO. Stish is supported by a community of passionate people. This community is growing and Stish leads the way. Like many other start-ups before us we know and value each and every member’s opinion. You matter here and we want you be able to get in on the ground floor of a revolutionary concept and not miss this epic ground breaking opportunity.

Earn Stish Tokens From When You Blog Or Micro Blog, Comment, Make Friends And More!


  • See The Steemish Token On EtherScan
  • Contract Address: 0xe743b591a9fbf593ff2214c4b3b7c9bf1122431a
  • The Name Of The ERC-20 Token Is: Steemish
  • The Symbol Of The ERC-20 Token Is: Stish
  • The Amount Of Decimals Is: 0
  • The Amount Of Total Created Steemish: 10,100,000
  • Supply And Demand Economic Model With Advanced Utility Functions
  • No Pre-Mined Tokens
  • Hybrid Centralized and Decentralized Build (The Future of Crypto).

We are literally light waves ahead of the competition and a sleeping Giant that has been awoken in the year 2018! Stishit brings cryptocurrency retailing to a whole new level. With more and more people wanting to get involved into a cryptocurrency community we hope they all choose Stishit for its innovation and ease of access to cryptocurrency.



  1. The Total Stish Tokens Created Is 10,100,100.
  2. No Pre-Mining Was Done. 
  3. Pre-ICO and Early Bird Bonuses Available With No Miniumums.
  4. 7 Million Available During Stish Token Event.
  5. Founders Vault, Future Development Costs, Future Marketing, Community Rewards, Held In Escrow For 6 Months
  6. Stish Will Be Used To Purchase Membership Renewals On Stishit and Possibly Other Portals As We Develop.
  7. Stish Will Be Used To Purchase Featured Post Advertiseing To Show Off Quality Works And Promote Your Brands. 
  8. Stish Will Be Used To Dominate The World. Joking. Realistically we aspire to create a crypto currency community that has a stable price and with the limited supply could be a store of value similar to bitcoin or litecoin.
  9. Stish is an Ethereum Based CryptoCurrency. Meaning it is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It has miners that use electricity and complex hashing to confirm each and every transaction. This makes Stish an awesome safe store of value crypto currency that is not easily manipulated on exchanges at least without someone spending large amounts of money to do so.

We know your time is limited and valuable. Please don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. Devoting just 30 minutes per day can help make a token economy dream a reality not just for you but for everyone else!

**This Is Not An Investment. This Is Not A Financial Instrument or Security or Bond. This is not an offer or promise of any financial gain or incentive. 

Compatible Wallets

The following wallets should be compatible with Steemish:

Exchange:  Radex Exchange 

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  • How Does Stish Have Value?

Much like other digital alt currencies Stish is built on an immutable blockchain. It is actually built using the ERC-20 Protocol And Built on The Ethereum BlockChain which is a distributed blockchain. We know that there are a few things that effect the value of any crypto-currency.  One thing for sure is that the value is subjective. I personally would not buy a digital bitcoin that has zero tangible value or emotional value for anywhere near the price it is at now. However, there are others that find value in it. Each person will find value in a crypto currency differently.

Some things that effect value like supply and demand for instance we can control somewhat. We capped the amount of Stish Crypto Tokens that were created to 10,100,000. After The First Year Of Distribution The Supply Will Continue To Become Less And Less Over Time While Demand Is Increasing.

There is a store of value component to every cryptocurrency at some level. Steemish traded under the symbol Stish, is no different. We have a long term vision and would love to see everyone prosper if possible but the future can have no guarantees and we can’t promise anything other than we will do what we say we are going to do. We have already started and have alot of skin in the game. We started development ahead of our token event so that people could see what we were working on not just conceptualize the whole project and ask for millions. and Stish have a real value proposition that once looked into we feel you will agree warrants your participation.

There will only be 7 million Stish Crypto Tokens Available During The Stish Token Event. With the ridiculous early bird/angel participant bonuses and the other varied discounted rates. If there are any remaining Stish Crypto Tokens After The Initial raise as long as we reach our funding goals we will add any remaining to the rewards pool. If we do not reach our funding goals we may need to do multiple micro sales events much like flash mob style with a grass roots campaign.

Stish Is Built Around A Social Network. This Alone Adds Value Especially When The Network Helps Users Earn Rewards. When we achieve this micro token economy and the social network is at max capacity I will still be the lowest paid successful founder of a token and I’m proud of that. We have set-up a fair system for the initial raise and the distribution of rewards tokens. We will limit the amount of Stish Credits that are earned from the social platform that can be converted to Stish crypto so that we do not flood the markets on opening trading day.

We can use Stish Credits exchange to help with velocity by giving Stish Credit holders bonuses for holding their Credits this can help manage velocity which according to the Quantity Theory Of CryptoCurrency velocity is a significant driver of price. The implication is that cryptocurrency that has a lower velocity or flow due to speculation and hodling or managed velocity should cause the price to increase over time.

The Formula Is Similar To The Quantity Theory of Money which has the formula MV=PQ. In Crypto Currency it is Safe to exchange the M for the Total Circulation of the Crypto Currency. So we could replace M with C for crypto and the formula would be CV=PQ. Stishit is the first to define these terms in this way and we hope that it is beneficial not only for our users but also for other currencies in the future.

This isn’t about just me and my small team. Stish is much bigger than just us. After the Token Event we still have 30% Stish in reserves for Marketing, Future Dev Costs, Rewards Pool Funding and Founders Fees which cannot be sold for 6 months as they will not be distributed until summer of 2018.

  • How Will Stish Make An Impact?

Quality writers and content creators will have an excellent way to monetize their contributions to their own micro economy in the Stishit community.  The impact on people world wide is huge. Many people that have access in undeveloped parts of the world can earn more from writing articles than carrying guns for their military. Stish in this respect helps resolve world conflicts, starvation and education concerns of many under developed nations.

But what about developed nations? That is the great thing about Stishit. It is equitable with it’s rewards system. The system is very fair and focused around the quality of the contributions to society not just the spammy scammy stuff you might have seen on other platforms. Other platforms are not built the the technology that Stishit has.

Stishit isn’t going to be the police on quality content or remove any content because someone disagrees. However, due to the intelligent hybrid build Stishit can remove spam postings, plagiarized posts, duplicate posts, posts that are illegal or contain illegal content.

Stishit allows the community to police itself but can intervene if necessary to remove content that needs to be removed and penalize those creating it by lose of rewards. Additionally Stishit could ban accounts of simply refuse to exchange Stish Credits for Stish Crypto if they were stolen from the rewards pool.

Please visit our White Paper For Full Details. Additionally Please Check Out Our Budget And Finance Paper and Meet The People Who Have Helped Make Stishit possible. Stishit has been almost all self funded to this point which helps minimize risks. We have successfully beta tested for about 12 months and debugged the entire system. Stishit and are set for full scalability and can be managed by a small team of developers in the future. We do have an api and plan to make that available. Some of the code we use is open source code but much of it is proprietary for security reasons.

We are working on developing some Dapps to help automate and interact even more with our platform. Who knows maybe one day we will have raised enough funding to directly distribute Stish2.0 after a hard fork with a new and improved rewards model. One thing we love about Stish Credits is that we can make adjustments as needed and take the data we are learning from this and apply it to a final smart contract one day. Your support of this project is appreciated as we attempt to build an economy much like a small town’s economy but with Stish at the heart of a wonderful community!

Micro Crypto Economies Will Be The Way Of The Future As People Become More Educated And Online Economies Emerge and Form The Back Bone Of Civilized Nations. Stishit is a pioneer and ahead of our times.