One’s success lies not in how strong he is. The wise man says one’s success is not on the strength that he has, but one’s success is due to unyielding someone in getting something.
If we say successful people are strong people, this is a mistake because we know that one’s success is due to a strong desire and effort without despair to get what he wants

In achieving a success learn to achieve by not using the power that is not useful. Actually how is someone said to succeed ..? already rich he, already well off him, already have a lot of financial, if this is successful, this is where we need to look more deeply about how we say a success.
Okay buddy all according to you guys how we say someone we can say already successful ..?by.yoesmedi

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Great words of Wisdom!

6 months ago

These are very nice words

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Kata-kata yang sungguh bijak

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