The steemit scam flagger war!!

The #steemit #scam flagger war!!

All is said here:




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We'll see later

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Flagging the notorious spammers: okay.

Flagging each others for different opinions: brainless craziness.

3 months ago

I liked this post but I don't think it qualifies as a blog post and is more of a microblog in the format it was posted. I am not going to report it or flag it, but I will say there are guidelines that this platform has for blog posts that I hope you will review. I am not trying to be a dick or an ass. We have several people that have been victims of Steemit Flagging abuse and I have stopped using Steemit for several reasons, flagging abuse being one of the reasons. If you had put the entire

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2 months ago

fhstralow It's an informative link.

2 months ago