Learning about Steem That Rewards Tokens And The Soon To Be Famous Stish Crypto Currency Is Super Easy When You Have The Right Tools. If You Are A Novice Then You Have A Slight Advantage As You Have Access To Many Tools Already.

If you are new to cryptocurrency or new to Ethereum or Stish then you will need to learn some cool new things that will help you interact with the platform.

One of the first tools I think you will need is MetaMask. I like MetaMask alot for its security. MetaMask allows you to create an Ethereum wallet address and private key that you control. Meta Mask using seed phrases that you can save in a safe location to restore your Den or wallet address setups. It is a place where multiple wallet addresses reside and you can easily switch between them. One could call MetaMask a vault.  https://metamask.io/ has more details that explain things very well. Plus this great video.

Another great tool is Etherscan. https://etherscan.io/ is where you can verify and see transactions on the Ethereum blockchain quick and easily. In it’s own words, ” Etherscan is a Block Explorer and Analytics Platform for Ethereum, a decentralized smart contracts platform.”

For users of SteemThat.com you can find details about Stish there and see transactions that have been made. We also have our Ethereum wallet addresses listed on pages so that if someone wanted to they could track the Ethereum when people make orders for things and then perhaps use that metric buying Stish themselves. A secret insight that your average person will miss out on. Etherscan has more faq’s and details here. https://etherscancom.freshdesk.com/support/solutions

The Third Tool You Will Need Is MyEtherWallet. 

Things You Will Need To Set Up Your Wallet:
You will need to send a small amount of ethereum to your wallet address if you do not have any. $20 bucks of Ethereum will help you make trades down the road. Your New Ethereum Wallet Address Will Start With 0X. You can send Ethereum or ERC 20 tokens built on Ethereum to this new address. You can use Changelly to purchase crypto. You can also buy Ethereum on Coinbase and then send it to your new wallet that you control! Both of these award a small amount of affiliate rewards to SteemThat when you sign up. So it helps the platform grow too.

To set-up your wallet for Any ERC20 You Will Need A Few Things For The Custom Tokens Area:

Steemish/Stish Contract Address From Etherscan: 0xE743b591A9fbF593Ff2214c4B3B7c9Bf1122431A

You will need the name of the Crypto: Steemish

You Will Need The Decimals: 0

Ethereum is not required but highly recommended to have some in your wallet. Ethereum does require you to pay fees to transfer the funds. These fees are referred to as gas fees as if their miners use gas fuel to do the mining or verification of the tokens!

Stish is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is processed using miners that also mine Ethereum. This is why there are transfer fees but these fees are nominal and help create a fair system. With cryptocurrencies that are free there is much abuse as transfers are not regulated and some times markets can be easily manipulated. Some fees generally should add safety and value to the currency as there are extra protections in place to make sure you are getting a more fair trade.

Now that you have the 3 tools everyone needs to use Ethereum or Stish check out this video which will show you exactly how to set-up your wallets to display Stish if it doesn’t already!


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