Time Traveler Predicts….

A man billing himself as a time traveler from 2075 says a nuclear was will break out in 2020. He claims that he was born in 2043 and has come back to warn us of the impending war. He says his name is Michael Phillips. He said that a government agency, which he hasn’t said which one, sent him back in a time machine possibly of alien origin.

APEX TV posted a video on youtube and I have attached it for your viewing.

In the video he talks about WWIII and provides some details. He speaks of a future president of the US, commercial space flight and colonization of the galaxy. He enlisted in the army and was selected for these time travel expeditions. He made reference to John Titor.

Titor was also an alleged time traveler whom had some blogs still available on the internet. Phillips said that Titor stopped a civil war that was to take place in 2008. In 2019, Phillips says there will be a limited nuclear exchange involving North Korea. NK will attempt to launch a missile at Honolulu, HI. I wonder if this might be related to the (false) missile alert from about a month or so ago. He goes further to say that kim jong un gets taken out by some US missiles. This leads to trigger WWIII. The sides will be the UK and US against Russia and China.

He speaks of the big one hitting Los Angeles, CA, the San Andreas fault shifts with a 10.2 magnitude quake and it changes the face of California.

Source: thedailycoin.org

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This is probably a bunch of hocus pocus however quantum entanglement does lead one to believe that time travel of knowledge could at least exist.

9 months ago

You maybe right. I've been reading a lot on quantum entanglement, it's as fascinating as organic chemistry.

9 months ago