Vegetable Plants Banned from Front Yard

These residents of Miami Shores found out that a village ordinance prohibits them from growing edible plants in their front yard.  Although, the ordinance allows them to be grown in the backyard.  Florida’s 3rd District Court of Appeal upheld the ban, so the couple are taking their case to the Supreme Court.  They believe that the village’s restriction is unconstitutional and an infringement on their property rights.

The couple did not face jail time but they are facing a $50 / day fine.  They have retained the assistance of the Institute for Justice, a national non-profit libertarian law firm.  This case is part of the Institute for Justice’s National Food Freedom Initiative, which includes litigation on behalf of home bakers in Minnesota, Wisconsin and New Jersey, a skim milk producer in northern Florida, a raw milk farmers in Oregon and craft brewers in Texas.

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