Waterfall Seuhom

Aceh besar Regency is one that exists in Aceh province that has many attractions and beautiful scenery. lhoknga Beach, lampuuk Beach, lamreh white sand beaches , forts indra patra are some of the attractions that exist in aceh besar. the one that caught my attention was the waterfall Seuhom located in Lhoknga, seuhom waterfalls is located +/- 60 km from the city of Banda Aceh. Waterfall Seuhom are so beautiful too bad less well preserved his beauty so neglected. We hope this seuhom waterfall may get attention so that we can enjoy her beauty. This is a photo of me with the background of the waterfall Seuhom.

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yup pak zublizainordin

6 months ago

seronoknya di air terjun tu..#dumasari

6 months ago

Lovely Aceh

6 months ago